Friday, May 06, 2005

A New Orange!

I don't know if it's too soon to say this, but even Zahid critics...look out. Zahid promises a new him.

And while it may be impossible to believe for the most hardcore of critics, the Orange one seems sincerely apologetic for whatever actions construed as offending prior to yesterday.

So buat sementara, I'm inclined to give him a second chance to prove he's worth putting up with and indulging - untuk bakat yang dianugerahkan. And while I can always end up the most skeptical bitch of them all, I believe him. In over nine months I've known him, yesterday for the first time, Zahid was as honest as they come, and vulnerability was apparent.

Don't ask me anymore. I'm just so proud of him that he has promised fans and critics alike to do his best.

Good luck, Zahid...I really do wish you the best.

Zahid masa nak balik after album launch Wo!!! tuk berlepas bersama bintang-bintang Akademi Fantasia yang lain ke Kulim Kedah

And what am I doing posting this at 4.30am? I have no life...and I have insomnia...

Incidentally....before I forget...the whoopie count for this month is two, with last night being minor and the night before being massive (if you undertsand ok lah) - though not with the same partners.

Back to the topic...jangan lupa dapatkan album Zahid, Wo!!! in all record stores now on CD and cassette. Ingat! Beli yang original saja!

And on that closing note for this morning....I lupa lak nak sumpah ranah smalam about this even though the sisters have (you either get this or you don't too)

"From Thursday (yesterdaylah!), the price of diesel and petrol will go up by 20 and 10 sen per litre, respectively.
The price hike was decided by the Cabinet today as part of a strategy to gradually reduce the gap between subsidised and unsubsidised diesel and cut down the rampant smuggling that led to a crippling shortage last week.

The last time the diesel price was increased was in March 2005, by five sen per litre, while the petrol price was hiked, also by five sen per litre, in October 2004

Opah ko! At this rate...what's in my fucking petrol tanks cost more than my fucking tin Milo punya Proton Wira. Wak lu lah!!!

Camni beli basikal je la.Keta nak bayao, repairs and maintainence, fucking hiking petrol, toll, bloody screwy jams....etc

I pay so much for such inconvenience...a big thank you to the Malaysian government as I give a two-fingered salute on behalf of the working men (and women)!