Saturday, December 31, 2005


At the end of one year and the start of another, many of us will renew our commitment to daily affirmations to improve ourselves. I know there's much room for improvement in my life...and 2005 has taught me much on what to buck up for in 2006.

2005 has seen much take place...I've made some great friends, lost a few of those too...and rediscovered some whom I've lost. Death came and claimed some nearest and dearest to me...I started believing again that I could love...then that idiot proved to me to be just that. I realise loved needn't be sought, as in approval for my life...and that I need to have faith in whatever the future holds for me.

Anyway, these are my resolutions...and while these may not suit everyone's taste, here are some "possible" affirmations to consider!

These are my resolutions which I vow to keep for 2006! To everyone...have a great year ahead!!!

1. I will not include any postings on New Year resolutions just nak cukup syarat tuk have a posting for the onset of the New Year.
2. Two minutes into the New Year will not constitute a mammoth achievement to keep my resolutions.
3. I promise myself not to give into the pressure of relinquishing smoking even though I am now in a minority group!
4. The words MUST BUY does not mean literally that - but looking is no harm.
5. I vow never to feel guilt, be in touch with my inner sociopath and swear like a hog for the rest of the year healthily to avoid anger building up inside me. Vent! It's healthy!
6. I will not honk or carut at old ladies or pregnant woman while on the road, but everyone else is fair game! Patience is a much wasted virtue on Malaysian drivers! Survival of the fittest baby!
7. I promise myself to continue to let my imagination soar beyond the existing levels of suspicion and paranoia - especially when I turn 30 in July!
8. I will assume full responsibility for my actions, except the ones that are someone else's fault.
9. I will for 2006 focus on looking for solutions to my problems, or at least a scapegoat to blame on! Boleh?
10. I will no longer waste my time reliving the past and spend my time just worrying about the future.
11. I have to keep my resolutions short and sweet, cause chances are I will just be wasting the fifteen minutes thinking them up anyway as I'll probably forget them before the New Year.
12. I won't procastinate! Or maybe should I keep that for later....
13, I promise to love myself more despite my weaknesses, and never put love for anyone (apart for God, my parents and my career) before myself! - You have to love yourself first before anyone loves you right? So I will accept that I will always be overweight, be bitchy, sarcastic and self righteous no matter what!
14. I will always give thanks for my good skin and lack of wrinkles (especially since I'm turning 30 in 2006! - actually I'll give thanks if I live to be 30 even...)
15. I will have more sex and less relationships (or was that less sex and more relationships? - I get confused)
16. I will not intefere in my friends' lives...even it means they screw it up (they have to learn on their own instead of me mollycoddling them!)
17. I will continue to add or DISCARD friends if they no longer prove to be so without fear or regret.
18. I will appreciate those who appreciate me.
19. I will be less obsessed with the need to fall in love.
20. My next year's resolutions will be more accurate and realistic and less lengthy (hey...I gotta make more mistakes or I won't have anything to resolve for 2007, right?)