Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Be fashionable for a cause!

Forgot to tell you guys.

I'm sure you must have heard of local designer label EMBUN before right. Very snazzy ethnic creations with a contemporary feel! Anyways, got a text message and later a call from EMBUN proprietor, Natrah.

Anyway, on Saturday Dec 8 from 10am to midnight there will be a giant sale for EMBUN's outlet in Petaling Jaya.

Am not sure about this....but its either everything from various collections will go for RM50 a pop and straight into the fund to aid the plight of the quake/tsunami victims OR RM50 from the much reduced sales will go to the fund. I think its the former though.

Whatever it is, EMBUN's amazing collection is always worth a buy at whatever price and with at least GUARANTEED price reduction, they're practically a steal! Items from the newest collection will also take a hefty price cut, from which 10% of profits will also go to the fund.

EMBUN is located at Embun, Timeless Tradition, No. 14, Jalan 14/52, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. I'm not too familiar with the area, despite having been there quite a few times, but all I can recall is, that its quite close to the Sri Aman school. If you get lost...fret not. Call 03-78772824 for info, enquiries or simply directions.

Apart from that...mmm...nothing much happened today. usual on my holidays away from work. Met Hatta late and finally submitted my forms to withdraw some funds from my EPF savings for my mother's hearing aid. I've been sitting on it for weeks and I feel like such a jerk for putting off my mother's needs, no thanks to my endless personal dramas.

At any rate, called abang Jai twice today....things are so much better between us.Both of us are back to the jovial selves and can now once again just joke on the phone. No more awkward moments of silent pauses punctuating every mumbled queries like when we had our minor tiff. Hope things work out.

I really don't know where this is going, but it's definitely a good first for 2005.

And on that note, before I close my entry fopr today...I forgot to note in my blog that I had sex two days ago (woo-hoo!) for the first time in 2005!

Yes, my dear blog readers. You will actually be witness to my little experiment to count how many 'victims' I am going to bed throughout the year. How crass kan?

OK...gotta run...