Monday, July 25, 2005

You did this!!!

As the title says it all. Here's the result of another injustice!

Aku tak pernah pilih Akma dalam senarai peribadi aku untuk dia ke final. But still - at this point of the competition - for all her weaknesses, dia BUKAN pelajar paling lemah, dia bukan pelajar paling tidak consistent, and she sure as hell is not the least talented when it comes to vocals.

Cuma masaalahnya, she is female, not some cutesy, boyband wannabe who would be better off miming after some dance lessons.

So what happens now? Look at the results!

Siapa yang akan menjadi mangsa seterusnya? Marsha? Amylea? Hanya kerana mereka yang mengundi kerana simpati, kasihan... dan kononnya muka comel! Kalau nak sangat undi camtu, I suggest you go buy majaalah Remaja tu dan vote ler lain kali meka ada yang Hero remaja and all that. Lebih elok!

Whatever it is, I appeal for sanity among fans of Mawi, Felix, Amylea and Marsha - don't just back your favourites among the four - but also each other. I know this sounds ridiculous but it only makes your favourite student stand out all the more.

Of course - a major part of my appeal goes to Mawi and Felix fans tuk sokong Marsha dan Amylea. Kalau ada yang katakan ini tak rasional, then think if it this way. Don't you want credibility if and when the student of your choice menang?

Setakat kalau Mawi dan Felix menang 'walkover' sebab the competition is weak and not at all credible, especially in the likes of Kefli - tak berbaloi wang Ringgit tuk AFUNDI. Baik dok terus takyah undi dari sekarang. IF Mawi and Felix wins against tougher and more creidble competition like Marsha and Amylea - THAT'S putting up a fight and a deserved win!

Apapun. I think I, serta ramai bloggers lain telahpun made our stand known. One common ground we can all agree on is that we want Kefli OUT! So let's see to it that that whining cringer is booted out before the finals!

I am just so disappointed with the voting trends now - and aku malas nak update apa-apa dari press conference dan interview Akma tadi, kecuali gambar dia ni.

I hope we can pull of what we did with Akademi Fantasia II when in the last week - all the fan clubs managed to supporteach other in terms of votes to kick out yang TAK PATUT berada di final. Here's to seeing a repeat of that moment.


Why do I pick the four...apart from possibly another reason...they ARE simply the best!

DON'T let this happen to those who deserve to be in the final like Amylea or Marsha!

DON'T vote on sympathy pada yang dok bawah skali!

DON'T vote hanya kerana you think he's cute!

DON'T trash our music industry with people who can't sing!

DON'T embarass nama Akademi Fantasia ngan ada finalist yang TAK layak!