Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What's so new?

2006 has not been all it's cracked up...

For me...the whole thing provided me for New Year celebrations yang paling teruk I've had since whenever.

It all started from the eve....memacam problem timbul. Tension je. Apapun, aku dok rumah sampai habis countdown akibat malas nak keluar since everyone had their own New Year plans, ada yang sibuk toasting the New Year (non alcoholic fruity cocktail concoctions), while ada yang dok rumah je, while there were those yang God knows what they were up to.

It was ok everyone were busy...I know friends are not there for you ALL the time...it's just WHEN they're there that's so important.

I took this picture masa aku gi lawat Rudy with Vernon together ngan abang Badand Muzaffar. It's so touching...and here hoping that I'll have friends if I ever end up in a moment of need too (discarded friends who didn't serve a purpose in 2005-no regrets...just some anger).

By the way - that pink bear, hadiah get well from Vernon tu di position kan sebegitu oleh aku time nak amik pic sebab tanak abang Bad kecoh pasai aku amik pic tak lawa yang konon nak sabo di sebab perut dia yang montel tu terkuar selambak (amik ko!)

Me? I simply felt it was going to be a damn bore to wrestle with KL traffic.

Lepas 1am, pikir nak kuar meronda with some friends so met them in Cheras and took a spin around town. Thought gi lepak mamak kat belakang Istana hotel so we caught the crowd there hanging out, mostly made up of mamat mamat poser skin dan punk yang tak jadi.

As expected, tengah celebrate, a fight broke out at a nearby club. Mamat bouncer semua yang predominantly one race, gaduh lak ngan customer-customer yang mabuk !@#$%.

Da bebudak yang takde rumah, mak bapak atau otak ni semua dok dekat-dekat, apa lagi, meka pun jadi lah 'firestone' egging on the fight. Nothing serious despite the intimidating numbers there.

Aku sakit hati tul celah-celah anak-anak @#$%^ ni yang kecoh, ramai lak nak sibuk join (sokong molot je) dan maki hamun several statements that were just bloody racial. I mean...a fight is a fight. No need to get racial about it.

Aku da malas geng posers cam bebudak no job, no life and simply no brains yang berangan punk dan skin ni. You don't know anything about the music, you wanna make it fashionable but you *&$! it up big time.

Mana taknya orang yang kolot dan sempit pemikiran ingat muzik ni merosakkan anak muda! Posers camni dress and try and look and sound like the authentic thing, and to the untrained eye, the represent...which is bull!

It's amazing to think that while we're celebrating 2006, racial tension can still strike a chord of fear (trust me, yang makan-makan kat area tu semua tak pasal bersedia je nak cabut takut kena belasah tak pasal-pasal)

Kalau keadaan cam malam tu masa aku melantak kat SS15 di Subang Jaya bersama Fiebie lain la! Two separate tables of guys were cussing each other nak gaduh bila Fiebie bisik kat aku,

"Mintak-mintak gaduh leh cabut kita nak selamatkan diri and makan free!". Tulah ko...sapa mintak makan bebanyak! (azam nak diet kan tahun ni?)

Anyway - after all that hoo-ha...kereta peronda lalu about three times or so, tapi cam takde effect. Small fights kept breaking out, and I seriously doubt the police were even bothered to do their work....now seriously! Sheesh!

Apapun, gaduh SMS ngan a so-called best friend and then awal pagi sampai je kat Klang, rush balik Bangsar kerana masaalah anak buah and some other personal problems of friends (arghh! wasn't it my resolution not to give a flying %^& about other people's problems?!).

Tertidur kat apartment dia sat tengahari and then later went out again. Bumped into some friends and lepak sampai malam sebelum balik rumah tidur the whole day. Not a very great New Year for me...definitely. At least I got to spend time with my parents.

Still...if these past few days were anything to measure the year by, then I really have a bumpy year ahead. So here's crossing my fingers (and legs and eyes) hoping that eveything will be be peachy keen for what 2006 holds for me.

On the plus side, masa keluar with some friends tu...bumped into an old acquaintence yang aku kenal dari online chat sometime in 2001. Aku memang minat dia and I think there was some chemistry, tapi we knew it wouldn't come up to something serious and we chose never to meet.

Apapun...that night...sempat ler erm...get the first whoopie for 2006 (some consolation huh for not having someone to kiss at the mark of New Year).

Monday was similarly boring, tidur the whole day and then later int he night beli a bucket of KFC and pigi rumah anak buah lepak tengok VCD (The Princess Diaries 2...not my choice...zzzzz) before mai Internet cafe to just update my blog. Tomorrow will be fun though.

Walaupun aku cuti sampai Isnin depan, esok isi masa lapang nak ke sidang media Anugerah Juara Lagu tergempar kat Berjaya Times Square. At least I'll have some fun tomorrow. Maybe I'm just bored because I miss work. What a concept!!! (gelak sat)