Thursday, February 16, 2006


Sebenarnya aku ada beberapa sebab not to blog this week.

Kalau ikut kiraan, I blogged for five days last week, and this is only my second entry for this week...tu pun lepas amik kira posting tangkap muat.

Satu sebab sibuk...another reason is because aku malas tahap dewa dewi ni nak update ngan seribu satu benda occupying my time and my thoughts.

But basically ni aku nak recall what I did since last Friday.

Jumaat lepas, went to Hard Rock Cafe to catch the showcase Prelude Kemuncak AIM ke 13. Yang ada Zahid, Sarah, Ezlynn and V.E.

It was ok, but hardly interesting cause how setakat satu dua lagu each. And then takde ambience lak sebab tak ramai orang...but I suppose it will get better in the later weeks when they finally announce the finalists of the contested categories and the showcases become like a preview of the nominees.

Malam ni ingat nak gi, tapi kurang minat sikit sebab tak silap aku malam ni Ani Mayuni, Syura dan Noraniza Idris. Erm...I support the local music industry, but I think it's kinda weird to see that trio in Hard Rock Cafe, don't you?

Still, it wasn't a total waste of a Friday night, though it's definitely not the most eventful that I've had in quite a long time now. In my current state of affairs's probably as exciting as it gets! Sad!!!

Forward that to Saturday, decided nak break the monotony and go clubbing after a prior scheduled event.Seriously last week, my off work hours were spent in a massive daze, sebab nak clear my thoughts, layan ngan just getting totally wasted.

And in true me fashion, I decided to continue the trend sebab da lama sangat trying to play responsible and all...I just wanted to let my hair down (figure of speech) and enjoy like I used to.

Saturday, after so long...betul-betul aku layan nari jer berapa lama sebab layan pala ala cucuk langit.

The night started with the 'party' we had for Rocky to say goodbye as he was leaving us. Cam tanak nostalgic or sedih colleagues moving on, so minum...erm...Coke...(paham jer ler) bebanyak.

Ramai ler yang show up at the National Press Club where we held it...well actually my whole office muncul. Alam, Meor, Amir (partner in crime dia si Adly tak ada sebab gi New York cover Grammys - makan ati!!!), Terrina dan tunang dia, si Emmet (mamat Butterfingers tuh), Irwan and short semua orang ler dari opis. Malas sebenarnya amik pic...tapi last-last naik gila taking photos sebab everyone was doing that.

The horror of the night?

Karaoke session!!!

Ada ler colleague aku beberapa orang yang memang would make American Idol rejects fodder look like pros, decided to go onstage and virtually hog the mic with their...ehem...talents!

It was all kinda sad sebab ada makeover for the paper and it was almost like a farewell for everyone even though most of us will still be together.

Ni aku nak abadikan caricature yang jadik hadiah from us yang dilukiskan oleh Irwan.

And of course it gave me reason to...erm...indulge in intoxicating fluids.

But if I was merely smiling then, later in the night aku went all out to party, though I must say because of age, batteries aku (and I don't mean the one for my LED lighted t shirt) tak tahan cam dulu...umo ningkat biasalah...

And Sunday was that rest day yang supposed to recuperate, but of course didn't ler. Probably another factor of age...slow recuperation...

And basically that's cutting a long story short.

Drama after drama ngan developments with my working as well as private life...aku deal with Monday, typically expected...recovering from a weeklong hangover.

Aku dah ler kena bangun awal time tu sebab scheduled 10 pagi ada one on one interview with Jericho Rosales (yes! a Monday well spent!)

Aku rushing, ingat nak lambat da sebab 10.30am da time tu, turns out the interview had been rescheduled to 11am. And in true Malaysian style, sampai kul 12.30pm baru jalan. Still the waiting (walaupon ngantuk cipan) was worth it, because I spent a good hour with Jericho and Co. tuk interview.

Seronok gak...especially since he recalled the last interview we had on the phone. Now...this is one guy who is seriously loaded with not just looks but also personality and brains.

After the interview had lunch at Pan Pacific jer, before the main listening session. Sempat gak jumpa wakil-wakil fan club just to say - for fans of Jericho Rosales, ni...dah ada kelab peminat Echo Malaysia!

For more info (walaupon on construction lagi, bookmark usha balik lain kali) remember, the Jericho Fan Club is at

Lepas pre-listening of album dia dan band dia, Jeans (nama album Loose Fit which akan release Malaysia dulu then Philippines), lepak sat agik before finally decided to adjourn tuk gi Actors Studio kat Bangsar Shopping Centre tuk media night.

