Thursday, March 03, 2005


It's been a crazy day for me running one errand after another...

Not only am I too lazy to write or post anything, tapi I also discovered my card reader is still in my sister's car where I left it last! Hence I can't transfer all my pics from my phone. Adus! The next post is going to have so many pics!

Anyway, esok nak abis keja cepat cause am driving with Ted down to Johor for the Akademi Fantasia Tour tomorrow evening. Kaer nak drive down dan dia ajak naik keta dia...tapi cam malas lak sebab prefer nak drive sendiri...more mobile!

Mmm...ok...baru call..he's going on the tour bus (selamat aku tak kena marah ngan Maestro) - kang kena salahkan lak nak bak anak buah meka jalan lak!

So pada peminat yang following Akademi Fantasia Tour 2005 - jangan lupa Sabtu ni di Danga Bay di Johor.

Pada mereka yang nak jumpa bebudak tapi tak kesempatan - ni rahsia sikit....we'll be staying at Hyatt!

Probably not posting anything tomorrow - so if I don't see you guys again on Sunday or Monday...ta!