Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Jom pi Kedah untuk Akademi Fantasia Tour '05!

Ok malas nak tulis banyak. As usual I have too much work to do, and too little time to actually finish it.

Tomorrow at 3pm am leaving for Sabah for the Akademi Fantasia Tour '05 in Sandakan and Keningau.

Apapun, ni to those yang nak join competition tuk join bebudak Akademi Fantasia masa mereka gi Kedah on March 11 - pandai-pandai baca blog aku setiap ari ek untuk find out how!
Ada surprise news sikit. Exclusive beb!

Apapun - aku malas nak tulis banyak-banyak. I know I am supposed to post a LOT of photos - but time has been this evil factor here - not to mention I left my card reader in my sister's car - so unable to transfer the photos from my Nokia.

But...expect more photos from Sabah!

Anyway, to Shai and sultanmuzaffar - nice meeting you guys at the launching of the EVO series tadik - sori aku kelam kabut sikit tadi tak ada masa nak bual atau sembang. I had a lot of things on my mind actually.

So meanwhile before I sign off - updates on my single life - two possibilities - no scores (I've only had three quickies in February - an all time low! How depressing!!!)

Hope Sabah offers...uhm...some interesting possibilities!

Ciao...will be posting soon with the news....LOOK OUT FOR IT!