Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It's now 8.7!

The agency said no major tsunami has been observed near epicenter of the earthquake which was upgraded from a magnitude of 8.2 to 8.7. An aftershock measuring 6.0 struck 30 minutes after the initial quake.

Scientists say the threat of a tsunami striking Indonesia and Thailand may have passed because a wave like the one that hit the region on December 26 would have reached those countries almost immediately. Monday's quake struck at 11:09 a.m. ET (1609 GMT).

Am just wondering at this point if Malaysians were involved in gauging the strength of the earthquake. How do you fluff up on 8.2 when it's an 8.7.

Wondering if I should go home for sleep or stay awake...aduh...dahlaa banyak kerja lagi.Esok anak buah sampai from Sabah at KLIA about 3pm.Mmm...we'll see...another half hour...if nothing develops...snooze time...


After sent Vernon home, decided to stop over and take a dump because sakit perut. It was just about midnight.

Next thing I know, he calls me and starts screaming about how his building shook. Told him to stay calm and told him to collect his valuables, and go downstairs since he was staying on the 20th floor and find out if anyone else felt it, because I was sure I would have felt it too.

Well, two minutes later he messages me and says that Jakarta was hit by an earthquake, or so he heard.

I called Dudi, Leo's friend, and he said he didn't feel a thing, and that it was rumours. Called my sister in Pantai Dalam, and she said she didn't feel a thing. Vernon calls back and says a friend of his on the way to Penang had it bad as cars were swaying on the road!

Called Aidil in Singapore but couldn't get him. Called the office and they confirmed a quake took place and that tremors were being felt nationwide. Apparently there have been reports from as far south as Klang. Even residents in Sunway, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail and some parts of Ampang felt it. I passed Yow Chuan Plaza and noticed that a crowd was gathering outside.

Switched on the radio people were still freaking on radio claiming tremors felt everywhere! Apparently Bukit Aman has issued a warning at this hour advising those staying in low lying areas in Penang and Kedah to evacuate in fear of a tsunami.

Came back to the office in Balai Berita, Bangsar, and friends told me they felt the tremors too. Twice! So much so everyone freaked and started moving their cars off the multi storey carpark to the ground floor.

In the wake of another tragedy happening, there was a moment for a laugh. TV3's news report apparently kata that they advised people to stay away from the beach and beach related activities!

You mean there could be beach activities at this hour??? Main tepi pantai ke apa???
So I'm back in the office ruing the fact that I missed the tremors (I know it's stupid to say that) and that I didn't get any great shakes after weeks without sex (has it been weeks?)

Anyways...am staying in the office a while sebelum balik in a while. This is the latest update from CNN

U.S. officials were urging residents to evacuate coastal regions in the Indian Ocean after a earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.2 struck off the coast of Indonesia Monday.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration urged residents within 1,000 kilometers of the epicenter to evacuate coastal regions.

The quake was centered on the same fault line where a December 26 earthquake launched a tsunami that killed at least 175,000 people.

The director of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said scientists there feared another tsunami might hit the area.

Charles McCreary said he could not be certain that the quake, which was 203 kilometers (126 miles) from Sibolga on Sumatra Island, would cause a tsunami.

Experts agreed the quake was massive.

"This earthquake has the potential to generate a widely destructive tsunami in the ocean or seas near the earthquake," NOAA said in a statement on its Web site. "Authorities in those regions should be aware of this possibility and take immediate action."

Asked whether evacuations are taking place, USGS spokesman Don Blakeman said, "I certainly hope so."

Thailand issued a warning that the quake could bring a tsunami to its southern provinces. The warning, which was carried on national television, cautioned people in the six provinces to be careful and vigilant, but did not order evacuations.

USGS spokesman Doug Blake said there had been no reports of tsunami activity nearly 90 minutes after the quake struck.

"We're still waiting for any kind of reports," he said.

