Monday, April 18, 2005


Still can't find my card reader so you people are going to have to wait longer kalau you were waiting for me to upload the latest pics.

I haven't been up to blogging idea why...distractions aplenty.

Apapun, I have like totally gone off the Idol series, and am about to bitch about it.

Typical - since I've always had a severe distrust and lack of faith in human nature - I knew idiots casually make the list for everything when it's left to a public poll.

I mean...look at Malaysian Idol...while some were satisfied with the result, I'll just say that it could have been better, no offence to the ones who made it.

And you know what...the latest season of American Idol is really turning out to be major crap too!

I remember how earlier last season, early in the top 12, Leo and I were watching it in some hotel room when he was in Kuala Lumpur, and we both picked Latoya Londan and Fantasia Barrino.

You know what happened next lah.

Anyways, while Malaysian Idol reeks of a stench of failure (again...for me), American Idol seems to be failing too, into its fourth season.

Why do I say that?


How can anyone not see that Carrie Underwood, Anwar Robinson and Bo Bice - and oh, yeah, while I dislike him, I have to say Constantine Maroulis (eye candy factor - and the knack for picking the right songs - nothing else) are sure fire top four.

I mean...seriously...

Jessica Sierra was for me a waste - that girl should have stayed on! Ditto for Nadia Turner. Vonzell seems to be turning it on of late so she's a good bet too.


Please oh please, America! Vote out snow white, whiter-than-white Anthony Federov! We already have Clay Aiken, and Ant is hardly any competition to that!

And need I mention Scott Savol? I've hated that bitch from the start!

He warbles half decently...has a MAJOR inferiority complex - and for that can't take criticism (doesn't even sound cool fighting back like Fantasia - ends up sounding like a whining bitch!) and hullo? - he doesn't have anything to offer. If you ain't got the looks, make up for it with talent, like Ruben Studdard.

Instead, he lives in sheer cockiness and self-denial...afraid folks won't validate his 'talent'. Shyeah!

Well...anyway...Astro has this Asian Poll for American Idol going on (for those of you without Astro) and Carrie, Anwar, Bo and Constantine are leading the pack...Scott is the lowest...rock bottom...way below even Mikalah and gang who got eliminated early on.

At least Asians have better vote right.....(why should I even care? - cause I hardly want to see that bitch attempt another stab at 'singing' or whatever he calls that bitch ass wailing)

And I'll part with this bit - for those of you who haven't read this wonder I hate this bitch. First impressions do count I suppose.He's got a bitch mug that I just wanna smack with my flip flops after a jolly jamboree in cow poop!

Cops: Scott Savol roughed up ex-girlfriend during domestic dispute

MARCH 31--An "American Idol" finalist was once arrested for domestic violence after roughing up his infant son's mother during a Valentine's Day fracas, The Smoking Gun has learned. According to police, 28-year-old Scott Savol, one of the remaining nine "Idol" contestants, was busted following a February 2001 confrontation with Michele Martin at the woman's Ohio home. A Shaker Heights Police Department report notes that the unmarried couple had decided to "split up their living arrangement," with Savol scheduled to move his belongings out of Martin's mother's home, where the duo lived with their three-week-old son Brandon. But when Savol and his brother arrived at Martin's home, an argument ensued, with Savol calling Martin "several vulgar names." He then grabbed the woman's hand and pulled an engagement ring off her finger and "stated he was also going to take their son," cops reported. When Savol "grabbed the baby," Martin "stopped him from taking the child by telling [Savol] that she was going to call 911." At that point, according to the police report, Savol shoved Martin, pulled a phone from her hand, and then threw it at Martin, striking her in the chest. "This caused the phone to break," the report notes. Savol and his brother then left the residence. When officers arrived at her home, Martin told them that Savol had "made verbal threats to her in the past by telling her to 'watch her back.'" Martin, then 21, initially said she did not want Savol to be prosecuted, but rather sought a "restraining order on him." The following day, however, she signed a warrant for his arrest. Savol eventually took a plea to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct rap and was fined $500, placed on a year's probation, ordered to complete a domestic violence or anger management program, and sentenced to a suspended 20-day jail term. At a July 2001 sentencing hearing, Municipal Court Judge K.J. Montgomery also extended a temporary protective order (issued at Martin's request for her and the baby) through July 2002. Savol's rap sheet also includes a "no contest" plea to a 1995 misdemeanor trespass charge. He was arrested for entering Shaker Heights High School after being "warned both verbally and by letter" to stay out of the building. In a Q&A on the official "Idol" web site, Savol stated that his son's birth was the proudest moment of his life and that a personal goal was "to make sure my son doesn't have to struggle in life as I did." As for a "most embarrassing moment," Savol answered, "I don't have any."