Tuesday, March 15, 2005


It's almost a week now since my last posting which I reassured everyone for the upteenth time I would update my blog.

Don't know...but it's been helluva busy stretch!

Didn't do much over the weekend. Nothing that memorable to talk about. Saturday, Ted hung out my place and we caught Anugerah Seri Angkasa on TV. I had earlier shrugged off the idea of even going after it was declared a formal...black tie event.

Surprise surprise...I think only the Prime Minister was the only one to adhere to the dress code...not to mention nine out of ten times, you'd come to expect the opening of the envelope to be followed by..."Dan pemenangnya adalah...(insert random name here)...RTM!!!"

Really...so syok sendiri punya anugerah! Suppose they took advantage of the platform to make themselves look good since no one watches their awards anyway. Hanya sebab tahun ni shared platform among all broadcasters, menangkan diri sendiri tuk feel good.

I mean seriously....Melodi tak dapat nomination??? And Relaks, that shoddy unknown RTM production, actually beating Cit Cat and Muzik Muzik? Are you kidding??!! They ranted on about how things were different because it wasn't based on popularity....but it sure as hell wasn't based on any other form of excellence as they claimed.

Anyway met up Bob and his cousin with Ted later for a drink at Bangsar. The next day, Ted and I gi 1 Utama - dah lama tak jalan-jalan sana to meet with Bob, Dang Suria as well as Hidayati who used to work in Maestro.

Behind our table ada tiga empat family...kecoh! Especially this one woman yang memang nampak orang melayu standard ler konon...muka-muka study oversea...balik sini dah...walau makan belacan ngaku bau hamburger.

She was going on loudly about how she bought three houses...etc...and we all just sniggered on and on each time she made incredibly loud statements declaring her riches. Tolonglah....all that money and still you can't get a decent job on that hair???

Later that night gi Planet Hollywood for V.E.

The show was decent...but somehow they appeared nothing but backing singers throughout both sets...which started over an hour later - apparently because their musicians lambat sampai!
Have to thank Vernon and Ning as well as Syed for sharing their seats with us after Planet screwed up and I was initially left fuming near the kitchen entrance....

Let's see...behind us was Anuar and Dayang. Three tables away was Reshmonu. Bumped into Andy dari Flop Poppy....Zahid was there too. And Joe Flizzow was there to collaborate with V.E. as well (apart from Ning and Zainal Abidin)

For all the starry support...V.E. somehow just didn't shine...

Went back a little chuffed though sebab Cham being the cheeky one - bagi aku a white rose...nak amik hati good review laa tu (it's okay Cham - you sing the best in the group still).

Monday was hectic! Dahlah bangun lambat because of the night before. Had a Ning event...a press conference for her Secretaries' Day do at Legend Hotel. Then met up with Ted later to join budak-budak nasyid Nowseeheart for a drink in Gombak.

Aku kesian tengok meka. They are like one of the best vocal groups and somehow commercial success eludes them. I mean, their debut album...won Best Vocal Performance Duo Or Group at the Anugerah Industri Muzik in 1998. Then in 2003, they again grabbed the same award after they finally release their follow-up the year before

Tapi somehow...for their their credibility....they still lose out to cheesy pop (konon nasyid groups) like UNIC and In Team etc....

Aku rasa orang kita kekadang lupa sangat the genre of nasyid and the roots of it because its diverted so far into the commercial mainstream.

Back to my schedule...ari ni 11am lak ada interview phoner at Wisma Genting with Sheena Easton. Was kind of excited sebab grew up with her big hits...name it. I'm sure those of you 25 and above would recall Telephone (Long Distance Love Affair). Or how about that Bond theme...For Your Eyes Only. Or that duet with Prince for the first Batman movie soundtrack....Arms Of Orion?

But the interview was hardly stuff of dreams sebab imagine 15 people sumbat dalam the hall of a DBKL one room flat....surrounding an outdated phone with cracling speaker, and a moron PR who when supposed to put the phone on hands-free, ends up putting down the phone and wondering what happened. Du-uh...

Ni balik office lak kepenatan and ngantuk. Two reasons for that really...

One is because my air-conditioning in my car is all wonky again....walaupun baru repair. And apart from that...it was all thanks to the first night of bad sex for 2005. Ugh!

Be posting soon...