Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Old soul...you are my strength

Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life.

It started out horrid...and became even worse as the hours progressed.

Aku tak faham dilema aku - dan segalanya ibarat beban yang teramat di hidupku sehinggakan aku rasa seolah berat duka ku mematahkan semangat aku untuk teruskan hidupku.

It's amazing how the sheer ecstacy of living can turn to sorrow in just the blink of eye.

Segalanya that could have gone wrong at this period of my personal life - has.

Apapun aku minta maaf dengan semua sebab aku akan berehat blogging untuk sehari dua at least untuk merehatkan diri.

Begitu banyak tekanan menghantui aku - sampaikan semalam aku accident.

Apapun - aku minta maaf sesangat pada sesiapa yang mengharap diri tak seberapa ini.

I try to be the best I can be - but never live up to my own expectations.

Aku sekarang dalam a period of my life where I need to reflect why others' lives are so important to me - and why pleasing others penting sangat bagi my existence.

I feel weak - though rejuvenated by new strength found. However that came a million other questions which I don't know how to answer...

For now at least - aku ngaku kalah. Aku tak terdaya untuk lakukan apa pun lagi...selain mengunggu untuk petanda hidup aku akan berubah dan apa yang aku hadapi takkan berulang.

To my strength - thank you. For you are also my weakness...PERFECT ATTITUDE!

You know who you are....

My Sadness Is My Joy
When I feel sad, my joy is rekindled, because my sadness and my joy are one and they are many.
My sadness is the clear cold light of the rising moon fed on the glowing embers of the dying sun.
It contains the joy in my soul the way my veins hold my lifeblood in my body.
It is the bland rice to the spicy curry that sustains my existence.
It is that moment of silence between two notes in the symphony of my universe.
It is the implosion that checks the explosion of my heart.
My sadness is a stranger to that ugly modern impostor called depression.
Depression is the faded foliage of a sickly plant, the sputtering of a choking engine, the cloak of anger turned on itself.
I welcome my sadness because it hones my mind, sharpens my vision, pulls and tugs at my heart-strings and reminds me that I am still alive.
My sadness and my joy are one and they are many.
They are the yin and the yang, the flip and the flop, the flip-flop of the eternal dance of my Lord Shiva.

My sadness is the tear that flows when my cup of joy spills over.

Pada semua kengkawan yang ambil berat pasal diriku yang tak seberapa ni....walaupun aku dah janjikan posting baru - aku minta maaf begitu banyak sebab aku memang tak larat teruskan buat sementara...sehingga segala pertanyaan yang membelenggu diriku terjawab....pray for me...

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