Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Aku tau aku janji nak update dah berzaman...well, exaggeration tul...I promised to update on Saturday...and then on Monday, tapi tak jadi-jadi.

Was really bogged down. Biasalah...ujung tahun ni nak abihkan kerja ASAP so that I can go on my Christmas break and New year holidays. Cadang nak amik from end of first week of December for a month. Kira balik after New Year je le...

Ok....going backwards...Friday was the media pre-listening for Nikki's Maharani album.
Before I get to the event...ni nak jawab kata-kata orang sikit pasal Bloggers United.

Lepas isu yang erm...dok dikecohkan...I suppose it has to be admitted there was a little misunderstanding among us.

Tapi I suppose communication is the key to ensuring that friendships are maintained...

And of all the bloggers in BU - aku...sultanmuzaffar, elkapitan, Juan... thanks to our newly appointed 'mama-san' Badrul.

He's the level headed one that basically bridges the gaps of differences between us. Yes, I stand by what I say...no issue should ever come between friendships. Nothing is that important!

So on Friday, it was also Bad's birthday we kita surprise dia ler. Dah umo 36 tahun!!! (Happy Birthday mama-san!!!) Tengok cake ek...siap ada dia punya jawatan dalam BU mentioned (mati la aku kena sumpah ngan Bad selepas ni!)

And sempena birthday - BU ingin dispel the negative thoughts many have of us having problems with each other.

Hah...buktinya antara sultanmuzaffar dan Juan...walaupun bertukar kata-kata pedas...tetap kawan...siap suap makan besday cake agik! (gelak sikit pose iya-iya tapi sebalik tu memasing pegang pisau sedia nak tikam!)

It was fun...and capped off with the great music from Nikki's album...it made it a great day.

Sayang je elkapitan tak dapat join sebab preparation tuk last final dia hari esok nya (pastu preparation nak dating sakan bila da abih paper!)

So even though BU were not complete...ok ler gak...

Saturday - gi TV3 nya open house. Abih tu lepak kat KLCC serempak ngan Nizam Zakaria yang tengah dok sibuk ngan publisher dia nak finally terbitkan penulisan dia in book form lak dari blog dia.

Pastu lepak ngan dia kat Dome je...akibat kena kecing ngan sultanmuzaffar (yang kononnya ada more pressing matters...cis!) Jumpa Dewi yang slalu dok kat blog aku yang tak seberapa ni with her friend, then later joined by my friend Ted.

Malam tu...party out sekali with Badrul joining.

Sunday tak lepak, dok rumah seharian...before finally going out for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Ok...sapa nak tengok this movie....seriously, if you;ve never read the book, you're going to enjoy the spectacular effects yang memang all out kali ni.

For those of you who have read the book, prepare to be disappointed. There is no character development on Voldemort's part. There is little references to sub-plots, such as the clues leading to Harry's background, Moody suddenly comes into the picture, the Quidditch World Cup is cut short and there are no house elves. Cho Chang is left with just a couple of insignificant lines and even the Patil twins get to speak more.

But aku paling suka this time around the Weasley twins, we get to see them a lot more. And of all the new additions, Viktor Krum played by Bulgarian actor Stanislav Ianevski is my favourite, though not the most accurately protrayed. Hope he gets more lines in the next Potter instalment.

On Sunday, didn't go out and hung about je.

Semalam was more fun...started the day at Astro, on my radio rounds. Lepak ngan Bad at era before dropping in a while at xfresh.

Then later gi Studio 1 tengok shoot Diva. Was with Vernon, Ning and Nikki, yang ikut mentor dia ke lokasi belajar skill.

Hah...tengok pic. Diva...diva pun...makan instant noodles je time sibuk. And by the way..tu bukan stail rambut terbaru Ning ek...tengah dok curling rambut tuh...

Pening tengok preparation for movie shoot. Berzaman bersiap, scene ciput je. Sempat tengok meka shoot satu babak yang aku rasa ler tuk opening scene mana Ning perform ler ala Hindustan tuk the diva intro.

Malas nak komen lebih-lebih...korang kena tengok sendiri ler kang.
Tapi ni aku masukkan satu pic of the set yang time Ning nak perform 'keluar' bintang tu. (teringat pentas-pentas Hiburan Minggu Ini zaman awal 80an....Bollywood sangat kah?)

It took hours to get to the actual shooting of the scene, and sebab takleh lepak lama...aku pun amik keputusan nak ciao.

Rush jumpa kawan pastu tuk dinner di Shah Alam (dah kul 10 lebih dinner hapa!) tapi sebab ada perjanjian awal sikit...tak sempat.

So picked up my friend Zafran, terus ke Taman Tun Dr Ismail lak ke studio Ajai, Wake The Baby tengok rakaman album Bob.
Lama gak tak jejak the studio tu, sebab the last time I was there it was still Fauzi Marzuki's, Nearfield.

Heard a couple of tracks of Bob's and it does sound decidedly impressive, vocally. Another newcomer to look out for definitely in terms of quality.

Lepak punya lepak, tengok jam da dekat 2 lebih pagi da....patut ler terasa letih.

Before gerak, meka nak photo op...so amik ler pic together. Aku malas nak amik bebanyak. By the way...dari kiri ke kanan...Melvyn dari Maestro, Ajai, Watie (member aku yang dok nak mencelah), Bob dan Man dri Maestro.

Gi Uptown for supper ngan Bob and another three friends, and stuffed out faces sat... then balik dead exhausted!

A few things I wanted to share...first of all...for those of you looking for a calendar for 2006, get the Marsha 2006 Calendar.

The calendar carries public holidays in Malaysia, Brunei as well as Singapore, so it's definitely worth a buy.

