Thursday, August 11, 2005


Ni citer penuh from yesterday's posting kenapa Mawi broke down in tears.

Pada meka yang interested, this is the full article in The Malay Mail ari ni.

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Sori ler semalam server down so aku takleh nak upload lagu dan ucapan baru dalam Selain sibuk, aku tengah demam teruk ni, so by lewat sikit malam ni ler ok.

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Don't exploit me, pleads tearful Mawi

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 11: "I am being exploited for the profit of others," said an emotional Asmawi Ani, 24, while lamenting the downside of his newfound fame and fortune.

Tears streamed down his cheeks as the Akademi Fantasia III champion talked about how his life has turned upside down.

Just last Saturday, the Johorean took home the richest prize in local reality TV history worth RM322,000. It comprised RM26,000 cash, an apartment, a Suzuki Swift 1.5L hatchback, a holiday package to London and Paris, a home theatre system, electrical appliances and three trophies.

Now barely into his first week as a star, Mawi, has discovered the ugly side of glamour. "They should be more respectful!

It's my life, my story!" he said lashing out at those who sought to make a quick buck from the public infatuation that has been labelled 'TsuMawi'.

Various merchandise from caps to keychains bearing his name, and image as well as his popular tagline of 'World!' have been the choice targets of 'pirates'.

The latest being a publication (not under the New Straits Times Press Sdn Bhd) sold at RM8 detailing every aspect of his pre-Akademi Fantasia life back in Felda Taib Andak, Kulai.

"If it's the official merchandise from the official fan club Mawi FC. I don't mind as they're just supporting my career.

"I am thankful for those who are sincere in supporting me. They're a non-profit outfit who serve to help bring my supporters closer by organising get-togethers.

"I know not everyone is like that, but many are out to make a quick profit, and that saddens me." Mawi, however did not threaten legal action against those who exploit his fame.

"I don't know how sincere they are in what they do. Only God knows, and I will accept it as calmly as I can," he said.

It has not been easy, however. The publication for instance, was noted for its many 'factual' errors.

"I realise I have so much to learn in handling the public exposure of my life. I was caught off guard. "I have no idea what causes people to react to me..." he said as he calmed down.

The front page stories on his private life have also exposed many 'untruths'.

And one of the hottest topics is of course the public obsession with his fiancee.

"My fiancee is okay with things and has kind of come to terms with the attention. We have agreed that we should accept things as they are fated."

He however shrugged off details of their respective families.

"As for when the wedding will be, I don't want to rush it, and I know a lot of people would prefer that I focus on my career for the moment.

"I spoke to my fiance just last night, and she's been crying, and her mother has been crying.

"The pressure is getting to everyone, and the only thing we can do is take things one day at a time."

While he has no regrets over his instant fame, Mawi nodded his head in agreement when asked that had he the option of doing something else, would he?

"I entered Akademi Fantasia to help better the life of my family, and if I could have done something else to support my parents, I would have done it."