Monday, July 25, 2005

What the???!!!

Are you kidding?

Are you just bloody kidding???

Akma terkeluar when Yazer and Kefli are still in after those performances?

Granted Akma's impersonation of Ramlah Ram wat tangkap muat Beyonce wassn't all that...but seriously!!!

Aku pas konsert, takder mood nak stay for Imbasan at all. Simply because it was the wrong person again decided to leave.

So gi makan ngan kengkawan dari Mawi FC kat Section 9, Shah Alam...sambil makan tu mengisi perut, usha ler Imbasan.

Yang sakit ati nya - when they showed the results, I was glad Mawi improved his standing because he did perform quite well for the night, tapi sakit ati tengok Felix jatuh dari segi peratusan and kecewa because Amylea naik pun tak seberapa.

But the horror of all horrors was Marsha jatuh sampai ke second last! Apa barang??!!

Are you joking?

Si Kefli memang aku admit improved his performance - but considering standard dia ketinggalan sebegitu jauh - it was hardly anything significant compared to that of the others. Paling tidak pun, kalau nyamuk sengau tu terselamat - Yazer would have been the next target based on common sense because dia punya take of Mengapa Harus Cinta was a simply painful.

Lost my mood to update the blog for the night - tried to update the tapi sebab ada change pada security features by Gengkita, I couldn't access the ftp.

As far as the is concerned, hopefully things will rectified as soon as possible.
But back to the night - yes it was crap!

Memang Malaysians (the masses anyway) are hardly smart enough to evaluate what is quality.

As a result? Twelve months from now - pilihan meka tu akan get flushed down the toilet of failures of the local entertainment industry!

Just look at season one, how many actually made it? How about season two? Yang kecoh-kecoh dok terselamat atas undi simpati - mana dia skang? Seriously!

And that is very likely going to happen again in season three.

Tak nyesal aku tinggalkan pemantauan Diari Akademi Fantasia bermula minggu ketiga setelah bermula agenda of personal attacks on selected students.

It's out of hand...and seolah kehabisan idea mereka nak pasangkan orang laa...nak bagi citer air mata laa...etc.

You may think it's ridiculous...but Akma kuar because (in huge part) to Astro. Speculation?

Well...ingat tak masa Putrajaya - konon main kahwin-kahwin Amy dan Aidil? Siapa keluar? Amy and Reza right? Then konon nak wat citer surat dari kuarga Yazer to Ekin? Siapa keluar? Ekin...

And this week - sibuk nak tunjuk video sangat kan konon meka bercinta - konon nak pasangkan dengan Felix?

What happens? Surprise, surprise....bye bye Akma!

First of all - I think any sort of study would prove that majority of Akademi Fantasia voters are female, thus the dominance of boys in the competition. Kalau dalam pertandingan lain dalam Malaysia ni - boys selalu lose out to girls, Akademi Fantasia is the only competition girls never stand a chance.

Dah tau - lagi nak wat kes tuk pengundi-pengundi hormonal nak mjenci bebudak perempuan yang ada.

So there are two girls left in the competition - no complaints here as they are the outstanding two. But the boys? Only Felix and Mawi are worthy of the final as far as I am concerned.

These four have been consistently been performing above average, and have displayed an amazing ability to adapt and embrace versatility.

Dahlah...kepada nyamuk-nyamuk penyokong Kefli dan Yazer...I cou;dn't care less what you have to say. At the end of the day - these two will go the way of students in Akademi Fantasia previously yang bertahan all the way to the final for no bloody reason cause they will never have a career in the local music industry and will fizzle out to being small time dependants of their status on Akademi Fantasia.

Why am I so angry? Because ada mereka yang mempunyai bukan sahaja impian - tapi juga bakat semulajadi yang patut diberikan perhatian. Akademi Fantasia is an enviable platform for any new act - so why waste it on those yang takder future in this business??

Suka ati ler make the final what it is.

All I know is, I'm doing my duty to vote for only FOUR students, who to me deserve the spots in the final not only for their ambition, effort, talent but also their potential to go far. And the four, who were the best performers from the previous week - are also my favourites for this week.

