Wednesday, January 12, 2005

They're all...

"Remember men come in three sizes
Boring, bastards, and belligerent
Sometimes however in their eyes is
Beauty, and they can be quite intelligent
Provided they remember to forget
Five thousand years of dominating it
And stop responding to the codes
Society, and their mum, imposed
And yet their energy attracts
Until your energy their fooling saps
Of your secret life, your hex
They know nothing. As for sex
Can you really trust them?
So is there hope now for these blighters?
Glassy eyed or sharp one nighters
Screwing the world up, if not you
They really don't know what to do
Yet see they beauty in a mirror
Reach out and cut their hand on glass
In love's winter they still wither
You wait sighing as they pass"

You may not have guessed but I'm in a pondering sort of mood.

I know I promised to post the pics from the last few day...but yesterday was a horror!

Started bad...fight with someone I like. This time full blown discussion/argument. Both sides calmed down, but the damage was done...and several things said. Cooling off period begins...

An ex, who's supposed to be married by now - called when I was still asleep. Messaged and pretended didn't have dia nya number and asked who it was. Idiot admitted and replied, 'an ex, without a name. Pastu senyap tengah aku gaduh ngan yang disayang tuh.

Day was totally shot down for me...and though I was supposed to get work done...didn't happen as I was too emotionally distraught by the two episodes. Started to call some folks who were supposed to make me feel better. Started with an ex...who has always been there for me. Dia free only by Friday...fuck!

Stuck in front of the boob tube to remind me other people have pathetic lives, worse than mine.

Remind myself at least theirs get on TV while I wallow in mine while watching them.

Finally leave past 10pm at night for a meeting. First good news of the day! Get the recording contract I wanted for my talent! With good terms! Unbelieveable!

Did that trend last?

I wish...

Two of my comfort dates stood me up, one being my 'slave'. Both now erased....not from my phone book...just my life (I need to know its them when they call, right)

Just when I thought the night was going reallllllllllllll bad...hanging out about 3am at Transit, an accident happens just when I'm hanging out talking with a friend. A bunch of people rush to the scene (typical Malaysians-like flies to shit)

Anyway notice this cutie....who's with a friend (they always come in matching cute and ugly) friend. They bugger off after awhile. But at 5am, as I still aimlessly hang out, they pass AGAIN...and this time the friend starts talking to me. One thing led to another...and intro and some sweet talk later...WE DID IT!

Yes...though I neglected to tell, the night before I had another one night stand at Transit (do NOT ask me where this place is if you don't know), which brings the grand total of five times so far in 2005 I've had sex. Whoopie!

So today started better...though I have no idea why I've only complete one of two stories I wanted to finish...fuck! the office and heading home NOW to get some shut eye. Hopefully si dia tuh will call me this evening...if not at least hope that good fuck from this morning will...

See you guys soon...