Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Walaupun saya memang tidak ada mood nak posting, tapi isu Mawi dan disko beberapa hari ini begitu mempunyai kesan terhadap diri saya.

Personally, the matter has been so discussed, that I am sick and tired of it.

You know what...
I couldn't care less...Mawi nak buat apa, dia dah besar panjang...takyah orang nak susah-susah amik tau hidup dia.

So often, stars from reality television talent search programmes are subject to fans that act like they own them. Yes, I'd like to think of myself as a friend to Mawi, sebab percaya pada kebolehan dia dari sebelum Konsert Prelude kali pertama melihat dia membuat persembahan untuk media pra-Prelude.

Tegur? Memang setakat mana boleh, sudahpun. Anything's up to Mawi isn't it. Isn't there an old saying that rattles off like, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink."

So whatever happens to Mawi, affects him, good or bad. NOT ME!

Untung pun dia untung...rugi pun dia rugi. Tak perlu aku nak susahkan diri aku fikirkan masaalah orang lain kalau it doesn't concern me anymore than it should.

Bottomline is, at the end of the day - Mawi is not that important to me...just like for a lot of people.

Buat apa aku nak kehilangan kawan ke...nak buat musuh ke...nak sakit hati ke...hanya kerana Mawi?

There are a lot of issues that people want to know about Mawi, that I am in the know...but I choose to remain quiet about.

A lot of things piss me off...but I try to remain detached from things that don't figure in my life or shouldn't at any rate.

If I am rambling...then I am doing so sebab marah...marah kat semua orang kerana terperangkap in this whole obsession with Mawi. I mean, minat is fine...tapi obsesi is ridiculous!

And the whole mania, while it has gained me the same time...with the height of this issue...I have begun to lose friends who war about different opinions regarding the matter.

So as I endlessly moisturize myself with my burden of personal trauma, aku nak umumkan aku tarik diri from the Malaysian Topblogs - and all those stupid directories where I'm listed or whatever as takde aku nak sentap ke berlumba ke apa...tak payah vote for my blog anymore..

Maybe I can have fun with my blog I used to. And sesapa nak baca..silakan...youa re more than welcome. Dan pada sesiapa tak ingin...tak payah. At the end of the day, this is my own selfish world...and I'm just playing along with the rules that everyone dictates to me!
Now I owe no one anything at all!

I just wish my friends in blog would stay together and be united in their difference of opinions.
Thank you to the United Bloggers - Sultan Muzaffar, Juan Danza, elkapitan and Badrul - for all our differences, we held together for being steadfast in our beliefs!