"At this point in time we don't know what type of fault occurred ... and that is critical information we just don't have yet," he said. "It is in the aftershock zone of the December 26 quake. It's a little bit south, but it's on the same fault."

The quake occurred at 11:09 a.m. ET (1609 GMT), and is considered a "great" earthquake, the largest of seven grades.

The grades are very minor, minor, light, moderate, strong, major and great.

Tsunamis are distinguished from normal coastal surf by their great length and speed. A single wave in a tsunami series might be 160 kilometers (100 miles) long and race across the ocean at 960 kph (600 mph).

When it approaches a coastline, the wave slows dramatically, but it also rises to great heights because the enormous volume of water piles up in shallow coastal bays.

The December 26 quake, measured at magnitude 9, triggered a massive tsunami that devastated Asian and African coastlines in nearly a dozen nations.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Konsert Kemuncak Akademi Fantasia 2005

Ni dapat latest release dari Maestro pasal Konsert Kemuncak Akademi Fantasia 2005.
Malas nak sambung smuer sini sebab panjang sangat tapi mesti ramai yang nak tau who's coming from Academy Fantasia Thailand (AFT) dan Akademi Fantasia Indosiar (AFI).

OK. Selain dua puluh bintang Akademi Fantasia musim pertama dan kedua (that's tanpa Vince, Nija, Azza, Atie - yang bukan bawah pengurusan Maestro) empat wakil AFI dan tiga WAKIL AFT akan mengambil bahagian dalam konsert dua setengah jam.

Mewakili AFT adalah juara AFT, Pacharapon Jantieng, pemenang tempat kedua Tanyanan Mahpiroon, dan yang dapat tempat ketiga, Pongsak Rattanaphong. Sana baru musim pertama...

Untuk AFI, Indonesia akan diwakili Veri Afandi, juara AFI musim pertama, Theodora Meilani Setyawati, juara AFI II dan Puthu Sutha Natha Wijaya, juara AFI III as well as Cindy Carolina dari AFI II (kira takder placing ler). Aduss...semua juara AFI turun, kenapa lah Maestro tanak paksa gak si Vince perform. Ishk!

Anyway, tickets are priced at RM10.00 and can be obtained at Putra Stadium from 28th March 2005 (Hari ni). Tickets can also be obtained by contacting Ticket Charge Hotline 03-7726 2002 or at their website at TicketCharge. Peminat boleh membawa CD EVO-04-01, EVO-04-02, atau EVO-04-03 CD sleeve/inlay to the ticket counter and exchange it for complimentary passes.

(Ticket price excludes RM2 Ticket Charge fee). Hotlink Members can enjoy a 20% discount off the RM10 tickets and get a chance to meet their stars in person.

Tuk yang berminat...here are pics of the AFI representatives. Yang AFT tarak laa...sorry.

Juara Akademi Fantasia Indosiar (AFI) musim satu, Veri Afandi

Juara Akademi Fantasia Indosiar (AFI) musim kedua, Theodora Meilani Setyawati

Juara Akademi Fantasia Indosiar (AFI) musim ketiga, Puthu Sutha Natha Wijaya

Peserta Akademi Fantasia Indosiar (AFI) musim kedua, Cindy Carolina

Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday!

Aduh...today's Good Friday so aku kena posa.Wasn't that bad...but hey, it's like a blessing sebab hujan throughout the whole day.

Anyway tak banyak nak citer ari ni...cuma I finished posting the whole collection of photos from my Nokia of the Akademi Fantasia Tour 2005 I followed into [klubbkidd's rave] - The fotopages!. So kalau nak tengok, silalah jenguk...

And I will be back tomorrow with some hopefully interesting bits.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

May I shag your left leg? (couldn't come up with anything...)

OK...I've been extremely stressed the past two nights because some idiot 'producer' nak saman pasal bab gosip dalam column aku. Dari dia ngamuk...dah mintak maap...pastu....aku tarik balik police report...ni nak ngamuk agik! Adus...bodoh! Dah tua camtu ler kot.

