Saturday, January 28, 2006

Woof woof!'s not the best picture to start the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year with, but I really could care less.

I was supposed to update my blog before I left for Sabah to come to Kota Kinabalu on Thursday, but because I was rushing a lot of deadlines with the long holiday stretch and all...memang tak ada masa ler nak buat.

So at the moment, I'm updating my blog from a place called the Airport Internet at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport where's I'm bloody f***ing stuck here as my 5pm flight has been delayed to 7.50pm.

Why am I superbly pissed to the max? Sebab the staff at the MAS or Motherf***ing A**holes Sons-of-b****es office here at the bloody airport is so clueless, dumb and just plain f***ing rude without a sense of PR at all their their sagging, wilted bodies. And this goes to the b*****d named Khalid based there sebab bodoh nak mampus, bangang tahap baik keja as a crash test dummy.

I bet your parents are real proud of you.Tanya flight delayed kenapa pun macam tanya bila mak ko nak berhenti dari jadi bohsia pencen.

Memang lahanat!

Yes...I am ultimately, supremely angry...sebab for the first time in my 29 years plus on the face of this bleeding planet, I am going to miss my family reunion dinner. Dahler because flight semua initially full, aku da cakap ngan family aku I will be late. Ni lak...totally out of the question to be with them at on time sebab sampai pun confirm about almost midnight.

So dalam geram aku...dari aku sambung ngamuk kat office anak-anak bangap MAS kat airport ni...yang too stupid to tie their own shoelaces let alone let me know why the flight has been delayed...or take it out on anyone else, lebih elok aku dok sini update je blog aku.
Lagi pun banyak aku miss out nak update.

I'll continue on Sunday where I left off on the last entry. I had a slight (quite massive actually) emotional breakdown...and spent some time wallowing in depression. I have to thank my guardian angel for listening to my problems in the wee hours of the morning and providing me the emotional support. Friendship indeed the best gift you can ever get...

On Monday lepas tak semangat nak kerja, walking around like a dazed zombie (you could say like a MAS ground staff) aku screwed up my time management big time sebab banyak sangat appointment and really tak ada mood nak even keep one in my state.

Happy sikit bila gi assignment launch of Akademi Fantasia Tour 2006 jumpa bebudak yang hadir. Tiga orang je missing, namely Fuad (expected), Aidil (MIA) and Amylea (ada show).

But it was fun to meet up with most of them yang aku takde masa nak catch up for some time now.

Malas cita panjang-panjang sebab tak larat nak taip...bukan interesting sangat pun (and plus most of it is not for public information) so ni beberapa pics from the event. Hanya sekadar buat semua lepas rindu je pada mereka.

By the way...aku malas amik sempat Yazer, Amy, Felix dan Mawi je.

And by the way...Felix punya Beyonce pose yang trademark kat blog aku ni...bukan aku yang mintak tau....dia sendiri gayakan camtuh nak wat pe...(pening pikir...I've created a monster!)
Nanti masa tour kalau aku ikut (sebab cam malas lak musim ni bukan cam Akademi Fantasia II punya tour) aku janji amik more pics for all of you as usual.

Anyway, sambung cita. Later in the evening gi tengok training team Astro tuk bowling for Fiesta Media Idola.

Dapat lepas aa tension masa tu campak bola bowling sana sini. Tapi main dua game je sampai tiga ari sakit badan!

Pastu lepak lak sampai dekat kul 2 pagi masa tu sebab sibuk main snooker ngan Wan ngan Nasser.

Masa sampai, abang Bad (ganas punya coach!) was there already. Soon one by one arrived, and the celebrity team members apart from the production team from Astro was Ning and her princesses in Nikki and Yanie, Zahid, Khai, Rosma...sapa agik aa? Mawi datang much later...and by the time everyone left and sebab dia sampai lambat tuk training...dia extend ler session dia. Best player among the celebrities?

No one really...everyone either sucked or was pretty average...and I think that the coach je mengejutkan aku sebab he was quite good! Boleh tahan nampaknya....Zahid I have to admit, sebab first time aku tengok dia bowling not too bad ler...Siap dia ngan Khai with gear lengkap tuh!

It was fun...and I got to forget a few of my problems ler...takyah ler dwell sangat on the negative for the moment and have temporary relief in just first throwing a ball around...and later hitting a couple with a stick (doesn't really sound like a sport when you put it that way kan?)

