Monday, January 10, 2005

Fuck blogdrive!

Ok...this was supposed to be titled neon t-shirts and retail therapy...but after half an hour of typing, fucking blogdrive times out and my entry can't be saved. Pukimak betul!

I am too lazy to repeat my shared here it is in express point form.

Friday :
*Picking up from my last entry, went for a quick dinner with abang Jai and hung out at the club where he works part time(not telling where). Had a boring time...apart from the fun of being with him constantly - clingy! Talked to his colleague abang Zaini about the hot and cold situation with him and later SMSed abang Jai and told him of my insecurities.

Saturday :
*Went to Embun. Arrived only at noon and the bargains were mostly snapped up. Got mom a pair of heels which she loved. Never mind they were picked up on a charity sale. Carrie Bradshaw has her Manolo Blahnik' my mom's got her Embun's.

*Headed to Hard Rock Cafe then for Butterfingers' showcase. Haven't met Emmet for some time now. He's got better hair now, in a shoulder length beach bum wannabe appearance. Better hair in fact than Terrina, his girlfriend/fiance...and a colleague (we call her the domestic help at the office).

*Was bored and wanted to kill time so went for a round of window shopping...retail therapy always helps. Anyway, came across this t-shirts which light up in neon colours thank to a portable battery pack. Bought one with an equaliser graphic, which was totally righteous, and showed it off at the club later. Talk about attention grabbing!

*Abang Jai treated me nice the whole night, and later found out that abang Zaini had had a talk with him. Abang Zaini said he had asked abang Jai to appreciate me more...and looks like it hit home. Though abang Jai denies he's treating me different when I asked why he was doing so in playing ignorant.

*Ted brought his friend Georg from Vienna, and I confirmed the stereotype many associate with folks from Vienna. And no, he has NOT seen Sound Of Music...which is almost bizzare for a gay guy...seeing that it's like saying...a fag wouldn't know the words to Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive.

Sunday :
*Met Ted and went for another round of budget breaking shopping - for the neon lights t shirts. He picked up two - one with the equaliser graphic and another with a striking pink and white woman's silhouette. I got two too - one a star and another a ying and yang logo.

*Went for Ning Baizura's Sunday Nite Live show at Planet Hollywood...which was as expected...awesome.

*Came online cause my 'slave' (yes, Amir it's true - and I'm not making it up for search hits) messaged me and asked to to go online cause dia nak chat with me. Must have been late cause takde pun I'm just heading back after dropping Ted off. By the way...recalling Thursday night...had a second session of 2005! Yes!!!

Will post some pics of the t-shirts and stuff tomorrow...Ta!!