Siapa lagi layak untuk persembahan terbaik konsert lepas kalau bukan Felix, Mawi, Marsha and Amylea (in no particular order).

Look at the photos of the deserved top four bebetul. Kali ni aku pilih pics yang gambarkan usaha mereka, kerisauan mereka, tekanan mereka, dan harapan mereka because these are four extremely talented kids you will letting down if any of them don't make the final.

Or perhaps - you'd prefer to settle for a pretty boy (cantik ker muka) who can't sing (let alone breathe right!!!)

This Saturday is too crucial nak memberikan lagi undi kasihan - terutamanya pada orang yang nyanyi pun tak betul, tak pernah consistent in delivery, has no distinct voice, no uniqueness and no originality!

I hardly care about Yazer making it in...but in no way does even Yazer deserve to make way for muka seksa ni nak dapat tempat, apa lagi kalau nak antara empat tu menjadi korban sentimen kasihan pengundi yang nak tengok muka 'kiut' jer. Sibuk sangat nak tengok bagi laa dia keluar tengok laa puas-puas kat funfair terdekat kang. Masa tu baru tau bertahan ke tak korang ngan sengau dia.

The competition looks hopeless at this point - with voters who have any sense (and sense of hearing) being way outnumbered by those who vote by sentiment and sympathy.

Dah...apapun - I am sick and tired of this trend of orang yang tak paham apa konsep asal Akademi Fantasia - which is a TV opportunity to offer those with promise to further enhance their abilities and talents to shine.

instead - skang da jadi biasiswa programme yang in the end - the result tak bayar balik loan sebab kuar jer berangan lebih ngan adanya peminat dan syok sendiri, padahal nyanyi tak penah cukup syarat.

On to my review. By the way - sorry tapi I didn't include the evaluation of the two groups songs sebab Ladki Badi Anjani Hai and Seri Langkat were not worthy of evaluation for me.

Interesting and mildly amusing as it was - aku tak nampak the relevance of group performances except tuk buang masa sebab this year - the group songs do not test individual contribution to the team effort.

Lagu asal nyanyian Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik dari Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was no big deal for me simply because setakat bak nyanyi backing track - baik takyah...walau apapun Aznil katakan 'as long as to their own voices' or whatever. If nak sangat miming tu, or singing over a vocal track, baik terus semua lagu wat camtu.

As for Seri Langkat - the Jamal Abdillah and Amelina version - it just didn't do much for me...
Menuju Puncak for me is the only group number I'd be bothered to evaluate this year - tapi since choreography cam dibuat oleh my taekwondo master...takyah ler.

On to the show...

Marsha - Cobalah Untuk Setia (Kris Dayanti)
I have to say mula-mula aku risau gak sebab Marsha seemed to be out of tempo. For some reason dia tak keep up to pace...possibly tak feel lagu tu as well as I thought she would.

Which brought about the problem of penghayatan, which like Yasmin Ahmad said, she seemed to lack a connection to the song and was unable to deliver the message. However, vocally - I'd have to agree with Syafinaz and she pulled out all the stops. She is definitely THE voice of Akademi Fantasia III.

Not stealing any thunder away from Amylea - as Amylea is THE voice with a personality.

Kefli - Hati Emas (Kembara)
Admittedly a fun song. Tapi because of the strength of the original no part due to Kefli's effort.

To put it simply - Syafinaz seemed to round it up best (let's forget Kudsia Kahar as usual) when she also pointed out a couple of faults in my list. My list includes the horrid manner of slurring, his intonation (or lack of it), the consistencies in going off pitch and the needless screaming. At this point, people...please note...there is a difference between dynamis and volume - something which I said Kefli has not been able to distinguish in weeks he's been in the Akademi. And for

God's sake boy! Breathe when you sing! Muka seksa tak abih-abih. By the way - I think Aznil stole the show from him without even needing vocal lessons or weeks in the Akademi (leh tak AFUNDI Aznil ganti tempat dia?)

