Monday, October 31, 2005

Congratulations Yasmin & Co.!!!

Aku nak break my 'silence' over the past week with no new entries in my blog with this well deserved congratulatory message!

Baru dapat mesej jer...terus call Yasmin Ahmad nak interview (sorry kacau ek your holiday in Bali, Yasmin).

Untuk mereka yang unaware, Sepet, the interracial love themed movie directed by Yasmin (you'd really have to be living under a rock to not know kan what Sepet is) won Best Asian Film at the 18th Tokyo International Film Festival last night!!!

Sapa bilang filem Melayu tak menawan?!!!

Bukan je stok cam Gol dan Gincu kalah tau (burok siot translated title dia - Goalposts & Lipsticks), tapi Sepet (not as burok literal English translation of Slit Eyes) kalahkan many other regionally produced movies termasuk Janji Joni dan Chandramukhi.

Apapun, this short posting is my tribute to Malaysians who bring our nation's name to another level without having to brag their rears off and yet produce results despite the odds.

You go Yasmin!