Anyway...dia dah berambus elsewhere last night...so I have some peace dalam seminggu lebih ni...thank God!

Apapun smalam...nominations for the 12th Anugerah Industri Muzik 2005 was announced (for non-Malaysians...that's our local Grammys) and since I don't have much to post (takder mood sebenarnya) here's the list, since even the official AIM website hasn't put it up yet.

Siti leading ngan lapan (no komen)...Ning dapat tujuh and with Misha at four...seharusnya ler 'Clash of the Divas'.

Yang pentingnya keluar je nomination yesterday evening kat Concorde Hotel, aku terus call Zahid, yang masa tu kat airport nak berlepas ke Miri for their show there (aku of course tak jadi ikut sebab kes saman-saman ni) bagitau dia ngan bebudak Akademi Fantasia lain tercalon skali...in fact AF sapu bersih all five nominations in the Most Promising Artiste category.

Takyah banyak celoteh...here's the list below....(by the way [klubbkidd's rave] - The fotopages! updated again. Ingat peminat-peminat Akademi Fantasia, keep voting my blog if you want to see more pics.

Anyway...pas tu gi KL Plaza, hung out at Coffee Bean with Dayang Nurfaizah and her sister dan skali manager dia Sheliza. Sebabnya, the day before tu kecoh bab saman tu, tak sempat lak gi interview dia masa pas album launch dia.

So anyways, met up and had a chat...esok lusa aku post pics tu.

Artis Baru Terbaik/Best New Artiste (Artis/Artiste)
The Times

Artis Harapan/Most Promising Artiste (Artis/Artiste)

Persembahan Vokal Terbaik Di Dalam Album (Lelaki)/Best Vocal Performance In An Album (Male) (Artis/Artiste - Album)
Ezad (Exists) - Paragon
Saleem (Iklim) - Bunga Emas
Tam (Spider) - Nazraku
Vince - Vince
Zainal Abidin - Puteri

Persembahan Vokal Terbaik Di Dalam Album (Wanita)/Best Vocal Performance In An Album (Female) (Artis/Artiste - Album)
Juwita Suwito - Brand New World
Misha Omar - Aksara
Ning Baizura - Erti Pertemuan
Siti Nurhaliza - Prasasti Seni
Siti Nurhaliza - Siti Nurhaliza Live In Concert 2004

Persembahan Vokal Berkumpulan Terbaik Di Dalam Album/Best Group Vocal Performance In An Album (Artis/Artiste - Album)
Gerhana Skacinta - The New Authentic
Rabbani - Yalla Beena
Raihan - Allahu
RuffEdge - Defined
Teh Tarik Crew - What's Next?

Kulit Album Terbaik/Best Album Cover (Pereka/Designer-Album-Artis/Artiste)
Fareeq (Kid) - D-VA - D-VA
Kacun - Bermulanya Satu Evolusi - New Boyz
Nizam Rahmat - Erti Pertemuan - Ning Baizura
Rauna Jud - Prasasti Seni - Siti Nurhaliza
Urban, AD - Sawo Matang - Noraniza Idris

Rakaman Album Terbaik/Best Engineered Album (Jururakam/Engineer-Album-Artis/Artiste)
Hanafi, Fadzli, Fauzy, Shashi, Zairi, C.L. Teoh - Nazraku - Spider
Jig, Alif - Bunga Emas - Iklim
Mac Chew - Puteri - Zainal Abidin
Mat, Ramlan Marzuki, Azlan Abu Hassan, Adnan Abu Hassan, Amir, Calvin, Ami, Zairi - Aksara - Misha Omar
Peter Chong, Aubrey Suwito - Brand New World - Juwita Suwito

