Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Nothing much personal on today. I think all the rest and relaxation of my leave is getting to me. I'm starting to get agitated by my routine of not doing anything the whole day.

Today had my first real argument with Abang Jai over the silliest thing. So not going to even bother going there.

Anyway, was browsing tsunami-related news and such. Misery loves company...so anyway...I came across this email I received with some images. They kinda gave me some idea of the far-reaching impact of the tsunamis triggered by the quake. The first directly below is supposedly a satellite pic wwhich is breath-taking...not in a positive way.

The second is an animated gif of how the tsunamis spread out.

This is the latest bit from CNN's website. Extremely depressing...

"The death toll from Malaysia to East Africa has climbed to nearly 155,000, after Indonesia's toll was raised by 14,000 to more than 94,000 early Monday by the country's health ministry. Tens of thousands are still missing --including many tourists -- in the aftermath of the December 26 tsunamis that struck a dozen countries. The 9.0 magnitude quake, the strongest since 1964, has been followed by dozens of aftershocks -- many of them with magnitudes of 5.0 or higher.

Suddenly the minor swellings of my piercings don't even seem to matter at all.

OK...calling it a night. Want to turn in and hope tomorrow comes faster. Besides, I'm in a cyber cafe...and both the idiots both left and right of me seem to derive pleasure from sneaking a look at my window and what I'm doing for some reason as they fiddle about their stupid Diablo and Quake and whatever not shit-ass pathetic loser indulgences.