Friday, June 16, 2006

Laporan dan luahan

*Aku awal-awal kata akan buat posting on Saturday pre-concert tapi I don't think I have the mood, so apa aku leh kata is, bersedia tuk 'kejutan' dalam konsert ini (tak pun dalam konsert depan) mengenai jumlah pelajar. Nothing confirmed... just thought you guys should just stand by. Akan membuat posting on Sunday after the concert.

I want to start today's entry by saying ... "F**K THE FRISKIES CAT, FIFI!!!" Bak kata Pixie - kesian Fifi tak bersalah...)

You want endorsement? That's my reception towards crap endorsements like that.
Sure... what I want is watching Farhan chasing after the cat, and Faizal stroking pussy. Oops... did that sound nasty?

Tapi semalam punya Diari of that Adabi freak visiting the Akademi, then followed by the cat, points to a problem faced by Akademi Fantasia.


I mean it's kind of ironic to say that as that's what the whole bloody thing is about anyway. The exploitation of pop culture... the exploitation of emotions etc...

But it's become so shameless these days with endless brands hauling their mascots into the act and it's like practically shoving their products right up your rectum forcibly (did that analogy bring pleasure to anyone - gelak sat ek).

Speaking of exploitation, tadik baru got off the phone with the mentally disturbed authority of Akademi Fantasia, and there was something shared that kind of struck a nerve.

"Akademi Fantasia - they show you what they want you to believe, but you have to look beyond that 'programming value' and determine for yourself the REAL layers that lie beneath".


Not really.

That simply means, kalau production mahu menonjolkan sesuatu untuk ko percaya, and ko buta-buta nak translate the images literally, then ko ler mangkuk hayun, mangkuk jamban, botol kicap dan segalanya.

You have to think beyond what you see, and interpret the actions of the kids and their reactions... which is what most people don't do.

Ni masuk kes lain lak...but kind of related. Pada mereka yang faham dan bertanyakan aku mengenai ini, dan aku mula-mula tak ingin jawab... this is sort of your answer.

Lagik tak paham kalao ada yang kaki wat press release punya skema punya style, nak bodohkan orang with supposed insightful meanderings to pass it off as intelligent musings when they know next to nothing in most cases.

I mean it's not like they can write in the first place... bayau beribu pun tok dok goyang kaki merembes jer kerja ngan jantan wat apa?

You think you can write? Well, all I can say is some people just lack emotional quotient... and in some unique cases like I mentioned, they don't even have IQ to begin with.

So, they end up plodding through life, thinking helluva lot of themselves, scrounging around for free drinks and thinking the world of themselves.

And when someone proves more dynamic, they're threatened?!!!

Pathetic lor... tapi nak wat apa.

Inferiority complex does not discriminate.

Nama je educated but perangai? Erm... dah buat salah, mencari alasan untuk salahkan orang. Buat salah, tak reti minta maaf. Lebih sebulan aku bersabar dengan ego perasan bintang tapi lebih meyerupai BINATANG ni... so for the online community, think it over sendiri.
No loss to me.

But THINK of the people you hurt in the process. I fight back and give as good as I get, but the real defenceless ones are the ones who get hurt for getting caught in the middle.

Remember I can get you anytime I want jer, so don't push me! Nak attack blog aku? Blog virtual.... tak heran.

Esok tup blog pon aku tak harap duit yang dijana melalui iklan murahan untuk nak hidup nak bayar bil kad kredit yang berlambak cam ko! Setakat pekerja KONTRAK penting ke?

In other words. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Ingat ko nombor satu? Pathetic.. amik ler kalao tuh yang ko nak. Some of us don't need numbers, or other people to validate what we're worth to live another day. Sad f**k!

Moving on (amik nafas dulu)... dalam Diari ari ni, ada sambungan dari semalam punya suspenseful ending, which reflects Haziq's insecurities - not unfamiliar seeing I have had the 'opportunity' to deal with someone similar as well, just OLDER.