Video Muzik Terbaik/Best Music Video (Pengarah/Director-Lagu/Song-Artis/Artiste)
Henry Ooi - Scarecrow Adams - Disagree
Henry Ooi - Suicide Note - Disagree
Yusry - Seksis - Anita Sarawak
Virginia Kennedy - Awan Yang Terpilu - Ning Baizura
Virginia Kennedy - Senang Tari - Ning Baizura

Album Pop Etnik Terbaik/Best Ethnic Pop Album (Album-Artis/Artiste-Produser/Producer)
Balaghah - Syura - Pak Ngah, Yassin, Eddie Hamid, S. Atan
Binafsha - Waheeda - Yassin
Kekasih Kerinduan - Nas Adila - Mohd Amin Ibrahim (Tok Wan)
Sawo Matang - Noraniza Idris - Fareez
Taat - Rohana Jalil - Rosli Selasih

Album Nasyid Terbaik/Best Nasyid Album (Album-Artis/Artiste-Produser/Producer)
Allahu - Raihan - Raihan
Damai - Hijjaz - Kamal Halim, Munif Ahmad, Faisal Osman, Isman Isam
In-Team '04 - In-Team - Munif Ahmad, Faisal Osman, Isman Isam
Mirwana - Mirwana - Syah Mohamed, Mujahid Abd Wahab
Yalla Beena - Rabbani - Edry Abd Halim, Raizan Zainal Abidin, Amaludin Syukri Nasution, Sohibul Fadil, Yassin

Album Pop Rock Terbaik/Best Pop Rock Album (Album-Artis/Artiste-Produser/Producer)
Nazraku - Spider - Spider
Paragon - Exists - Ada Exists Sdn. Bhd.
Puteri - Zainal - Zainal Abidin, Mac Chew
raw - Def-Gab-C - Edrie Hashim, Def-Gab-C
Un-metal Vol : II - XPDC - Izo

Album Hard Rock Terbaik/Best Hard Rock Album (Album-Artis/Artiste-Produser/Producer)
Dendam - Amuk - DB Production
n.t virus - Kristal - Joe Wings
Otai Jamm! - May - Johan Aziz
Perhentian Objektif - Viper - Zua Viper, Soon 5150
Real X - Real X - Mael

Album Pop Terbaik/Best Pop Album (Album-Artis/Artiste-Produser/Producer)
Aksara - Misha Omar - Edrie Hashim, Ajai, Azmeer, Adnan Abu Hassan, Azlan Abu Hassan
Defined - RuffEdge - RuffEdge, Terry Lee
Erti Pertemuan - Ning Baizura - Aidit Alfian, Ajai, Azlan Abu Hassan, Audi Mok, Arab, Aubrey Suwito, Fauzi Marzuki, Iman Wan, Farihin, Vernon
Prasasti Seni - Siti Nurhaliza - Aidit Alfian, Zuriani, Iman Wan, Andy (Flop Poppy), Ajai, Yassin, Mohar, Along (Exists), Helen Yap, Pongky (Jikustik), Aubrey Suwito Vince - Vince - Audi Mok, Adnan Abu Hassan

Artis Inggeris Tempatan Terbaik/Best New Local English Artiste (Artis/Artiste)
Altered Frequency
Gerard Singh
Juwita Suwito
Shelly Leong

Album Inggeris Tempatan Terbaik/Best New Local English Album (Album-Artis/Artiste-Produser/Producer)
A Slice Of The Pie - Gerard Singh - Gerard Singh
At The End Of The Day - Disagree - Lo
Brand New World - Juwita Suwito - Aubrey Suwito
Drones - Sevencollar T-shirt - Jefferey Little, Sevencollar T-shirt
The New Authentic - Gerhana Skacinta - Edy 'King Django Jr' Herwan

