Friday, July 22, 2005

Dayang is free

This should be good news for Dayang Nurfizah fans. Akhirnya, Dayang bebas tuk meneruskan kerjaya dia sebagai penyanyi tanpa meisaukan tindakan mahkamah ke apa-apa.

KUALA LUMPUR : The long-standing and highly publicised dispute between local singer Dayang Nurfaizah Awang Dowty and her former management and recording label has been amicably resolved.

In a joint press release issued on Thursday, Recording Industry of Malaysia (RIM) general manager Ramani Ramalingam said he was pleased to announce a mutually beneficial settlement between the relevant parties.

"The settlement resolves a series of unfortunate miscommunications dating back to 2002.

"Dayang has successfully come to an agreement with Bintang Seni Sdn Bhd over her management contract while New Southern Records Sdn Bhd (NSR) has bought over Dayang's recording contract from Aneka Seni Music Productions Sdn Bhd.

This means that all legal suits between Dayang and the Broadway Entertainment Group of Companies, which includes Aneka Seni, Bintang Seni, Lindung Seni and Broadway Entertainment Sdn Bhd have been amicably settled.

"Dayang is now free of all her contractual obligations with the Broadway Entertainment group of companies and to fully pursue her promising recording career with her new label, NSR," said Ramani.

Broadway chief executive officer Boon Tan and Dayang were reportedly happy to confirm in a win-win situation of the court cases which was aided by RIM, while NSR A&R director Iman Wan formally welcomed Dayang to NSR's stable.