It was a night of senseless bitching (just to cover the discomfort because I've never looked at myself as one of those artsy fartsy folk)...before cabut gi KL Tower, this time tuk event birthday Azwan Ali yang ke 40 (haiyo...kertu).

Ramai ler kawan-kawan kat sana, sekali budak-budak Akademi Fantasia berapa orang. Seronok gak tak notice time pass.

On the way back, got blightly upset, sebab sepatutnya had an early Valentine's Day yang tak jadi. And expectedly the next day was nothing to shout about for me.

In true fashion, Valentine's Day got to me and I felt unwell and decided not to show up work calling in sick.

I hate Valentine's Day. Seumur hidup aku, aku cuma sekali je enjoy masa Valentine, tu pun two years ago when I was in Singapore for MTV, and then on the morning of the 15th, flew to Jakarta to meet my ex for the first time. Masa tu sampai je airport, dia ler yang jemput aku (that's why aku drama queen sangat bila tengok Eiffel...I'm In Love - sebab lokasi dan scene nostalgic gitu) before we checked into our hotel, and then made our way to catch Mariah Carey's concert kat sana.

Seriously...Vision of Love became a much more special song since then.

Anyway, Wednesday passed without much drama except for meeting this person, aku adore habis dari jauh.

Takleh ler nak reveal identity dia, tapi aku finally dapat ler talk with this person who I will henceforth name as Dreamy...sebab dia memang dreamy gila cara dia.

Tapi yang aku sakit ati tu...with myself...sebab as typically, while aku ni loud gila dan senang layan je...ngan orang aku suka mesti aku terkedu!

Masa aku nak gi Bangsar nak have dinner ngan abang Badrul dan Muzaffar lak...aku tengah jalan ke car park nak amik keta, dia tegur aku (oh joy! dia sedar gak aku ni wujud!) tanya kearah mana carpark.

Aku dapat rasakan (perasan!) yang dia memang cam nak cari gak sebab nak tegur we walked together nak amik keta.

On the way, dia tanya, "Do you drive?" and aku gagap wat lawak bodoh! It was seriously embarrassing!

I didn't know what to say after that (you usually don't after you say the wrong thing) and aku nak cover ngan wat lawak...again this time tak jadik gak.

Aiyak! Damn! Made a fool out of myself twice in a row!

And today, with two bloody cover stories to rush (tu laa asik nak procrastinate...akibatnya) and one column....pening jadinya.

Lum lagi nak layan drama queen sorang ni yang chat ngan aku kat Yahoo! Messenger yang tiba-tiba tak puas ati kena sound ngan aku sebab aku malas layan agi, terus ungkit lak masaalah aku aku and this person yang kononnya suka aku.

Aduh! Malasnya!

Bodoh tul orang camni! Malas layan! I seriously think kan...people definitely need a license to breed. Kalau tak ni laa akibatnya! Anak yang lahir bangap nak mampos samader sebab genetik ke ataupun tak cukup didikan.

Again bumped into my Dreamy one more time. This time we didn't get to speak tapi dia senyum kat aku. Mimpi indah lagi le malam ni...

For now...two stories completed, and column da hampir siap. Still, letih lak lepas rushing habis-habisan, that actually tak semangat nak update blog.

Ni nak gi xfresh ngan member nak layan sat interview kat sana malam ni, nak kumpul gosip sekali untuk column aku (last minute additions)

Anyway...MSJBOX is back online, so you guys can chat or just leave your messages for me there, and I will reply ASAP, but pepandai ek jaga bahasa.
IP korang direcordkan and trust my psychoticness when I say I will use that against any idiots who are dumb enough nak wat hal.

Ok...aku update pics dan cita lanjutan malam ni later after I get back from xfresh (nak singgah ERA lepas sekali jenguk Nila dan Reza)

ABBB akan disambung at a later date (oh...but trust me, it will habiskan sepuluh concerts gak...make no mistake of that...revenge IS sweet! It's not like those idiots have the brains nak apologise) So pada dua ekor yang nak cabar aku ingat aku tak berani buat, merasalah kang!

Lagipun, nak update info pasal seorang peserta yang pekerja gomen kontrak memandangkan da dapat big boss baru ngan reshuffle Cabinet kan!!!

Ok ler...dah lambat ni...nak ciao gi Astro sat. Blog later...