Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I know I promised some exclusive pics concerning Akademi Fantasia, tapi sebab terbangun lambat, akibatnya tertinggal diskette which contained the pics.

Anyway, was sifting through my collection of photos, and I found this batch, which I feel like sharing.

Of course for those who know, Kylie will be performing in Singapore next month as part of her Show Girl - Greatest Hits Tour, and I really, really want to go - but at the moment - the chances seem nil.

I don't mind missing out on the show, even though it would be great to watch her do the old stuff on the tour billed as the biggest tour of the year, but I really want to interview her, but apparently, not only will she probably not grant interviews, there might now even be a press conference.

Damn the fact Kuala Lumpur always seems to get left out! yang datang semuer has beens, past their prime...or simply unpopular or that many of us just don't bother with.

Anyway, the impact of the news hammered home last Saturday when I bumped into Rizal and Adrian, some friends from an advertising agency, who revealed their plans to head south for it.
Makan hati!

Aku nak gi gak! Tapi...entahlah...Leo's messaged me today saying he'll receive his commission by the end of the month...so I'll have about US$300 in my pocket extra by then (which promises me possibly good seats since tickets are S$178, S$148, S$128, S$98, S$58), hopefully. Mungkin financially no hal...tapi...nak interview!

The last time I came within a few feet of Kylie....was at a press conference in London, which is still my ticket to boast.

Yes, thus the relevance of the pictures.

In October 2003, I was in London for Kylie's by-invite-only money-can't-buy...erm...Money Can't Buy show, which was to officially launch and promote Body Language.

Anyway...to cut a long story short, looks like chances of me coming this close to one of my idols is as good as flushed!

Aduh...nak mourning sat. Be back tomorrow with more postings. Hopefully with what I promised....

Strangely enough, celah-celah all the pics, I also found this old one of myself, I think from 2004. kelako lak tengok balik. You guys tell me...is this look better than my red mop now?

By the way pada yang minat Akademi Fantasia, ni senarai dari Malique punya blog (link ada kat bawah belah kak blog aku) listing, which apparently will go on. Aku pun takder...camner? Malique kira power gak ni...!!!

*21 Mei - Konsert Prelude Akademi Fantasia - Astro Ria (Siaran Langsung) - 8.3opm
*22 & 29 Mei - Tirai Akademi Fantasia III - Astro Ria - 8.30pm
*30 Mei - Bermula diari Akademi Fantasia III di Astro Ria - 12pm/8.30pm