Not to mention that it's of course a limited edition print with Marsha splashed all over.

And it's only RM12, not including shipping and handling. To purchase the calendar or to place your bookings, please contact admin@marshalondoh.com.

On to more stuff.

For fans of Nikki. of course surf on over to Nikki's Official Website. The site is up and running!!! Ada Nikki Playa mana ko leh dengar gak samples of tracks from the album.

Ok...ni sikit info pasal album Nikki, Maharani

By the way, selain 24 tracks listed tu, pada penghujung, lagu ke-12 kat Disc 1, tunggu 2 minit.

There's a silence before the hidden track comes out, featuring Ning!!!

For those yang faham bahasa Dusun, ada lagu in the language as well.

So far, the album has been getting good reviews, so it's looking out as a potential hit in the making. Lum beli, lum dengar, lum tau!

Anyway, rasanya pada mereka yang tak dapat jumpa album Maharani dalam kedai, we have a solution coming soon. Making the album available online.

More details of that later, ok?

"Album Terbaik dari Bintang Realiti TV. Rating 4/5."

"Sukar untuk saya temui album Melayu hebat sebegini...Saya hilang kata-kata untuk menilai album ini selain perkataan yang saya sangat kurang gemari ketika menilai album melayu - hebat dan mantap."
Abie Abdullah. Harian Metro.

Executive Producer : Ning Baizura
Album Producer : Vernon Kedit-Jolly & Michael Ang
Cassette : RM15.90 (12 songs)
CD : RM29.90 (Double CD - 25 tracks)

Composer : Audi Mok (Replay Music/BMG Music Publishing) and Nur Fatima (A-Range Publishing) Lyricist : Nur Fatima (A-Range Publishing)
2. CARAMU (featuring Zahid)
Composer : Audi Mok (Replay Music/BMG Music Publishing) Lyricist : Nurfatima (A-Range Publishing)
Composer : Audi Mok (Replay Music/BMG Music Publishing) Lyricist : Layla Ismail dan Ad Samad (Fighting Poet Sdn Bhd)
Composer : Johan Farid Khairuddin & Omar K (EMI Music Publishing) Lyricist : Johan Farid Khairuddin & Omar K (EMI Music Publishing)
Composer : Audi Mok (Replay Music/BMG Music Publishing) Lyricist : Anedra (Replay Music/BMG Music Publishing)
Composer : Audi Mok (Replay Music/BMG Music Publishing) and Vincent De Giorgio (C2 It Music Publishing/BMG Music Publishing) Lyricist : Ain (Raihan Corp/Warner Chappell Publishing)
Composer : Audi Mok (Replay Music/BMG Music Publishing) Lyricist : Azalea (Replay Music/BMG Music Publishing)
Composer : Audi Mok (Replay Music/BMG Music Publishing) Lyricist : Ad Samad (Fighting Poet Sdn Bhd)
9. HEY! HEY!
Composer : Audi Mok (Replay Music/BMG Music Publishing) Lyricist : Ad Samad (Fighting Poet Sdn Bhd)
Composer : Hazami (Music & Me Publishing) Lyricist : Imran (Music & Me Publishing)
Composer : Jimmy Palikat (Artistes United Publishing) Lyricist : Florencia binti Kosmas (Artistes United Publishing)

1. CARAMU (Sax and the City Remix)
2. PERANG ATAU CINTA (Hip-Pop Remix)
3. HEY! HEY! (Lolli-Pop Remix)
4. CINTA BARU (Maharani Remix)
5. JANJI (Chaos Club Remix)
6. PINTA (Chaos Club Remix)
7. JULANGAN PERMATA (Midnight Acoustic Remix)
8. JANJI (Midnight Acoustic Remix)
9. IMAGINASI (Midnight Acoustic Remix)
10. PINTA (Vintage Mix)
11. PINTA (Minus One)
12. SUNUDAI OKU (Minus One)
Remixes by : Audi Mok
Mastering by : Nick Lee at Sonique Productions
Album cover art design concept : Alex Sum Design
Photography : Joe Chan (Hilton Photographers)
Make-up and hairstyling : Matt (Pick@Brush)

Oh...before I sign out. Tengah update blog aku, kat opis ni...tiba-tiba dengar ala-ala kecoh. Yerlah...in an office like a morgue (not my side), it's rather unusual for a scene of any sort to develop. Unless you were talking about a giant nasal sounding, very naked frog going techno...

Surprise...surprise...it was a very giant, very naked frog (there was no sound-but the sight was enough) strolling through the aisles of my office.

I'm sure by now the name Crazy Frog is familiar. Yeap...yang lagu Axel Foley tu...tiba-tiba ada mix with the frog going "ding ding" or "bam bam" or stuttering away...

Well, apparently the Swede DJ behind the Crazy Frog is in town nak promote ler dia nya album. and guess what?

Dia turun je kapalterbang straight away pakai suit tu...and he puts it on every time he's out in public, or performing (must be a fetish!!!) Rajin mamat ni nak pakai suit two...apparently he's got two suits...but only one head to go with the whole ensemble.

Ni pose istimewa dari Crazy Frog tuk pembaca blog ni. Memacam laa mamat ni...tapi I have to admit it's quite an impressive publicity stunt.

Ok ler...dah abih update...finally. Be updating more ASAP ngan ada cita pada mereka yang susah nak cari album Nikki di pasaran. There is an online solution coming soon, but for those of you yang tak dapat the CDs kat kedai, just let us know where the location yang tak dapat, kita usha kan ek apa problemnya.

Before we end this entry, it's only fitting that the Crazy Frog give one last amphibian pose, the most famous of them all, especially for all of you. Enjoy...