Thursday, March 09, 2006

Scream scream scream!!!

Semalam lepas kelam kabut wat posting...abih keja semua, jumpa si Muzaffar dan Juan tuk nak gi tengok the cream fest of the year, Final Destination 3.

Now...I loved the first two, so memang anticipation abih ler to watch the latest instalment.

Plan memula nak ramai lagik...tapi abang Bad, ZA and a few more chickened out from watching the movie sebab tak suka ler filem filem yang seram. Camno tuh...cis!

Anyway, kami semua melantak dulu ler kat KLCC before watching the 9.40am show.

By the time I came out of the cinema...I have to say I was extremely...DISAPPOINTED!

What a waste of money!

Mana taknya...kalau the first memang spectacular sebab introduce the plot of how death stalks each person who somehow escaped their fate, the second was a gore fest with loads of blood and among the most creative...and extremely painful ways to die.

This time however....entahler...the intro dragged too long with little to look forward to. Cliched and draggy...the rollercoaster scene was nothing but flashes which didn't really serve the audience's need for blood well.

Oh there were a few blodies smashed about...but nothing great.

Fine...I thought bila da sampai time sorang-sorang nak kena bunoh...mesti umpphh! just didn't have the element of shock and horror like the previous movies. There were two or three great deaths...but apart from that...nothing really spectacular.

Kalao sebelom ni I walked out of the cinema glancing around, worried about any semblance of impending doom...kali ni aku bosan nak mampos without any effect lor.

In other words? Takyah laa tengok pon takper...if you've been following the series. Tapi kalau tak penah tengok the first two Final Destinations, then ok tengok yang ni...

Anyways...ari ni aku ada berita baik. Aku akan ke Singapore for Anugerah Planet Muzik on 24 dan 25 March!

One more thing...kalao ada yang nak tau...sapa akan berada dalam top five finalists tuk Anugerah Industri Muzik yang akan datang...tunggu!!! Sebab next week press conference tuk mengumumkan mereka yang lima terbaik dalam setiap kategori!

Aku akan updatekan immediately after press conference.

Ok...aku ada kerja sikit nak buat...standard laa...hari Khamis is always ada meeting sat agik.

Be back soon...