Thursday, July 20, 2006


First thing I would like to start off with with posting delayed ari ni is pengumuman.

Pada mereka yang sama risaukan keadaan mama Zahid yang warded for an operation hari tu, you'll be glad to know that mama ari ni dah pun discharged.

Aku call Zahid dalam 3.30 petang tadi and asked him about mama.

Dia pun cam happy dan lega mama ok, so thank you everyone for your prayers for mama ok.

By the way, Zahid masih kat kampung sampai ujung minggu. Masa call, dia kata tengah sibuk memancing! Aiyo... merasalah kena laser, mancing ok tapi jangan lak antar ikan kul 6 pagi.


Kan mintak kena carut... "kat kampung ni nak antar ikan kat sana wei".

Gelak gak aku ari ni selepas suasana suram menyelebungi hari-hari aku beberapa hari ni.

It's been slightly traumatic. Late yesterday night, I finally made a decision. Aku SMS 'dia' dan memberitahu yang I'm just backing off, tapi kalau dia nak sorang kawan for anything at all, I'm just a call or SMS away.

No reply.

Well... whatever ler kan... in matters of love, everyone is selfish. Everyone thinks about themselves. And maybe it's my time to think about MYSELF.

Tarik nafas sikit.

Ok... aku semalam tak sempat update pasal Rockstar : Supernova, but I think I don't really need to delve too much into the details of it since elimination dah pun ari ni.

Padan muka kerek Josh yang beriya-iya walked off with Nirvana's Come As You Are. For some reason he reminds me of Haziq. He actually managed to turn the tune into this southern blues funk attempt. What the.... he sucked big time for me. Merasalah Dave kata "Just remember that these guys are going to be playing at Wembley Stadium and not at a coffeehouse."

Laser gak si Dave ni... in the words of Fiebie, "Aku suka... aku suka... aku suka" sambil maniacally tepuk tangan.

Lukas may have got stuck with The Rolling Stone's Let's Spend The Night Together and it was the BEST show for the night.

Second best, was my prsonal favourite (though perhaps for the night's show it didn't come across on TV) was Dilana with The Cranberries' Zombie.

Patrice and Jill were ok walaupun they fought over The Beatles's Helter Skelter with the. Jill had to do Free's All Right Now, which I thought was more suitable for the female rockers, so there was really no need for the drama masa pilihan lagu. But they did decent, better than the previous weeks. As did Storm who was ok too with Just What I Needed from The Cars

Ryan aka Mr Bean sucked with Credence Clear Water Revival's Fortunate Son. Bottomline - he looks boring, he sounds boring. When is HE going to be eliminated. And what's with that smile??? He looked constipated.

Apart from Ryan and Josh, the other overall did quite well this week. Oh wait a minute. I missed Dana. Ok... she was THE worst for the night. She did a simpler poppier It's My Life by Bon Jovi, and as Tommy put it, she looked more like Celine Dion (with really bad vocals) attempting a Bon Jovi impersonation.

Phil had Jason Newsted along on the show, and kept the pace with Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit.

Toby didn't too well with Soul Asylum's Runaway Train, but I kind of liked the improvisation and the new take he had for it. Magni performed one of my favourites in Plush by Stone Temple Pilots and did it as good as Scott Weiland, which actually raises a fear on the question of originality.

Zayra, the worst vocalist in the competition, actually did quite decent with R.E.M.'s Everybody Hurts. Jenny's Drive was ho hum.

I didn't really care sapa kuar, as long as it wasn't Dilana or Lukas of course.

Bottom three were Josh, Jenny and Dana yang memasing performed the elimination numbers in Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box (rosak a good tune je), Vaseline by Stone Temple Pilots and Sass Jordan's High Road Easy before it was bye bye Jenny.

You will not be missed.

Watched the repeat of the show just to catch Dilana and Lukas again... then teringat Faizal wat Nirvana's Smell Like Teen Spirit, one of the cult rock tunes of my generation.

Tergelak sat, because the song seems doomed to be a poser's anthem.

Which brings us to Diari Akademi Fantasia semalam. Ok... honestly I missed the first episode, and I only managed to catch the second Diari masa time repeat tengah malam.

I really don't understand the need for the producers nak bak Lotter to come back as 'a voice'.
"Ko nangis ek," tanya Faizal masa Lotter terdiam sat. Instead of feeling emotion, aku tergelak pecah perut lak sebab dia ni cam so blur. And he had to kind of be led into understanding, that ni ler time nak sedih gituh.

It was induced tears, and as real as the freindship is (aku percaya ler bab persahabatan meka), Faizal was just hamming it up, tau ada kamera nak nitis air mata. Aduh... come on ler. You guys really think dia tatau ke benda ni kalao emo lebih akan di pakai sebagai VT time Konsert ke. It' amazing to think ada lagik orang yang senang nak di manipulasikan ngan adengan seperti ini.


When they repeat that Diari, tengok bebetul. Yang tersentuh samaada terlampau sensitif, ataupun just desperate for drama like the production, atau just wanted ANYTHING to break the monotony.

And if you didn't fall into any one of those categories, the only way ko leh rasa benda tuh touching is if ko tengah sibuk merembes ngan Faizal sampai sanggup nitis air mata kerana aksi seorang lelaki sensitif. Boo!!!

