Thursday, May 12, 2005

Wo!!! vs Wow!

The title describes it all! Atas apa yang one of the visits to my blog (Mimirinnie) said, aku check ngan EMI and meka kirim pic cover art album kompilasi yang dikatakan, Wow untuk dinilai.

Aku malas cakap apa...korang tengok korang rasa camna. Ada niat nak ciplak tak?

OK...pass your own verdict.

Anyway, updates, semalam layan si dia , last-last kita putuskan we're just friends. Boo!

Thank God aku dah de-stress by having sex on Tuesday night (not with him though!). It's amazing what sex can do for you in giving you the strength to deal with shit that comes your way.

Yeay! Remember...the kids for Akademi Fantasia check into camp tomorrow. I have more updates on date in tomorrow's posting dimana there will be more news...