Thursday, April 07, 2005


Ari ni rushing kena abih gossip column aku...story melambak agi tak abih.

Time sure flies...not even like I'm having fun or anything. Nothing's been happening...nothing significantly worth talking about at any rate.

Got this pic a couple of days ago, thanks to kak Aida...I think I look amazingly horrendous in it. I mean, I look like some albino creature just crawled out of some cave and seeing the sun for the first time. Lord help me! I need a tan!

Hoping tonight I'll be getting some action cause I know I'm going to be really tired. Semalam tidur kul 8pm pun tetap tak ilang letih aku. Bangun dalam 1am, pastu sambung tidur about 6am. Terjaga pun dah kul 2 petang lebih. Aduh, my body really screwed up da.

Anyway, thanks again kak Aida for the pic...