Thursday, May 11, 2006

M.A.S.K. and the 80s cartoon revival

I must be freaking psycho!

For some reason, meeting some old primary schoolmates and talking about those nostalgic days - has gotten me all gooey eyed about the things I did way back then and my interests.

One of the biggest things I was into back then was this cartoon called M.A.S.K. While other kids had collections of an array of cartoons, my thing was just that.


All in all I accumulated dozens and dozens of vehicles from the cartoon series, all of them on the bad guys' side, V.E.N.O.M. Tapi sayangnya, time tu, mana ler kita reti nak jaga kan? Konon nak realism, main kat pasir ler, tanah ler....pasang bunga api konon kuar api ler...nama underwater or amphibian vehicle terus celup dalam air ler...add that to the fact my mom gave away all my toys to my cousin when I wasn't home when I was in my teens (cause she didn't understand the value of nostalgia - and collector's items), I have nothing to show for my little obsession back then.

Anyway, semalam Azlina called me...she was my classmate from primary school and we've been in touch (except we seem to have drifted apart in the last three years or so), so it was great that she called me after I got her number.

We spoke and spoke...I got back to the office later that evening, and started surfing things that reminded me of my childhood obsession (M.A.S.K. ler...what else) and got hooked on it.

Later after dinner with some friends (thanks oh feeder of many mouths, the undernourished and the overnourished), I came back to the office to finish some work.

Somehow popped open a window and surfed on some retro toys after I came across some old toy catalogues, which somehow diverted to ebay. And before I know it, I've placed nine bids!!!

Within minutes, I've lost two bids, with another seven still in contention. The lowest bid I have on my list is USD$1 while the highest is USD$30. The total of my seven bids USD$84.92 for a huge assortment of M.A.S.K. vehicles. Aiyo!!!

Ok so I suppose I got a little carried away, and I don't want to win ALL of them...but I do want to win some of 'em. Kenangan lama banyak maa associated with the whole thing.

I do hope I win at least a bid....and I hope I don't have to win all of them cause the shipping and handling is positively going to kill me. Tulah akibat tak focus kat kerja kerana ada Internet connection.


Anyway...kalau I don't win any of these bids pun aku disappointed sebab I really want these toys back in my collection, no matter the condition. Unlike 'real collectors' (people who want to make a profit by reselling them later) I don't care about mint condition or not.

So take a look below and see if you recognise any of these scenes from the cartoon below.

If you do remember the cartoon back in the late Eighties, and you have, or know anyone who has the collectible vehicles, figurines, or even the Boulder Hill playset, or know where I can get the DVDs, please let me know cause I'd purchase them for a reasonable price.

Yang dulu one of the vehicles, codenamed Rhino, I remember was sold back then for RM49.90 is now being sold at BB Plaza for something like over RM400!!! Gila ke haper!

Anyway...that's all my rantings for now...nak sambung kerja....dah kul berapa ni. Hari ni dah ler banyak meeting...