Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wrap those presents!

I actually have some stuff to post about how I spent the weekend, which was quite different from most weekends I've spent...sebab kurangkan keluar malam, lepak siang, actually went for a movie as I have been planning to for a long time (beli tiket ek...bukan complimentary) - on my own at that...and some other stuff that took place.

Malas sikit to post much nak tunggu this whole thing about Mawi reda...sebab aku rasa aku cakap apa pun sekarang people nak je connect with him.

So...I'm going to post some stuff only tomorrow.

I've been planning however to do this since I got this e-mail from Shawn and Michele Londoh, brother-in-law dan sister Marsha, tapi because of my business tak sempat lak.

So this deserves the focus of this posting...see you guys tomorrow.

Remember...for more information of the Marsha birthday bash countdown and launch event, surf over to