Pagi aku bangun mengejut sebab ayah aku ketuk-ketuk pintu urgently. Turns out my mom had an accident on the way to an appointment.

Panik ler aku sebab my mom is turning 60...and even though dia masih strong and all...I didn't like the idea of her getting into an accident. Turns out with the traffic and the hot sun, she accidentally bumped into someone in front of her.

It wasn't too horrible, tapi dia nya Satria had the hood kinda folded at the middle. The other car sikit last-last settle cash RM100 on the spot bagi mamat tu.

The rest of the went by without any incidents...and my week seemed to be to be getting better even though I was suffering from a severe lack of sleep due to my heavy schedule.

It's Wednesday and a day before my trip and I'm still bogged down by tonnes of stuff to finish before I go off. Still lacking sleep...macamana ni??!!!

Apapun aku masih terpaksa bangun awal sebab gi ke the preview of Buli Balik for the blogging community.

A little sad that of the allocated 200 spaces, the list comprised only of below 80. But I suppose it's still a good sign that that many turned up on a Wednesday morning...a working day...and they paid to get in (lain laa kalau masuk free kan...mesti berlambak yang datang 'memberi' sokongan')

Anyway it was really I got to meet other bloggers and people who blog-hop that I haven't had the pleasure untuk jumpa as yet...

Pada mereka yang aku tak sempat tegur...I'm so sorry...

Pada those who yang tegur tapi I tak kenal siapa...bebanyak minta maaf sangat sebab meeting people for the first time, aku ni pemalu sikit (hah! mesti ramai gelak aku cakap camni!)

So pada mereka yang was the movie? Was it as great as I said? Pada mereka yang missed out...go catch it at the cinemas NOW! For more info on the movie head over to the official website, sultanmuzaffar, juandanza or even Afdlin's own blog. Pada mereka yang ada masa preview tu...leave your comments below on the film and share with us what you thought...

it was a decent day. Rushed home by the time I settled some chores and all and it was late evening. Ingat nak tidur...tapi sebab pantang kan kalau ada TV programme yang menarik...aku sangkut terus tengok audition American Idol yang dok marathon kat StarWorld back to back episode.

Tidur tak sempat, rush gi jumpa member kat KL again sebab nak pass barang. Pastu rush to office tuk habis kerja. On off tidur sebab letih but finally got most of my work done and settled with. Bloody flight delayed...sepatutnya leave by noon. Last-last...flight time only at 5pm. Tu pun delayed sampai 5.30pm baru take off. Lembab gila MAS!

Then sampai lak letih gila...the next morning kul 8 pagi dah kuar gi Monsupiad Cultural Village for the launching of Linda's Jika Kau Kekasih. ada a few pics from the beautiful place we went...with Linda in it. Erm...aku pun sempat ler amik pics kenangan kan!

Belah malam gi tengok show dia featuring Atama (a local Sabahan rapper yang rupa ala Azwan Ali-jangan gelak aa...tul laa!) as well as several local talents including Gracie yang dulu program Auditions dulu.

Malas nak panjang-panjang punya entry sudah because it has been about two hours sudah online sini. Mahal wo! RM10 sejam! Very the ancient punya pricing. Cam zaman mid Nineties lak Internet mahal sangat (dah biasa R3 sejam max).

So I'll just leave you guys with a Kong Hee Fatt Choy (or Gong Xi Fa Cai) from me...and hope you guys all have a prosperous year ahead of you!

And be blogging soon on more rantings.

By the way - I know I had very limited time in Sabah, but to friends yang aku kenal melalui blog aku ni, terima kasih banyak-banyak sebab sudi menjadi tour guide and was great meeting all of you. The next time I'm back in Kota Kinabalu (not using MAS definitely!!!) aku guarantee akan call korang!

Thanks to rem, gidong, miss josie, Zoe and Jason (especially from picking me up from that God forsaken part of town to join all of you!)

And to Rozan yang aku da bertahun tak jumpa...see you dude bila mai Kl in April! Been nice bumping into you after years of not having met!!! Tu laa orang kata...tak rancang pun leh terjumpa...

Ok laa semua...take care...I'm logging out and going in for a mocha..........