Friday, January 07, 2005

And I thought my life was weird... life is no longer weird now...It's depressingly weird! Or so I thought... Well...first abang Jai can't, or most probably can't meet up with me tonight since his wife's coming back tonight for the weekend. Have to wait for his call.

That's the depressing part cause no one to talk to. Now here comes the weird...

Was chatting with some friends online and somehow got engaged in a conversation with this person.(At the point I'm writing this...abang Jai calls me up on my mobile and asks me out to dinner. His wife's back and he's working tonight at his part-time bouncer job, so we can meet for dinner). So I have to rush this story a little.

Anyways, we got on well...and dia started asking if lah if I was into domination. I was not too disturbed bab dia kata suka jadik slave. Kinky! So we met up. That was when the surprise came. Cute!

So after our conversation and dia kata nak ler feeling submissive ngan aku, sampai treat like a dog and all. Mesej aku nih beriya. Siap ask what my disciplinary routine would be. Uh oh.. weirdo!

Now, I have all the theory in the world for this...but none of the practise, tapi sebab dia hot aku ok jer sanggup cuba. So I surfed the Internet and looked for some domination literature. As I read the stuff, I found it quite interesting. At any rate, I already have leather straps and collars and such. So I suppose I'm going to give it a try.

It's not often aku nak dapat peluang camni. Heh!

Anyway...I got to go now. Just printed some of the stuff I found for later reading to brush up my training regiment for my slave.

...and you think my blog is not interesting enough....!