Thursday, September 08, 2005

Siapa antara paling popular?

Ari ni banyak keja, tapi sempat ler gayut on the phone ngan friends who called up sat.

Decided to do this little polls on bekas pelajar Akademi Fantasia, daripada ketiga-tiga musim, to find out yang manakah yang anda paling sayang!

So memandangkan ramai orang industri termasuk orang Astro dan Maestro serta prospective promoters and event management outfits surf the Net, sometimes into here, it'll serve as a guideline for who the fans REALLY like.

You can vote for AS MANY as you like in a polls, tapi kalau leh stick ler to those yang bebetul ko suka. You can vote only ONCE a day!

This poll will last for a week, so enjoy!

I'll post the results when time's up!