Friday, April 07, 2006

Keep it gay!!!

Where the f**k have my tax dollars gone. Sibuk jatuh harga what?

Jalan semakin sesak, jam semakin teruk...harga minyak tetap naik mendadak. So??!!!

That's supposed to help the people out how!

Aku ari ni lepas dari Klang kul 4.30 petang. Tau tak....I was stuck on the Federal f**king Highway selama berapa jam?

Aku sampai Bangsar nak dekat 8.30pm!!! You work the math out! Four bloody hours! Dahler nak terberak. First two hours aku leh tahan agik...I mean admire the small things around us blah blah blah...

Pas dua jam lebih terperangkap dalam traffic, dok dalam keta, bontot pun nak naik bisul, amik ko mula ler the road bully in me keluar. Mana tak nya....dahler kita nak courteous on the road....three ambulances sped past me within half an hour, pastu these ambulance chasers selamba je ikut belakang, cut in front of me. K***k tul!!!

Berejam wei aku tunggu....!!!! Mak ko lahirkan ko star sangat ker sedap mak bapak ko nak potong line ni.

But my day was made later sebab akhirnya, because later in the night, gi KLCC tengok The Producers.

Unlike the stupid movie I caught the night before, date Movie, this was one funny, comedic effort that not only had a lot of heart, but was worth every bloody Sen!

Konsep dia musical, so kalau yang tak biasa tuh, think Moulin Rouge and such. The songs were funny, the plot was good, and the me just say that Matthew Broderick has been one of my favourite actors all this while, tapi saham dia memang naik in my books after this movie. That boy can really sing! So can Uma Thurman! Nathan Lane was great as usual...and all in all, it was two hours well spent.

Aku, Rudy, Vernon dan Reza pecah perot. Let me just say this movie is extremely campy without overdoing the stereotypes, so if you get what I mean, and it's your cup of tea, then catch it NOW!!!

Just a little background. The Producers is the brainchild of comic genius Mel Brooks (if you don't know him, don't say you're into the comedy genre). The Producers originally was a 1968 motion picture comedy. It then evolved and became the record-breaking Tony Award winning hit receiving 15 nominations and winning a record breaking 12 awards including for Best Musical, Best Director, Best Choreographer and Best Actor. It remains one of the most honoured musicals in the history of American theater.

Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick (damn you Sarah Jessica Parker!!!) reprise their roles as Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom, as in the musical. with the feature length musical comedy.

At the same time, perasan ramai yang dok gi panggung nak tengok Gubra. Seab malam Jumaat kot....dan ramai sibuk tunaikan tanggungjawab lain, semua panggung takder ler yang sold out... least now you guys know two movies you should be watching. I need to check out Ice Age 2 soon...

Okler...nak sambung dengar my song of the moment, Daniel Powter's Bad Day...and then nak tidur...night my blog...