Album Indonesia Terbaik/Best Indonesian Album (Album-Artis/Artiste-Produser/Producer)
30 Hari Mencari Cinta - Sheila On 7 - Jan Djuhana
Cahaya - Kris Dayanti - Erwin Gutawa
Eiffel...I'm In Love - Melly - Anto Hoed & Melly
Hanya Memuji - Marcell - Tohpati, Yudis, Anto Hoed, EQ Puradiedja
Pria Terhebat - Sheila On 7 - Jan Djuhana, Sheila On 7

Susunan Muzik Terbaik Di Dalam Lagu/best Musical Arrangement In A Song (Penggubah/Arranger-Lagu/Song-Artis/Artiste)
Aubrey Suwito - Seindah Biasa - Siti Nurhaliza
Edry Abd Halim - Seksis - Anita Sarawak
Firdaus - Bagaikan Sakti - M. Nasir & Siti Nurhaliza
Firdaus - Dialah Di Hati - Siti Nurhaliza
Mac Chew - Sakit Yang Sakit - Zainal Abidin

Lagu Terbaik/Song Of The Year (Komposer/Composer-Penulis Lirik/Lyricist-Lagu/Song-Artis/Artiste)
Aidit Alfian - Habsah Hassan - Dialah Di Hatiku - Siti Nurhaliza
Aidit Alfian - Loloq - Erti Pertemuan - Ning Baizura & Jay Jay
Ajai - Suhaimi Baba, Habsah Hassan - Pulangkan - Misha Omar
Lin Li Zhen - Loloq - Awan Yang Terpilu - Ning Baizura
Rustam Mustafa - Mohd Khirin Omar - Rela Ku Pujuk - Spider

Monday, March 21, 2005

[klubbkidd's rave]- The fotopages!

OK...for the next few day...I will be uploading lots of pics.

But because sah aku punya photobucket and imagecave accounts tak larat nak handle all the pics (yes, I got my card reader back from my sis)...I have decided to open a fotopage account.

So pandai-pandailah go to [klubbkidd's rave] The fotopages! for my collection of pics for peminat-peminat Akademi Fantasia.

I will begin with leftover pics I did not post here masa Penang punya show, diikuti Sandakan dan Keningau di Sabah, Danga Bay di Johor dan terbaru di Ipoh Perak.

Oh and also the launch of EVO di Menara Kuala Lumpur and a couple of pics dari ujibakat Akademi Fantasia di Kuala Lumpur.

Please remember that while I do not mind sharing the pics with you - jangan sekali-sekali reproduce the pictures for commercial reasons - nak ciro pic wat T-shirt ke menda lain nak jual, taulah ko siap aku carik ko.

So please respect the rights to these images. I will be announcing updates here as well...so cheers. And if you like my enhanced pics link...please remember to keep voting my for the Malaysia Topblogs, by clicking on the link on the left.


OK...heavy duty packed Monday.Got to finish my work first.Am meeting my sister later, so pasti uploadkan pics from the tour yang terutang brapa minggu dah...

By the way caya lah to ZA8FC yang gi Ipoh for the show...bestnya dapat tengok ada banner ZA8FC!

See everyone later...ta!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Celebrity updates

OK...just a quickie sebab banyak kerja. For fans of boybands...you may have read that Backstreet Boys is already in town.

But thanks to my friend, Amir Hafizi...who had to cover 'em arriving at KLIA or something...we also spotted Lance Bass from N'Sync and apparently another member in the lot arriving with them....

More news as it develops...and oh yes, it IS confirmed Tyra Banks is in town....excuse me while I begin stalking her...

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Star gazing in KL

OK...so with the F1 happening in town, and the the Forces of Nature charity concert happening in Kuala Lumpur, expect stars to flood the city. We already know international acts like Black Eyed Peas, Backstreet Boys, Lauryn Hill and Boyz II Men will be performing for the concert.

But here's the latest...with many of them arriving by tomorrow...some unexpected names are showing up...but I don't know for which event...

Was supposed to interview will.i.am from Black Eyed Peas...Fergie and the rest are not here yet...but passed up on it.

