Monday, August 15, 2005

Still loving you...tribute of friends to arwah Riez

Baru kembali dari Melaka to pay arwah my last respects. Have to say this...Riez...I'm so sorry I didn't say goodbye. I'm so sorry I didn't keep my promise to call now that you've gone and it's too late.

Semalam sampai kat Melaka about 9 malam, terus gi rumah Sahri...then went to Hang Tuah Mall kat Subaidah nak minum dan dengar from Sahri what actually happened.

I suppose I was in kinda a daze and in denial over Riez's passing that I didn't really hear anything...just that Riez memang had high blood pressure etc. He was just 26 when he passed on.

So many things I don't want to go into details....but Riez, I'm sure you've moved on to a better place.

Walaupon ko jauh nok...ko ler antara berapa orang dalam hidup aku yang aku leh anggap kawan.
I've never lost someone I was personally acquainted with before...and it's hard.

I mean...when my grandparents passed away...both sets of them, I was too young to understand why I was crying. Cuma aku tau I wouldn't be eating my grandma's top dish of 'tau eu bak' (don't ask what that is - either you know or you don't).

I have had aunties and uncles pass on...but I was never really close to members of my family...and I didn't really understand the grief of losing someone.

And I've never really had friends that passed on. I had an ex...that passed on. Tapi arwah masa tu pas kita da jauh...aku janji nak jumpa, nak gi Port Dickson nak jumpa dia. Time tu aku call dia bagitau tak jadi sebab work schedule aku ketat. So aku kata, jangan risau, dua minggu agi aku datang etc.

Unfortunately, I didn't get back to my promise until a month or two. And I only remembered sebab a friend of mine passed the news, that dia da ninggal.

Aku tak caya. And call handphone dia. Adik dia jawab dan bagitau the truth...


I thought I had learnt my lesson then...that never put off things cause there may never be a tomorrow to look forward to.

But I did it again with Riez...a friend I've known for ages - and dalam kebelakangan ni - we've ket contact back again.

So I've been selfish...caught up in my problems until lupa yang ada sekeliling aku.

Now it's time to get my priorities straight.

I will be off from work for a week to get some time off sebelum aku jadi gila ngan stress yang kian pile up by the day.

I will try and blog to record my progress (dan kalau apa-apa ler citer keluarga Akademi Fantasia).

To that person who was in my life - one day I hope you realise, the promise you made that no one would ever take you away from going to haunt you.I kept my didn't, and only God knows what's best, so I leave him to judge my life and what becomes of all this.

And I know - whatever I went through because of you - will prove that every action does have its equal reaction.

Anyway - the link to the song below is dedicated to you (read on bawah for the link)

And to and sister...this one's also for you. I know you would have wanted us to laugh on and carry about with our daily lives. Aku mintak lah semua sedekahkan al-fatihah for a friend who was not supposed to go...tapi Tuhan lebih sayangkan dia so apakan daya.

Rest in peace...and God bless again.

My tribute to the person who not only broke janji dia, but also my heart...and to Riez - STILL LOVING YOU (Click tajuk of the song to listen - lagu ni should be credited to KuMac and Lea Laurielle for proving laughter is indeed the best medicine)

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