Rupanya mamat ni (Haziq ler) kononnya insecure not because of the physical problems faced walaupun kata sakit badan and all, tapi sebab disturbed about the alliance yang aku kata formed between Lotter and Faizal, and subsequently Lotter and Rich. Erm... Diddy leh relax jer wat biasa, dia ni lak over sebab tak dapat attention.

Leh jalan la mamat.

The forced get-along was just crap, cause I think that was one concern yang Dr Eveready should have been there for to deal with, tapi time ni ler meka tanak panggil dia. Teruk la.. timing tak kena langsung.

Progress overall, aku thankful si Ajai ajar bebudak ni pasal stressing on the right lyrics to get the feel, as well as the importance of the application of the range of dynamics to their performance.

Walaupun benda basic yang aku perasan Adnan dan Siti Hajar wat in previous years, nampaknya this year, sampai minggu ketiga baru si Ajai yang tegur. Ker production edit? Not sure... but either way, it obviously helps.

Besh tengok si Marsha dan Felix muncul kat Akademi, but I think it would have been better kalau ada gabungan dalam kemunculan bekas pelajar dari antara mereka yang berjaya dari musim pertama hingga ketiga.

Samsuddin Amin? Erm.. bagus gak meka bak orang senior masuk Akademi, but I think it hardly helps the kids to spend time on learning about lenggok Asli yang bertahun nak perfectkan.
Still it was nice to see Amirul, Velvet, Rich, Farhan and Lotter mencuba lenggok asli ni... tapi perlu ke Haziq?

Nak tido laaa.... I suppose this is one of the indulgent moments nak build confidence dia kot so that he feels good about his kebolehan.

Diari kedua bermula ngan lalakan bebudak yang attempt Smells Like Teen Spirit. Horrors!!!!

Uwaaa.. kelas pengenalan taekwondo! I love this part because I used to take this. Ingat lagi time sekolah rendah amik kelas.

Sebab aku ni berat (doktor kata berat tulang, bukan sebab gemuk - yerlah tuh!!!) aku masa nak amik green belt punya exam, aku kena sparring ngan satu body weight class. I was Standard Five and my challenger was Form Three. Gila ke haper??!!

Tapi yang beshnya pastu sapa nak wat hal ngan aku kena penyepak atau penumbuk memang berbisa!!! Tapi aku surrender ler masuk brown belt jer. Sebab sakit la tengok orang breaking tiles and all. But at least sampai ari ni body aku walaupon bolat abih pun mampu nak ala split and kicks aku semua leh lagik.

Away from nostalgia and back to the Diari, aiyak, meka ni pecah apa tuh? Perlu ke?
I would have preferred to see them practise the basic patterns because it would help in their dancing and get their moves sharper.

Matila pasni aku kena bow to Fazley sebab belt dia itam. Aiyo... standard rule ma!
Erm.. kecoh bebudak ni gak ek kat meja makan. Mak bapak aku ajar masa time makan, jangan kecoh depan rezeki.

Suka sesi ngan Ramli Sarip, because I think he made a lot of comments were spot on, though hardly think as positively of what the kids will do in reacting to the helping statements.
Aiyo... while I love Ramli Sarip's whole shindig, I really can't take this emotion lah! It's so over!
I want to see them stick their damn noses to the grindstone.. and more importantly, getting BETTER! Not crying at every opportunity, and getting in touch with their inner selves.

Okler... sapa nak layan.. layan. Aku nak go out and PARTY!!! Need to celebrate something, even though nothing to celebrate sebab stress benda BODOH the whole week. Anyway, happy cause my mom medical check up ari ni dia ok, walaupun ada breathing complications before.

Rupanya stress sebab uncle aku ninggal and all, so it was kind of induced with her current health condition brought on already by age related factors. But thankfully she's ok... and my sis came back today for lunch kat rumah earlier, so it was at least a happy moment for me.
Now to.. PARTY!!! Eh.. sebelum tu. Lupa nak promo sat.

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