Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Under the sea

Erm...first to recount yesterday. Yesterday, thanks to tokei funfair, aku gi ler GSC MidValley to catch the opening of Poseidon.

Was quite enthusiastic about it, so it didn't matter that only Juan joined me sebab abang Badrul sendiri yang provide tickets couldn't make it, and neither could that mentally disturbed pal of mine yang tak abih feeling workaholic.

Speaking of workaholic, Muzaffar pun tak dapek joinbecause he had tons of work to finish. Or so he claimed lah kan...

Anyway there was a huge crowd of fellow freeloaders yang dapat tiket pree. Bloody hell, had to turn in my three mobile phones, sebab takut rakaman dan sebagainya lah...masaalah aku punya Panasonic yang blue screen, recorder dan video, apa lagi camera takde...cuma blue screen pun kena turn in kah???

Our smuggled McDonald's however made sure we had sustainence throughout the two hour flick, which was decent at best.

Kalau korang nak tengok, I would say it's only worth catching if you like excessive special effects. It's a popcorn movie all the way...

To summarise it, the whole duration of the movie seems to be an extension of Titanic time kapal nak karam. I dunno...seeing bodies flung around, corpses with bulging eyes and all that around is fine...but the whole movie is about them...erm...getting out of the ship.

It's a rip off of every bloody movie I've watched...some parts of Ghost Ship part chaos orang kena bunuh, and also a little Armageddon when Kurt Russel as the dad does a Bruce Willis by selfless act of sacrificing himself demi laki anak pompuan dia yang mula mula dia tak restui.

The wrong people died (the cute waiter who tried to save them, the gorgeous Latina stowaway, the sizzling, sexy Stacy Ferguson - or Fergie from Black Eyed Peas, who was the main act on the ship) and the wrong people didn't (the old fag who wanted to kill himself for not getting over his ex boyfriend - making it obvious why he got dumped int he first place, that bratty kid who irritatingly got into every frame either squealing for his mom or got orgasmically excited atr every bloody thing).

Of course another message of Hollywood that if you're ethnic minority and gorgeous, you're just eye candy and first to die no matter how morally outstanding your character is, but the white trash will always survive.


Cliches are abundant....and expected...mmm..not a very intelligent movie. But how intelligent can it be kan? Keep these ten commandments handy and you won't be surprised by anything in Poseidon.

Things that are pretty obvious on a sinking ship in the movies which you never question the logic of
1. It has to happen just after the prime moment of celebration (in this case New Year)
2. Because the focus is on the Titanic like grandeur of the vessel, obviously it's a prime target for that sudden killer wave.
3. If a small band of people breakaway, you can be sure you're counted in as among the survivors (the fine print is unless you're a minority ethnic race)
4. When the music turns up, you can be sure the person in the frame is dead.
5. If you walk among dead bodies, and the focus is on a heap of them, one of them is bound to jump up.
6. If the movie is singled on you, then it's understood you'll survive despite some 100 over people clambering over your trapped body.
7. If you're in the safe list, you can hold your breath underwater for at least two minutes.
8. There's the typical mushy I love you to bits cause we might not live to see tomorrow scenes.
9. A life raft will miraculously appear out of nowhere complete with all your requirements like a flare gun handy the moment you bump off the ship - which is enough to get to a safe distance before the who thingh just sinks and plunges into the icy depths.
10. The most ridiculous route is always the sure fire way out.

Anyways, erm...the movie wasn't too bad lah...simply because it was a free movie (not that cheap considering the amount spent on tons of food and snacks, parking and later supper)

Anyway...nak ucap tima kasih ler kat abang Badrul, not just for the movie invites but also his gift from Bangkok. Best gak dia ingat aku nya hobby of collection Zippo lighters. Kalau nak tengok, ni ler koleksi aku setakat ini.

The grand total of my collection at the moment is a total of 26 lighters with one original Zippo leather case. Aku punya koleksi sebenarnya lebih besar lagi, tapi sebab biasalah, kengkawan nak go off here and there mintak kenangan dan sebagainya...and plus lagi yang hilang sebab dulu I actually used my pepaham jer ler koleksi perlahan perlahan mula berkurangan,

Anyway, aku tak dapat pergi ke Bangkok kali ni untuk MTV Asia Awards tahun ni (first time sejak ia bermula - which brings my total of three times ke Singapore and once ke Bangkok for the event)...and it was so sweet for abang Badrul to bring back a little present untuk add to my collection.

It's a Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok signature Zippo, which is a very nice addition to my hobby yang da lama aku tak layan sebab somehow Zippos have stopped being a priority lor...kena start lagik ler collection aku ni. Kalau sesapa nak tolong, my birthday is on July 17 (memang tak malu mintak nih...)

Sebut bab Zippo nih, aku ada something yang unique. I have this matte silver Zippo yang biasa, tanpa design. Anyway, satu hari tuh aku jalan kat Uptown lama (zaman sebelum MPPJ wat hal halau meka semua) aku ada beli Zippo tak original dua ketul ni disebabkan keunikan mereka.

Cantik tak? Yang paling kecik tu yang ori, and both of the others actually work. Tapi mak aih...yang besar tu, sekali tuang minyak dia satu tin pun tak penuh.

Aku penah bak keluar pakai...pening member member layan lighter aku yang campak sekali leh membunuh.Pic ni aku amik semalam, and of course the brand I smoke tuh Marlboro, so sekali ngan koleksi kotak Marlboro ler nak tunjukkan size meka. Again the smallest is the original box size while the second was a limited edition double pack. The biggest is satu yang aku beli airport ala ala sekarton tapi bentuk seperti an actual box. the way, nak bagitau pasal Akademi Fantasia IV nih, (or Akademi Fantasia 4 - saja je nak tulis roman numerals...looks better) thank you to pembaca blog aku yang point out pasal yang dari 22hb sehingga 25hb tu dan juga seorang kawan, itu bukan Diari Akademi Fantasia ek, tapi Nota Prelude Akademi Fantasia 4 kalau ikut listing dalam Astro Guide.

Bebudak hari ni check in camp, sekaligus pelbagai briefing dan persiapan sebelum mereka diperkenalkan kepada media dan bersiap untuk Konsert Prelude.

Ikut nak nak spy gak meka check in....tapi banyak keja kat opis tak sempat. Sesapa yang ada sedara mara yang layak...apa agik? Cepat email aku info atau call aku. Leh aku post apa apa info selebihnya kat sini...ok ler...nak ciao for dinner.