Thursday, January 27, 2005


Like the title...yes, finally - I've decided to update my blog further. A lot of things to add really...but I'll speed you guys up to date how the past few days have been.

Thursday, dropped by IKEA with Ted for a little creative house-sprucing idea hunt. Now, the first thing I have to note is this. Is this really necessary?I keep wondering everytime I wander into the show-bathrooms. If you can't read the sign - it sarcastically (understandably so) says RESTROOMS! You will find it at out Restaurant & Cafe. Wonder if anyone's actually taken a pee or dump into one of these non-working loos.

What the...??!!

Anyway, while scouring IKEA for good buys (I ended up with a chrysanthemum plant while Ted bought two mini tables and Lord knows what) I noticed this in the kids department. A unicorn shagging a reindeer!

Innocent you say?

Take a closer look! Some idiot (not me) did this. Some kids' going to need some help after this...

Anyway...after Ted got his tables and stuff, he suddenly realised he needed a shopping bag, which he found...totally useless. He ended up eyeing some people's trolleys which he wanted to nick, considering the fact that you needed to backtrack all the way to the entrance to get carts.
I pointed this one out...not only was it stocked also had a passenger!

Very funny...NOT!

So Friday and Saturday - went for movie binge with both Ted and Vernon. First caught National Treasures - which was a total no-brainer. It was amusing, and definitely strictly a popcorn movie, but I couldn't help thinking it was a rehashed, glossier and poppy Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.

Next day went for Vanity Fair - now THAT was a movie. High camp, bitchy one liners, amazing it, you've got em. Excellent and earning thumbs up between the three of us.

More interesting perhaps was this little display I found of an upcoming Chinese language movie. Can you believe it? The director's named OXIDE Pang. Bleurgh! Bet he had a traumatic childhood with that name...really!

OXIDE PANG! (Go know you want to...)

Anyways, Saturday night while waiting for the 11.30pm screening of Vanity Fair at KLCC, the three of us were waiting for the movie by the main pool...and we decided to ease our boredom into our photographic talents. This were my was a full moon night...

Prize winning effort...?

Speaking of photography...was driving to KL on Friday night and I decided to take this shot while driving. It turned out pretty good! This is a picture of the archway on the Federal Highway which separates the state of Selangor from the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

Another prize winning effort...?

So...which brings us to a not so eventful Monday. We went for another movie - Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason which was slow...but I found I could relate to it cause I found myself looking at my life more positively! (Being in a slump at the moment - if Bridget can do it...anyone can!)

Tuesday, Ted took the day off and followed me for my assignment which was the launching of the Akademi Fantasia 2005 nationwide tour. For those of you wondering or have heard anything untoward - no, I am not upset with Zahid...and I think this picture should pretty much prove things are pretty fine between us.

Still my baby brother...

Did give him an earful though about his ugly new hairdo which he tried to keep hidden under his was a horrendous failed Afro with red streaks. REALLY! He wasn't keen on me taking a pic of it after I put it down....but this pic offers a glimpse of the mop sticking out!

Mop top!

The other Akademi Fantasia kids were there as well...but I was too lazy to get pics of them. Let's see...from the first season, there was Nana, Rosma, Khai, Sahri, Burn and Adi. From season two...there was Mas, Fitri, Kaer, Bob, Edlin, Farah, Zahid and uhmmmdid I forget someone?'s a dopey pic of Mas...took this cause it's the first time I realised that she had a cleavage of any sort.

I'd give that look to if that sweater revealed anything more...Bleurgh!

Anyways, after we got away from the press conference, Ted and I got to Sungei Wang nearby to window shop. The searing heat however (and the inadequate air conditioning of the mall) took its toll on us and we happened over to Central Market for a drink. Knew Ted was down and out with the blues over...well...someone special....but I couldn't say anything to cheer him up...

The blues...

Anyways, I was a little down too...apart from the weather that made me so lethargic - abang Jai spent some time in Perak with his wife where she's posted, and the last time I saw him was on Saturday night. Miss my sayang too ...but what can I say. Dia tak pasti whether we can meet that means I may only jumpa dia tomorrow...

Do I look depressed?

Mmm...ending the post for today....just a quick recap. I didn't do much today (a stupid assignment where I met this self-absorbed jerk - Mazlan that's you!) but did get confirmation for my interview with Echo!

Only six days to go to Bangkok! Yeah! Something to look forward to. So it's 5.33am now...and I'm wrapping this up cause I have EIGHT articles to finish...and I'm hoping I'll get to clear at least half my stockpile cause the weather is still getting to me and I just want to crawl between the sheets as my air-conditioning goes at full blast in my comfortable little room.

But a parting pic - these are my two pets. The left's Mickey and the right one is Princess. Just thought I'd add their pic since I was on a photo posting binge today...Cheerios kids...

By the way...check out the new links I added on the lower left hand of my blog for clubbers or would be folks who want to strut their stuff after the lights go out around Kuala Lumpur. And uhm...don't forget to vote for my blog the top right hand portion of my blog...Ta!

My pups love sunbathing!