Monday, March 21, 2005

[klubbkidd's rave]- The fotopages!

OK...for the next few day...I will be uploading lots of pics.

But because sah aku punya photobucket and imagecave accounts tak larat nak handle all the pics (yes, I got my card reader back from my sis)...I have decided to open a fotopage account.

So pandai-pandailah go to [klubbkidd's rave] The fotopages! for my collection of pics for peminat-peminat Akademi Fantasia.

I will begin with leftover pics I did not post here masa Penang punya show, diikuti Sandakan dan Keningau di Sabah, Danga Bay di Johor dan terbaru di Ipoh Perak.

Oh and also the launch of EVO di Menara Kuala Lumpur and a couple of pics dari ujibakat Akademi Fantasia di Kuala Lumpur.

Please remember that while I do not mind sharing the pics with you - jangan sekali-sekali reproduce the pictures for commercial reasons - nak ciro pic wat T-shirt ke menda lain nak jual, taulah ko siap aku carik ko.

So please respect the rights to these images. I will be announcing updates here as cheers. And if you like my enhanced pics link...please remember to keep voting my for the Malaysia Topblogs, by clicking on the link on the left.