Some people would have thought the whole thing showed an innocent side to Faizal.
Look deeper and you would see he does comee across retarded at time. Time dia ketuk speaker, he looked mental and playing with an imaginary friend. Aduh... I don't think I laughed so much for so long now.

Lawak babs sangat!

It was just plain silly of them to go all the way hanya kerana nak perah airmata penonton.

Lotter is out. Dahlah.... focus on sapa dalam. Tu je.

Adakah semua drama tu menolong pembelajaran mereka? I don't think so.

It was funnier to see Faizal ala Forrest Gump lari panggil bebudak, pastu sora Lotter ilang, si Haziq sempat tergelak kat Faizal.

The laughs continued with Faizal punya rehearsal ngan Linda Jasmine nak headbang. Aiyo...dia ni... takde coordination of his limbs at all ke.

Headbang pun tak mampu ke? Dia nampak pelik semacam, in a semi bobbing motion, cam some psychotic joget tak jadik.

Haziq simple step lak tak dapat emulate Linda Jasmine tunjuk step, tapi bab top Linda turun sikit and dia kelam kabut tarik, sempat lak si Haziq focus.

What do I think Haziq looked like?

Honestly? Cam the saddest stripper in the cheapest act in the dingiest, seediest bar in Patpong.
Elok ler pastu Haziq tido.

Eh da lama Jamal pengawas sekolah ilang kan, tak enter frame. Jangan risau, confirm muncul punya, hah, tuh dia.

Masa time surprise tamu, aku nak gelak.

The kids obviously tak heran, tak kenal ataupun tak kisah Tiara Jacquelina dan Stephen Rahman Hughes masuk. You think these kids went to watch Puteri Gunung Ledang The

Musical ke?

Things got simply surreal with Stephen sebab bebudak cam Haziq dan Faizal tengok muka pun da obvious meka haram paham apa omputeh celup tuh merepek.

What was the significance of that scene? Aku tengok Diari Akademi Fantasia ni dah sink as low as the level of Auditions dah kekadang.

Tell me just how the hell is everything liek that going to help Pejal yang nak sebut English sepatah pun haram sebut betul.

Gelak muka Haziq terblur, gelak lagi time si Haziq mata merayap bila sebelah Tiara.
Tiara and Stephen just didn't know how to communicate with the kids, and I doubt the effectiveness of the visit apart from some cheap promotion of the upcoming restaging of the musical.

Very the torture ngan kesunyiang as Faizal would say. Let these kids have a choice, who they want advice from, bak sapa yang meka nak ke....

Bak ler people yang dalam keadaan sama tapi advanced. I think the three champions bersama cam Vince, Zahid dan Mawi would be nice, sebab pengalaman memasing berbeza and it would be nice to see all three together.

Kalau susah sangat, bak ler finalist musim lain BERSAMA, contoh dalam musim kedua, Bob, Farah, Adam, Kaer... (Zahid da sebut, Linda lak da menghilang kan).

Let them share pengalaman time sampai perignkat competition ni, apa yang usual or unusal to go through, dan apa kehidupan meka skang.

So many things... and yet so little ideas actually implemented.
Caught the first episode of Ejen 016 semalam, and I must say it looks better on the TV sebab masa preview tengok kat big screen cam tak nampak jelas, tambah ngan sound kat tempat awam bising sikit.

Ni aku sempat tul leh focus pada the the pilot episode.

Aku gelak bab Apek ler. Seriously dia sorang enough nak jalankan show tu.

I have to admit walaupun aku uncomfortable sikit shots dia sebab execution kurang kemas and editing memeningkan bji mata aku, but the shots were quite well done for a TV production. Again like I said, very the CSI and 24.

I think there was a lot of varied influences in direction so dia punya shots narik ler.

Cuma camera work kekadang overdose sikit so it does set a little painful after a lengthy period to watch the show.

The sets nampak ler ada budget banding ngan the usual badly implemented props time siri based on fiction on local TV ni.

Acting? The main cast were ok, but the extras were simply scary lor acting meka. Kayu tahap gaban. Kekadang rasa gak nak sumpah bila tahap lakonan meka tahap TV Pendidikan pun tak lepas menyakitkan hati sebab spouting lines like the script was stuffed in their faces.

But it was all worth it just so see the three agents keluar keta ala dramatic and then Apek lak kuar keta libas rambut. Siot je Apek... kelakar.

Check out the official website of Ejen 016, banyak gak downloads dia.

Not bad ler, first time ada ler TV series yang ala interactive. Babeng tul profile... aku baca pun pecah perut. Good move by DiGi on that bit because it does take advantage of the wholesome approach towards making the showmore appealing.

I have high hopes for the other episodes so here's hoping that the fusion of sci-fi action comedy series takes off.

Oh God... letihnya...

Is it the work related stress ke everything else that's getting to me. Tak sabar nak gi cuti.
Ke stress jadi couch potato balik.

Selain Akademi Fantasia, follow lak Rockstar : Supernova, then Ejen 016, pastu America's Next Top Model. Banyak sangat progam menarik. Lum agik Project Runway yang aku tak sempat tengok agik musim baru. So many TV shows, so little time.

Feel really tired out, rancang bulan depan nak gi Hatyai, mintak-mintak jadilah.

I really, really need a break soon.

Ok ler guys... setakat ni jer posting kali ni. Tak larat nak taip banyak sangat.