Monday, October 10, 2005


Sedihnya hidup aku!

Can you believe it...for the first Saturday night in what must be YEARS, aku leh dok rumah je?

Who would have thought of it?

And the weekend was basically that.

Friday night lepak ngan kawan-kawan, supper kat Concorde, sampai I think past 2am and then gi ronda...I reached home by dawn tidur ler sampai petang Saturday.
Seeing as how aku tak cukup tidur since the middle of last week, aku pun membalas dendam ler.

Bangun...tidur...bangun...tidur....celah-celah tu melantak! (mana tak lagi naik perut ni-Damn!)
Anyway....Saturday night intially rasa nak keluar, tapi stupidly enough, in between my sleep, I took to reading Harry Potter and The Half Prince...because I hadn't read it yet.

Thanks to Ted who passed me the latest instalment of Harry Potter, aku habis reading (sorry, but I love the Harry Potter series) at about 5am...which by then dah memang too late to go out anyway.

By the way - if you're wondering which version aku baca )kan biasa ada American and British version), my answer would be...I don't know.

Sebab yang aku baca tu not in book form, tapi e-book form on my Nokia.

Jahat kan..(muka bersalah sat) nak gak pakai yang pirated cracked e-book...bukan nak beli.

But I think it's ridiculous how prices of books are such a bomb - and I do love reading, so e-books downloaded are very much the alternative.

Anyway - book six in the Harry Potter series is extremely gripping!!!

From the Prisoner of Azkaban, the whole theme of the Harry Potter series had taken on a more mature, darker tone, but The The Half Blood Prince somehow has continued the evolution of the Potter series to make it beyond kiddy reading.

Tapi...for those yang minat tapi lum tau plot tuk this book, stop reading here...

I wasn't too surprised at the highlight, the climax of the book when Dumbledore died...or that Snape killed him...which spoilt it a bit for me, I have to say.

All because hari tu I was searching for weird T-shirts to buy online, and I came across this T-shirt design.

Now if that isn't the spoiler....I don't know what is.

Slept through Sunday...petang tu aku da rasa pening overdose tidur, I set out without a destination.

Hung out with some friends until 6 plus in the morning. Adus....pastu keja lak today....headache siot.

And have some running around to do as nak gi collect menda sat agi...and then malam ni nak gi xfresh sebab at 10.30pm ada interview ngan Joe and Malique of Too Phat.

Ok ler...malas nak posting agi ari ni...

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