Yazer - Mengapa Harus Cinta (Vince)
I did say before this it would be Yazer's first test - sebab yang pelajar lain semua da diuji all over the place and he's the only one that seems to be dimanjakan.

I also did say that kalau dia perform bagus - he would make it to my list sebab he has been proving he has all the elements the top four have - cuma only because he has NEVER been tested.

So how did he do? Not as bad as I thought - despite the flat, flat, flat delivery of the song throughout. Off key siot berapa kali....karam abih! Off the topic of Yazer - beginning from him we can see the wardrobe department da mula buat sial balik. Ingat stylo ka nyanyi lagu ballad tetap nak imej rock? What's with the the ripped jeans??? Tak kena konsep...Setakat menang tuk Vaanavil leh laa...(siapa yang makan cili dia yang terasa pedas...)

Mawi - Pupus (Dewa)
I love this song. Ada peminat Mawi bagitau aku yang lagu ni tak power. I begged to differ saying kalau Mawi pandai bak lagu ni - it's this sweeping emotional piece that will justify his position.

And despite wardrobe department bangap buat dia imej cam tukang cat rumah yang diupah...he did great! At several points, aku rasa his performance was a little contrived....but he pulled through well enough and made the song his own. I would say for the first time bebetul, aku puas ati ngan Mawi nya performance - a feeling I usually get from Amylea dan Marsha.

Akma - Selamat Jalan Romeo (Ramlah Ram)
Semput....and horrible moves. Almost as bad as costume dia yang ibarat ada bulu ketiak pink terjurai tu! Wardrobe buta!!! For her tall lanky do NOT put her in that kind of dress. Huh!

But what's with the Lady Marmalade-Bootylicious routine ler. Nak goyang pung aku rasa cam bukan nak patah pinggang, tapi da broken in 40 different spots.

At any rate - sayang gak bab Akma ni...she does have talent...just zero charisma.

Amylea - Dua Insan Bercinta (Ella)
Klang rocks! Heh! Bangga! Amylea did Klang proud (Klang ni kampung Ella ler - sama kampung ngan aku tu).

She sounded original, being totally herself and (if it's possible) making the song sound even better!

Cuma aku tergeli sikit dia wat dia nya snake charmer routine punya choreography...takyah ler Amylea...but you rock gurl! Nak tengok dia dapat rock tune bebetul - bukan stakat ballad ler...Mesti gempak!

Felix - Hukum Karma (Wings)
ASTRO'S WARDROBE DEPARTMENT SUCKS! Nak bagi imej rocker rempit mana pung - perlu ke sampai pakai camtu? Rempit pun malu nak keluar pakai camtuh tau!

Burok siot - and tambah wig ala Amylea punya rambut sebelum kena rebonding - adus! Felix looked a right horror!

Tapi he pulled off Hukum Karma extremely well and rocked the house. Ramai gak aku tengok head-banging kat celah tempat dok VIP! Rocksteady sibuk-sibuk - tokei dusun lagik gempak when it comes to really rocking.

But I have to point this out. Can someone tell Kudsia Kahar that it wasn't perfect. She gets so carried away tul. Habis je...tak abih-abih nak stress kat Felix, "It was perfect!!!".

No it wasn't girlfriend. He cracked...hit the wrong note...and went off key berapa banyak kali - even at that one point ko kata dia perfect tu. I suggest Akademi Fantasia IV carik sponsor pengorek telinga tuk pengkritik ek.

Oklah...nak tidur...tak larat...will try and sort out the thingie as soon as possible. And by the way...bersedia tuk KEMUNGKINAN hints and clues apa dia kejutan terbesar Akademi Fantasia untuk musim ni!

I will not have one dedicated posting for it...but read between the lines and you may just spot what's coming up (if it happens - sebab dok pending green light kan)...

Meeting Akma for the interview tomorrow - and then nak gi office Sony-BMG tuk pick up flight tickets and stuff to leave for Bangkok Tuesday morning...will try and post before I leave. Gone...