Sunday, January 23, 2005


Ok...I have a lot (well not really that much) to post over what happened from Friday on to today...but...too lazy to post much. Besides, just dropped by the office on the way back (seventh of 2005 - first oral sex with tongue piercing by the way) after a night out.

Won't divulge much details - and the only thing I want to share to day is - I finally caught the Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas on Friday (my mom's an addict!). For the uninformed, it's a Filipino telenovela centering on this love triangle between Christian-Ara-Leo.

Anyways - what hooked me was not the storyline - which like a million other love triangle plots - it was the lead actor, Jericho Rosales - who plays Christian. Now that's what you call a leading actor!

Anyways, am NOT going to get addicted to it - besides [POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT!] most people already know that when it aired back in its homeland middle of last year - Christian won Ara (du-uh! With looks like his...I'm surprised there was even a Leo character!), after it was decided by SMS poll.

And yet despite having shot two endings to the tale - and Christian won the heart of Ara, for some strange reason the next day, they aired the other ending where Leo got Ara. Bleurgh! Talk about blatant money-making schemes!

Anyway, since its showing on Astro's Prima channel, expected are the SMS polls. I'm sure Christian will again win this one - just hope they don't end up ripping people off by showing us the other ending. Unless of course Christian loses...!!!

Signing off...with some info on Christian - with a self-debate of whether I should post some of his pics here to taunt me some more...

For those who have a thing for Echo like I do...this is your day...

Name : Jericho Vibar Rosales
Nickname : Echo
Height : 5' 11" (1.80 m)
Date of Birth : September 22 1979
Eyes : Brown
Hair : Dark brown
Father's name : Santiago Rosales, Jr.
Mother's name : Rosario Vibar