Friday, September 16, 2005

Blog buster!

Aku da penah komen bab ni...just a few weeks ago. And now things are getting so out of control ada pihak bloggers dah pun nak amik tindakan atas mereka yang tinggalkan komen yang tidak bertanggungjawab atas pihak bersalah.

When you leave comments in a blog, yes, you demonstrate the right to free speech...tapi jangan lupa - you are as accountable for your actions as anyone else, even if you think you can post anonymously tanpa dikesan.

A little information for whoever has such intentions tuk masuk blog orang with malicious intent (or if you're posting anything in that vein on the Net), just remember EVERYONE is traceable.
So far, the immediate blog affiliates of [klubbkidd's rave], which are blogs of Sultan Muzaffar, elkapitan, Juan Danza , Badrul and Afdlin Shauki have all received venomous, malicious, anonymous postings which are more often than not degrading in various forms as I have too.

Too often we delete them without much thought, until the episode where I wanted to lodge a police report on an abusive posting in my fotopages. However in my case, while the person remained anonymous, he/she emailed me an apology within the 24 hours reprieve notice I gave.
From now - be warned that we mean business when we say we won't tolerate this anymore!

Ni petikan dari The Malay Mail ari ni.

Blogger to pull plug on culprit
Halim Said

Kuala Lumpur, Sept 16: A blogger, angered by a seditious message on his weblog, intends to lodge a police report today against the sender. Peter Tan, who owns, said he will provide the Internet protocol (IP) address of the sender, nicknamed 'good man' to the police.
Tan, who started his blog two years ago, said the abusive message containing racial slurs was posted at 7.16pm last Sunday.
Tan, 39, from Penang, said he was puzzled when he saw the message, days after it was posted, as he was away attending a seminar for the disabled between Sept 10 and 14.
"As I had no access to the Net during the seminar, I could not screen the messages coming into the blog," said Tan, a paraplegic.
Tan admitted that he had received several malicious messages on the blog last month but had deleted them.
"I'm keeping this one (message) for the authorities. This has gone too far and I want the person who did it to be held accountable."
He said if this is allowed to go unchecked, it will give a negative impression of bloggers.
"Several bloggers also received such messages. We would just delete them." He said although the message was sent anonymously, bloggers should be responsible.
"Although my blog stresses the freedom of expression, each sender must be responsible for what they write."
The blog, covers Tan's life, disability issues and religious matters.
He said he will not be able to stop such messages but will constantly check and clear his blog of racist messages.
In the first case of its kind in Singapore, two men were charged in a district court on Sept 12 with making racist comments on the Internet. (see accompanying story) They faced charges under the Sedition Act, which has been in place since 1948. Though the Act was amended in 1972 and 1985, this is the first time it has ever been used against individuals. Offences under the Act carry a maximum jail term of three years and a S$5,000 (RM12,000) fine.

Untuk cerita lebih, get you Malay Mail today as the online version is not the full version. Hope this is an eye opener for everyone out there. Post reponsibly!