Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dah demam???

Aku dah demam dah ni.Tahap kritikal.And getting worse.

Kalau ada baca The Malay Mail, tau lah korang latest update pasal Akademi Fantasia III. Tapi kalau tak baca ni artikelnya.

Akademi Fantasia: Early elimination
KUALA LUMPUR, May 14 : Astro's Akademi Fantasia's 20 hopefuls will check into camp today to prepare for the third season of the popular reality TV show and a few surprises.

It is learnt that their 'camp' is Holiday Villa Subang Jaya where the participants and their family will get to know members of the academy and the production and talent management teams.

They will check out on Monday and depart with their family for the start of their 'quarantine' at an undisclosed location to prepare for the preliminary concert on May 21.

Sources said the show will see the surprise elimination of a number of participants.

They confirmed that the 20 will not be checking into the Akademi Fantasia yet as only those who make the cut after the May 21 show will be announced students of Akademi Fantasia.

The curtain-raiser for the show, billed as Konsert Prelude Akademi Fantasia, will be aired live over Astro's Ria channel at 8.30pm.

Meanwhile, Tirai Akademi Fantasia, the introduction to the new season, will go on air on May 28 and 29 over Ria at 8.30pm.

The first daily broadcast of Diari AF3, which provides updates on the students of Akademi Fantasia, will air over Ria on May 30 at noon and 8.30pm. The programme will then be aired at the same time, from Monday to Friday.

Anyway, aku turun Holiday Villa tadik. Dah pun tengok budak-budak batch baru.Secara rupa leh la tahan.Suara sorang dua je aku dengar - so takleh komen sangat. We'll see. Esok aku try posting some pics dari Holiday Villa ari ni sebab Sunday aku malas turun sana.

Kalau minat nak tau yang terbaru pasal Akademi Fantasia III then baca The Malay Mail Isnin ni. Dalam bahagian berita dan SO WHAT? iaitu ruangan gosip. Ada gambar dan citer bocor terbaru. OK laa...aku nak salvage what's left of my Saturday night. Hopefully...I'll get to have sex tonight. Horny...