Monday, January 31, 2005

Elektra sucks!

Yes...yes...after all the anticipation...I finally caught Elektra tonight. And it sucked big time!

Dahlah aku letih gila babas hari ni...was so tired sebab I had the judging for the final round of AIM (Yes, that's the Anugerah Industri Muzik) in the early morning, and later an interview with Echo (read the past few days posts)...went to shop for some new piercing accesories before I met Ted and Vernon to watch Elektra at TGV KLCC.

It was a horrible no-brainer! Effects bagus lah...tapi storyline lari just didn't make sense, and there were so many gaping holes in the storyline. Even the ending is anti-climatic!

Jennifer Garner was a right bore...and totally overdramatic (attempting to be so at least) in the lead role. Natassia Malthe who played Typhoid Mary caught me with her character from the preview...but my guess was right. She was too much a rip off and ended up looking like Elvira meets Lady Deathstrike from X-Men.

Speaking of X-Men, the whole movie was attempting to be X-Men/Matrix plus any other lame comic book adaptation you've ever seen!

I know I was tired, tapi tak sampai the first twenty minutes, I was snoring away (I swear!). Ted and Vernon both smacked me at least a total of three times to wake me up when my snores got so loud. When I woke up almost an hour later, only then had the best effects started - and still I felt so damn dissatisfisfied over the movie! Thank goodness Vernon belanja round ni!

For fans of Echo - he was FABULOUS! He's everything he appears to be. Sensitive, funny, amazing personality! And ultimately sexy too!

Semengantuk aku masa kat Astro - especially since it rained - I was all bright eyed thanks to the thought of Echo. Immediately SMSed a few more times to make sure he wins the Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas finale! He's one hot hunk! And you rarely catch me using those words.

Anyways, also managed to meet up with Hatta and grab my EPF forms for withdrawl for my mom's hearing aid. He forgot to bring them yesterday.

Couldn't blame him. He had brought the forms on Friday, tapi sebab I was late from my function and then lepak rumah Kak Pah (we went back after 2.30am!-Ted enjoyed it immensely-at least now he knows Kak Pah is really sweet), so tak sempat jumpa dia. Anyways, when I met him on Saturday night, he forgot to bring them.

Had dinner in Pandan Indah - together with Hatta's boyfriend and abang Jai.

Mula-mula abang Jai batuk-batuk, so he wasn't up to working and just wanted to pick up his paycheck and then balik. Tapi when he got there at 9pm, abang Zaini belum muncul lagi, so it gave us more time to spend together.

We met Hatta and his sweetheart for dinner...and in getting caught in the traffic jam masa pergi dan masa balik....dapatlah jumpa and manja-manja with my sayang sikit.

My sayang is really changing for the better...and I'm proud. Dia sekarang really working towards a relationship as far as I can see...and I just hope I'm not blinded by how I feel.

Apa-apa pun...malam tu, lepaked with some friends in Bukit Bintang, and lepas hantar Ted balik, jumpa abang Jai sekejap lagi sebelum dia balik kerja. Then headed to the usual 'spot' and yes, in closing Janury (24 hours to go) of 2005 - I had my eighth 'victim'.

This one does count too - walaupun it turned out aku dah pernah pun on dengan dia a couple of months back! Malunya tak ingat....but I suppose that shows how insignificant these one night stands are sometimes.

Am going back home in a while - just thought I'd pop in the office lepas that lousy Elektra to check my email sebelum heading home. Ni nak balik ni...makan...mandi...and then membadak...Lots of work to finish tomorrow! Whole pile of stories! Tuesday is a holiday - Federal Territory Day...which means kalau aku nak lepak...kena abihkan story semua sebab Wednesday I'm off to BANGKOK! Yeah!

So signing off...ciao guys (and don't waste RM10 watching Elektra - unless you're a fan of Jennifer Garner who looks somehow like a drag queen in the movie) . Ni nak call my ex and just have a short chat with him....miss the late night yaks...treat myself to it to brace for the long day tomorrow...