At the moment...am digging around to confirm the rumour that TYRA BANKS IS IN TOWN!!! Don't know whether it's true...but am sure as hell looking out...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


It's almost a week now since my last posting which I reassured everyone for the upteenth time I would update my blog.

Don't know...but it's been helluva busy stretch!

Didn't do much over the weekend. Nothing that memorable to talk about. Saturday, Ted hung out my place and we caught Anugerah Seri Angkasa on TV. I had earlier shrugged off the idea of even going after it was declared a formal...black tie event.

Surprise surprise...I think only the Prime Minister was the only one to adhere to the dress code...not to mention nine out of ten times, you'd come to expect the opening of the envelope to be followed by..."Dan pemenangnya adalah...(insert random name here)...RTM!!!"

Really...so syok sendiri punya anugerah! Suppose they took advantage of the platform to make themselves look good since no one watches their awards anyway. Hanya sebab tahun ni shared platform among all broadcasters, menangkan diri sendiri tuk feel good.

I mean seriously....Melodi tak dapat nomination??? And Relaks, that shoddy unknown RTM production, actually beating Cit Cat and Muzik Muzik? Are you kidding??!! They ranted on about how things were different because it wasn't based on popularity....but it sure as hell wasn't based on any other form of excellence as they claimed.

Anyway met up Bob and his cousin with Ted later for a drink at Bangsar. The next day, Ted and I gi 1 Utama - dah lama tak jalan-jalan sana to meet with Bob, Dang Suria as well as Hidayati who used to work in Maestro.

Behind our table ada tiga empat family...kecoh! Especially this one woman yang memang nampak orang melayu standard ler konon...muka-muka study oversea...balik sini dah...walau makan belacan ngaku bau hamburger.

She was going on loudly about how she bought three houses...etc...and we all just sniggered on and on each time she made incredibly loud statements declaring her riches. Tolonglah....all that money and still you can't get a decent job on that hair???

Later that night gi Planet Hollywood for V.E.

The show was decent...but somehow they appeared nothing but backing singers throughout both sets...which started over an hour later - apparently because their musicians lambat sampai!
Have to thank Vernon and Ning as well as Syed for sharing their seats with us after Planet screwed up and I was initially left fuming near the kitchen entrance....

Let's see...behind us was Anuar and Dayang. Three tables away was Reshmonu. Bumped into Andy dari Flop Poppy....Zahid was there too. And Joe Flizzow was there to collaborate with V.E. as well (apart from Ning and Zainal Abidin)

For all the starry support...V.E. somehow just didn't shine...

Went back a little chuffed though sebab Cham being the cheeky one - bagi aku a white rose...nak amik hati good review laa tu (it's okay Cham - you sing the best in the group still).

Monday was hectic! Dahlah bangun lambat because of the night before. Had a Ning event...a press conference for her Secretaries' Day do at Legend Hotel. Then met up with Ted later to join budak-budak nasyid Nowseeheart for a drink in Gombak.

Aku kesian tengok meka. They are like one of the best vocal groups and somehow commercial success eludes them. I mean, their debut album...won Best Vocal Performance Duo Or Group at the Anugerah Industri Muzik in 1998. Then in 2003, they again grabbed the same award after they finally release their follow-up the year before

Tapi somehow...for their their credibility....they still lose out to cheesy pop (konon nasyid groups) like UNIC and In Team etc....

Aku rasa orang kita kekadang lupa sangat the genre of nasyid and the roots of it because its diverted so far into the commercial mainstream.

Back to my schedule...ari ni 11am lak ada interview phoner at Wisma Genting with Sheena Easton. Was kind of excited sebab grew up with her big hits...name it. I'm sure those of you 25 and above would recall Telephone (Long Distance Love Affair). Or how about that Bond theme...For Your Eyes Only. Or that duet with Prince for the first Batman movie soundtrack....Arms Of Orion?

