Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Things are seriously...

I seriously have this fixation to update my blog more frequently. I know I updated twice yesterday, but I thought it be nice if I did a posting early in the morning like this since it's a public holiday.

Besides...something's been on my mind. Yesterday, when I was having lunch with some friends,

I bumped into an old pal. I've known him since the days when I did volunteer work for Pink Triangle in the mid Nineties, time baru habis sekolah.

Well, anyway...one thing led to another, cita la pasal Marina Mahathir tak head the Malaysian AIDS Council and all, I was rather disturbed to hear that for this year, Pink Triangle will not be receiving funding this year.

Pada mereka yang tak tahu, Pink Triangle is a non-governmental organisation yang dedicate themselves to raising HIV/AIDS awareness with various community based programmes. It functions (or used to) with financial aid from the public as well as allocation from the government and the Malaysian AIDS Council.

I don't really know how the mechanics work. Tapi all I know is, now only Ikhlas, their community project for the Positive community is receiving funding now...abih camna la Pink Triangle nak stay afloat.

I would have thought HIV/AIDS awareness was a cause that was well supported financially. Sadly enough...apparently, HIV/AIDS causes are not the IN thing for the moment. Cancer is.

Well...doesn't that just bugger you! What the ... freak!!!

I sure as hell tatau ler how Pink Triangle is going to survive, but I wish them all the best.

Statistics are shooting through the roof in neioghbouring nations, tapi no proper studies have been done among our youths. What are the true figures of those who are in the high risk groups is a guessing game, which may be answered only way too late.

A few months ago, an acquaintance, who was a familiar face, passed on suddenly. All I heard was dia meninggal sebab of something HIV related. That person was only in his early twenties.

Entahlah...kadang-kadang, orang kita ni tak pentingkan sesuatu until it strikes this massive blow on them. Look at how cancer awareness has suddenly shot up. Give it a year or two...another disease will take over lah as the fashionable plague to be associated with. We never learn...

Moving on, semalam abih keja...lepak office je. Malas nak balik, so lepak. Sempat tidur...rehatkan diri. Sedar-sedar da very late at night dah. So terus gerak gi Zouk jumpa abang Bad and Co. yang ada event kat sana. Kami semua tak larat nak masuk so dok luar cuci mata (actually criticise what the wannabes were wearing ler).

Then gerak gi Lotus kat area Nikko Hotel Jalan Ampang gi melantak. Sempat borak-borak for only about 20 minutes or so when Bad pointed out si Hazami, Rem and Anuar Zain dok tengah supper sana gak.

Dok ngan meka sat chew the cud bersembang sampai tak perasan lama sangat Bad, Jolene and Shawn (did I spell his name right?) decided da nak balik. Aiyo...so sorry ler. Kena laser ngan Papa Smurf...yelah...dok ngan selebriti je...

Pedas! Soriii!!! Tu lah akibatnya kalao lelama tak jumpa nak tukar story more that ever to catch up. After that, spent another 45 minutes or so sok sek.

Tengah sembang tu Anuar pointed out something even I rasa irritating gila. Ada satu meja...about a few metres away. Mamat muka pecah rumah rupa tong minyak sorang ni pegang camera, ada zoom aku rasa. Curi-curi target camera tu and while pretending nak sembang, amik snapshot meka meja kami. Huh! Nama peminat, tegur je lah amik pic. Apa salahnya sopan sikit bukak mulut!

Ni wat muka sombong, kerek nak mampos jeling-jeling, tapi tetap nak amik pic. Tak paham aku....Bukan orang nak nyombong. Ni nak feeling paparazzi lak!

I think a lot of people forget...artis ni...celebriti ke personaliti camna pun, they are first and foremost HUMAN! And they do deserve respect like all of us. Ni muka mamat amik pic tu bengis cam @#$& pastu curi-curi amik pic. Apa barang??? Sheesh...ni peminat ke stalker? Lain kali bang oi...kalau minat tegur!!! Jangan da ko wat muka bengis tak tegur nak mintak amik pic kang wat cita lak kata artis tak layan peminat kang...hah!

Argh!!! Letih ngantuk lak pagi-pagi sejuk ni. I don't really know what plans I'll be up to today...tapi have a feeling nak tengok wayang ler. Anyone wanna join? Mai Klang (gelak besar cam Papa Smurf)