Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ning & Nikki

Pada sesiapa who was at AIM last Saturday....dah tau kan it's a confirmed thing that Ning Baizura appeared ngan Nikki, formerly of Malaysian Idol.

Well....pada sapa yang tak tengok meka kat red carpet, here's a pic of them. Ning is wearing Michael Ong while Nikki is wearing a full Zang Toi ensemble. Jewellery donned by both is of course, The Carat Club.

Pada yang perasan, though geram tak sempat amik pics langsung....Siti Charani ada skali.Pada meka yang tatau Siti Chairani tu sapa....she's of course the Indonesian sorprano yang known for training voices like Ning, who was her first student, Syafinaz...dan Siti Hajar.

Anyway...she was there...so guess whether she's there as Ning's tutor ke....Nikki skali..tanak bagitau lebih at this point, but for fans of Nikki...she is collecting material for her debut album. I've heard some of the songs she's getting, and they're quite amazing.

Expect a single out within a month or so, followed quickly by the album.

Doesn't Nikki just look absolutely gorgeous???!!!

Ning and Nikki hugging....*awww!!! How sweet! At the post party celebrating Ning's win.

The picture that made all the fashion pages of newspapers.