But the interview was hardly stuff of dreams sebab imagine 15 people sumbat dalam the hall of a DBKL one room flat....surrounding an outdated phone with cracling speaker, and a moron PR who when supposed to put the phone on hands-free, ends up putting down the phone and wondering what happened. Du-uh...

Ni balik office lak kepenatan and ngantuk. Two reasons for that really...

One is because my air-conditioning in my car is all wonky again....walaupun baru repair. And apart from that...it was all thanks to the first night of bad sex for 2005. Ugh!

Be posting soon...

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Ok...tengah tulis story pasal phenomena that is Akademi Fantasia...saja letak tuk tatapan semua logo-logo Akaemi Fantasia together with Akademi Fantasi Indosiar (Indonesia) dan Academy Fantasia (Thailand).

Kebetulan lak...the promo pic of Zahid's upcoming album in the cover art dihantar lak. So below is the pic for Wo!!! which will be released on March 17. Dapatkan yang original yeak!
Ok...nak sambung keja....


OK...I am soooo sorry aku tak posting anything at all despite promising to do so for ages now.
First a personal update. I got my second shag for March! The first was middle of last week - second was two nights ago. TLDMNO - such an animal in bed. First time I went two rounds in an hour. Nak round ketiga aku dah lemah da.

Anyway big news today is after beberapa hari of internal bulletin board arguments, no smoking is allowed in the building, no thanks to the fucking spinsters who work here who pushed to outlaw it. So skang smoking is only in designated areas, in other words, stairwells yang panas, stuffy dan memang kotor. Kimak tul...

So as I kelam kabut to finish my work yang tak jalan-jalan since I've been procrastinating the whole day...I'll leave you with these funny lyrics I found on the net...deduer pasal kes PTPTN tak bayar...

NEW ARTIST : Pegawai PTPTN & Ex Student UiTM (Misha Omar kot) (NEW RELEASE)
ORIGINAL ARTIST: Ezlynn & Dato' M. Daud Kilau

Sya la lal la....
Pegawai PTPTN:
Lewat benar kau bayar hutang
Kemana kau menghilang
Mencari mu merata

Kenapa awal saman kau datang
Kalau tak ku kan luang
masa untuk berdrama

Pegawai PTPTN:
Nak katakan dah mati...tidak
Nak katakan kau tak gheti...tidak
Hanya mengumpul balik loan PTPTN
antara kita

Mungkin kau mudah marah..tidak
Atau hanya melatah..tidak
Pegawai PTPTN/Ex-student:
Memang benar bila dikatakan saman itu

Pening ku mengenang hutangku
Pening ku hutang beribu-ribu
Namun bila lupakan hutangku
Saman pula bermain dimindaku

Mungkin jumlah hutang berbeza
Yang sama bunga bayar extra
Berlawanan di mahkamah pula
Lebih mudah ku langsaikan saja
Disitu pening ku kan bermula

Sya la la la la...
Pegawai PTPTN:
Habis study puas ku cari
Gagal kau ku hubungi
Talian tak bernada

Mungkin prepaid ku habis kredit
Ku mencari pekerjaan
Alkisah pelajar

Pegawai PTPTN:
Nak kata ku pilih bulu...iya
Fikir taknak membantu...iya
Mungkin kau belum ku kenali
Dengan sepenuh-penuhnya

Apa kau kecil hati..iya
Bayaran tak langsai lagi..iya
Memang sukar kerana duit gajiku cukup
makan saja

(ulang korus)
Pegawai PTPTN/Ex-student:
Orang kata kita bagaikan tanduk bersendi
Namun hutang PTPTN takkan dilupa
sampai ke mati.

