Friday, January 28, 2005


A strange feeling came over me last night.

I had made my way home bout 5pm after a full overnight session at the office, which proved a waste of time, cause the the heat was simply getting to me...Yes, we had air conditioning in the office, if you're wondering....I don't rightly know how to explain it.

Anyway, was so bugged by the weather - and lack of sleep - I pulled up by the highway and slept for over FOUR hours in the car. It was night when I awoke - and I drove home and had dinner before I tried to again get some shut eye.

It was horrible - after having a bite - and sitting in front of Astro awhile - I found I couldn't sleep still. Grabbed my Nokia and started tapping some numbers. Supposed to go out with Ted and Vernon initially to continue our movie watching mania of the week with Elektra - but I passed. Called Ted about midnight - and he started griping about how friends "don't call each other in the middle of the night when they're about to sleep!"

Cranky bugger! Anyways, for some reason - I started ex in Jakarta. Perhaps it was the mood in my room. I mean, the lights were all off...I decided to light a couple of candles...the air conditioning was humming away as this jazz CD I was playing kinda provided this mood...

And for the first time in nearly ten months ...we spoke. See...we haven't spoken since our last fight - and I told him I never wanted to speak again. Which wasn't too hard really...between Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.

Anyways, reaction? Surprised...shocked even. But said was proud of me for wanting to make peace between us - and that my actions bagi dia rasa even worse tuk apa dia lakukan kat aku selama ni.

I think we spoke about ten minutes, and by the end of it - I had gotten the closure I needed. The end to that particular chapter of my life. My relationship. We haven't talked about more conventional platonic friendship - but that's understood.

I don't know what I'm going to do for today...still mulling over how surreal that conversation seemed. Was going for Elektra tonight, but have an event on...and dinner at Datuk Sharifah Aini's place later tonight. Ted may join for the dinner. Have to meet Hatta as well as my sis tonight...

So many things to do - and yet not feeling like wanting to do anything at the moment.

For those wondering if my interview with Echo is on! 2.30pm on Sunday! Yeah!