Thursday, January 06, 2005


So much for my holiday. It's like I was working today. I got into the office today just to hand in my overtime forms to be signed and sent in, but no thanks to Kak Zainab (who disappears almost immediately - never staying a second after 6pm when she knocks off) it didn't get done.

What I did end up doing, was my gossip column which I totally forgot about completely. Then I had to do a news piece for Kak Natrah of Embun to publicise her sale on Saturday in aid of the tsunami victims. (Read my previous entry on that)

Anyway, it's almost 11pm and I'm still in the stinking office. Oh, nevermind. Dapat ler claim overtime. Dah off ni, kaya gak dapat ovetime...dahler gaji jalan!

So for those of you interested in the Embun sale (Embun is a top local label for contemporary ethnic chic apparel), yes, it is TRUE! All of the items in the old collection will be going for RM50!
A steal considering that Embun is quite pricey. And yet, all for charity...but remember that the sale is only in the Petaling Jaya outlet (near the Sri Aman school), Check my previous entry for the address.

Apart from that, abang Jai called earlier. He's still at work, and belum pun pick up his daughter. So he's got to call off dinner together for today. Sedih gak...but I'll live...

Going off for supper. Tension with DiGi because I can't SMS for some bloody reason..and berapa kali call bloody Customer Service asyik kena cut off.

This despite it being my third attempt to rectify the problem. Sejak tengah malam semalam they've been telling me their reload system is going bonkers and tak dapat update reload aku.

So even though I have the credit to call, it seems according to the system, I still can't SMS, cause the system for some dumbass reason doesn't recognise I have the credit or something.(!!!) up...leaving the office...nak gi supper before I head back. Nak call abang Jai dulu...