Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Community project

Just no wise ass cracks for this one. Supposed to post this a long time ago, but anyways, here's the community project spearheaded by badrulaftersix.

It's a worthy cause, so please give till it hurts. As for me...I'm hurting financially from shopping and saving for a long list of birthdays, so I hope that come 8 April, to volunteer whatever of my services. And kalau ada rezeki, I hope to contribute too. Tanak lah nanti janji lebih tapi pledge je lebih.

Memang tak besar ler sumbangan kalau tenaga kerja, but at least I can do something lor...
Hope you guys chip in.

The project is also supported by leen, and at fiebie, and sultanmuzaffar... so kalau korang nak info lebih, do drop by their blogs.

Kalau you guys nak senang lagi (tapi aku rasa senang gak kalau call atau email Badrul directly), email me at joelee@mmail.com.my with berapa amount that you rasa nak pledge, and the, kalau senang, pakai Maybank2U pun leh transfer.

Tapi kalau leh guys, remember the event is on 8 April, so if you find it in your hearts to give, do...thanks!