Monday, January 17, 2005

2005 - A promise of good things to come?

So sorry I haven't posted anything as of approaching late last weekend. If you can believe it, I was so bloody bogged down with SO many things happening!

Anyways, here's a blow by blow account (don't you just love that term) of what happened.

Anyways, on Friday - abang Zaini set me up! He got me to call him back, then forced abang Jai on the phone.

Then got down to things with my sayang, we managed to make up...though both sides were apprehensive. We talked for about an hour - and decided to try and make things work again.

Both sides admitted things were not exactly right...but somehow even dia pun nak try make it work slowly.

Apart from that, on Friday night, went with Ted to Dragon Bar At Sri Hartamas to cover this MTV related function. It was a Toyota party...and since there was nothing better to do...we headed there.

Now, I have already confirmed I am going with Sony-BMG for the MTV Asia Aid (they renamed it in respect of the tsunami tragedy which struck the region). But I was so pissed at the PR company handling the event locally because they were so fucking cocky in saying they were not sending our paper!

Anyways, at the event, which was the first of a two day thingie, Toyota offered EIGHT three days two nights all expenses trip for two to the MTV Asia Aid at Bangkok! And yes, the fairytale came true...yours truly walked away with one of the four grand prizes that night.

Now am waiting to see if Ted can get his passport done in time cause I invited him to come along. It won't be as hot as I thought because apparently Christina Aguilera has confirmed...that she has cancelled her attendance (boo!) and apparently Alicia Keys just might show up in her place (bigger boo!)

Comic relief moment though... the way I won it was perhaps the sillest thing ever.
I had gone up on stage, and the first five guys had a go at dancing martial arts theme style. I realised by then I was left with four women. After that round and prize giving, I was told the second round (which had me in it - was a Charlie's Angels impersonator dance thingie - meaning dance kung-fu moves and all and look sexy doing it).

This girl was really good - she'd had to be for simply ripping off her top and revealing a corset - but when it came to my turn, apa lagi? Catwalk!

Strutted...split...kicked...ermm...flung my hair lots...and won!!!

Elated at the day's events, it was topped off by a quick visit to my sayang before I got nasty with someone I met (my sixth for 2005 - and first full blown sex I've had this year)

On Saturday...hung about aimlessly, then decided to club a little. Ted's friend Georg from Vienna was there...and Ted seemed inclined to play some form of hide and seek with Georg. Ted insists tak jual mahal - but while I'm intrigued by it all - I kept stealing opportunities to eye my sayang who was there. Sigh.. so cute...

While clubbing, noticed this hottie who I have fancied and spotted in the club, three times now.

Never got to talking but this time braved it and got his number. Noticed a friend tarik dia tepi. Don't know if tu laki dia, but somehow got the feeling that guy was (perasan a bit lah ok) in a huff cause the cutie was interested in me. After all... dia yang melayan kan?

Anyway, headed home after that and spent nearly two hours on the phone when gayut lak!

Dozed off...and woke up late and still in pain - as I've been the last two nights no thanks to the so-called dance moves that won me a trip to Bangkok!

Decided to finally get it done!


Looks painful huh? Didn't hurt a bit!

Yes, finally got the last piercing...piercing number eight done! Did it at 6pm at my regular piercers in Kotaraya for RM70!

It didn't hurt a bit - and unlike what people said it didn't cause me to slobber or slur my speech. speech was slightly affected with my L's and my R's and S's not achieving full body due to the restricted movement of my tongue - but I could still speak normally. Picked Ted up and we shot to Stadium Putra for the 19th Anugerah Juara Lagu.

Lovely empty stage shot isn't it - Malas to take pics others will post on their sites - after all my blog is about my life, right!

It was a bore, predictable except for Relaku Pujuk winning Juara Lagu which sucked big time!
It sucked almost as bad - as finding out that eating satay - curry chicken and friend rice approximately five hours after piercing your tongue is not a good idea!

So, anyways, I wore my battery operated ying and yang neon t-shirt I was telling you guys about and Ted wore the spectrum equaliser tee which he bought after I did. Just to keep my promsie, here the pics of the t-shirt which are battery operated and have different flickering pattern in bright neon colour. Note in the pics - only the ying and yang one is lighted.

They light up my life (tacky caption)

So that's about the whole of last weekend compressed. Oh one more thing. One of my colleagues came in on Friday and showed off his latest acquisition. His friend had sent him a Unicron Transformers action figure. As Amir and I turn green wqith envy at his relation of how it only cost his friend USD$14 with shipping virtually free (not really lah, but it was cheap). Any, have told him to look out for M.A.S.K. toys as I used to collect them. Since they're all gone, courtesy of my Mom's good nature to donate my collectibles to my cousins, I'm hoping to collect them back again. Ta for now y'all!