NEW ARTIST : Pegawai PTPTN & Ex Student UiTM (Misha Omar lagi kot) (NEW RELEASE)
ORIGINAL ARTIST: Misha Omar feat. Izzad

Sedikit bunga yang menggoda
Sekadar dipandang usah dibayar
Kau pasti tak percaya
Duitku bukan untukmu sayang
Pegawai PTPTN:
Tiada kusangka kau sungguh kejam
Kau peram hutang yang kau pinjam
Namun takkan bahgia
Bila engkau berkonvo
kau milikku
Pegawai PTPTN:
Pulangkan hutang-hutangku
Oh hentikanlah
menghantuiku Pegawai PTPTN:
Oh pulangkan
oh pulangkanlah padaku
Kupulangkan semua hutangku
Pegawai PTPTN:
Yang dikau peram tanpa relaku
Bebaskanlah maafkan daku oh kasih
Pegawai PTPTN:
Tiada kemaafan di sini
Kau hutang tanpa bayar sesen lagi
Akan kujejakimu
hingga lubang kubur
bila ko jadi hantu aku lariii

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


OK I'm back.

I know I haven't really posted anything since I left for Akademi Fantasia Tour 2005 in Danga Bay, Johor Baru.

Tapi cuaca panas tahap gaban, lethargic lah. I don't feel up to doing anything. Johor was great - and I got lots of pictures so I will bne posting that along with pics from Sabah soon. Overload lah blog aku ni with hundreds of pics soon.

I got to go now...want to finish off my work so I can go back early to catch American Idol tonight.

I promise to post more tomorrow...

Friday, March 04, 2005


I dropped by the office because I wanted to cash a cheque I got from the office for some extra writing work I dod for some supplements edition.

Irritatingly enough, it was only for RM80! Sheesh...talk about adding insult to injury! Already the work was done in bloody August 2004....and only for the amount...yet it took the financial department the same time it takes to bring a child into the world...and for what? A lousy measly RM80!

Whatever...off to Johor soon for the weekend....ciao y'all!

Thursday, March 03, 2005


It's been a crazy day for me running one errand after another...

Not only am I too lazy to write or post anything, tapi I also discovered my card reader is still in my sister's car where I left it last! Hence I can't transfer all my pics from my phone. Adus! The next post is going to have so many pics!

Anyway, esok nak abis keja cepat cause am driving with Ted down to Johor for the Akademi Fantasia Tour tomorrow evening. Kaer nak drive down dan dia ajak naik keta dia...tapi cam malas lak sebab prefer nak drive sendiri...more mobile!

Mmm...ok...baru call..he's going on the tour bus (selamat aku tak kena marah ngan Maestro) - kang kena salahkan lak nak bak anak buah meka jalan lak!

So pada peminat yang following Akademi Fantasia Tour 2005 - jangan lupa Sabtu ni di Danga Bay di Johor.

Pada mereka yang nak jumpa bebudak tapi tak kesempatan - ni rahsia sikit....we'll be staying at Hyatt!

Probably not posting anything tomorrow - so if I don't see you guys again on Sunday or Monday...ta!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

AF = Akademi Fantasia or Avian Flu?


I know I haven't posted for some time now. Tapi after the five day tour with Akademi Fantasia Tour 2005 ke Sandakan dan Keningau, balik-balik saja on Sunday night, demam gila babas!

On tiga hari medical leave - so I haven't been able to do much - though I do feel better today. Malas though nak post pics dari Sabah. Esok lusa je lah ek. Before I leave for Johor on Friday to join the tour there anyway.

Anyway, 'got the fever' dari Kaer dan Fitri - dengar seorang lagi member wartawan pun demam sekali. Also termasuk manager Adam, si Lina, dan juga Linda. Adus...ramainya down ni...

Apa-apa pun, untuk mereka yang regular ke blog aku, hope you remember yang I kata peluang nak menang trip nak tour bersama Akademi Fantasia...ni information nya.

Beli The Malay Mail hari ni...bahagian dalam...ada details yang diperlukan.

Rugi kalau tak masuk....the competition is soooo easy!

OK lah..signing off...nak make full use of my off day ni. Gotta work (boo!) tomorrow!...