Monday, January 31, 2005

Oh damn...

Just realised both my mobile phones in the car...Malas nak turun nak take them to retrieve my ex's number. Nak balik sangat dah ni. Mata dah berat.

I guess I'll just have to call my ex tomorrow if I'm up to it - and if I'm not meeting abang Jai tomorrow.

By the way...did I mention (of course I didn't).

During my event on Friday night - I won two prizes in a lucky draw (by inserting TWO business cards - cheat!). The first was nothing EON t-shirt. The second was a pair of Marie Claire women's two inch heels size 8.

Siapa nak beli mesej lah aku kalau kaki awak size lapan....

Good night...again...

Elektra sucks!

Yes...yes...after all the anticipation...I finally caught Elektra tonight. And it sucked big time!

Dahlah aku letih gila babas hari ni...was so tired sebab I had the judging for the final round of AIM (Yes, that's the Anugerah Industri Muzik) in the early morning, and later an interview with Echo (read the past few days posts)...went to shop for some new piercing accesories before I met Ted and Vernon to watch Elektra at TGV KLCC.

It was a horrible no-brainer! Effects bagus lah...tapi storyline lari just didn't make sense, and there were so many gaping holes in the storyline. Even the ending is anti-climatic!

Jennifer Garner was a right bore...and totally overdramatic (attempting to be so at least) in the lead role. Natassia Malthe who played Typhoid Mary caught me with her character from the preview...but my guess was right. She was too much a rip off and ended up looking like Elvira meets Lady Deathstrike from X-Men.

Speaking of X-Men, the whole movie was attempting to be X-Men/Matrix plus any other lame comic book adaptation you've ever seen!

I know I was tired, tapi tak sampai the first twenty minutes, I was snoring away (I swear!). Ted and Vernon both smacked me at least a total of three times to wake me up when my snores got so loud. When I woke up almost an hour later, only then had the best effects started - and still I felt so damn dissatisfisfied over the movie! Thank goodness Vernon belanja round ni!

For fans of Echo - he was FABULOUS! He's everything he appears to be. Sensitive, funny, amazing personality! And ultimately sexy too!

Semengantuk aku masa kat Astro - especially since it rained - I was all bright eyed thanks to the thought of Echo. Immediately SMSed a few more times to make sure he wins the Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas finale! He's one hot hunk! And you rarely catch me using those words.

Anyways, also managed to meet up with Hatta and grab my EPF forms for withdrawl for my mom's hearing aid. He forgot to bring them yesterday.

Couldn't blame him. He had brought the forms on Friday, tapi sebab I was late from my function and then lepak rumah Kak Pah (we went back after 2.30am!-Ted enjoyed it immensely-at least now he knows Kak Pah is really sweet), so tak sempat jumpa dia. Anyways, when I met him on Saturday night, he forgot to bring them.

Had dinner in Pandan Indah - together with Hatta's boyfriend and abang Jai.

Mula-mula abang Jai batuk-batuk, so he wasn't up to working and just wanted to pick up his paycheck and then balik. Tapi when he got there at 9pm, abang Zaini belum muncul lagi, so it gave us more time to spend together.

We met Hatta and his sweetheart for dinner...and in getting caught in the traffic jam masa pergi dan masa balik....dapatlah jumpa and manja-manja with my sayang sikit.

My sayang is really changing for the better...and I'm proud. Dia sekarang really working towards a relationship as far as I can see...and I just hope I'm not blinded by how I feel.

Apa-apa pun...malam tu, lepaked with some friends in Bukit Bintang, and lepas hantar Ted balik, jumpa abang Jai sekejap lagi sebelum dia balik kerja. Then headed to the usual 'spot' and yes, in closing Janury (24 hours to go) of 2005 - I had my eighth 'victim'.

This one does count too - walaupun it turned out aku dah pernah pun on dengan dia a couple of months back! Malunya tak ingat....but I suppose that shows how insignificant these one night stands are sometimes.

Am going back home in a while - just thought I'd pop in the office lepas that lousy Elektra to check my email sebelum heading home. Ni nak balik ni...makan...mandi...and then membadak...Lots of work to finish tomorrow! Whole pile of stories! Tuesday is a holiday - Federal Territory Day...which means kalau aku nak lepak...kena abihkan story semua sebab Wednesday I'm off to BANGKOK! Yeah!

So signing off...ciao guys (and don't waste RM10 watching Elektra - unless you're a fan of Jennifer Garner who looks somehow like a drag queen in the movie) . Ni nak call my ex and just have a short chat with him....miss the late night yaks...treat myself to it to brace for the long day tomorrow...

Friday, January 28, 2005


A strange feeling came over me last night.

I had made my way home bout 5pm after a full overnight session at the office, which proved a waste of time, cause the the heat was simply getting to me...Yes, we had air conditioning in the office, if you're wondering....I don't rightly know how to explain it.

Anyway, was so bugged by the weather - and lack of sleep - I pulled up by the highway and slept for over FOUR hours in the car. It was night when I awoke - and I drove home and had dinner before I tried to again get some shut eye.

It was horrible - after having a bite - and sitting in front of Astro awhile - I found I couldn't sleep still. Grabbed my Nokia and started tapping some numbers. Supposed to go out with Ted and Vernon initially to continue our movie watching mania of the week with Elektra - but I passed. Called Ted about midnight - and he started griping about how friends "don't call each other in the middle of the night when they're about to sleep!"

Cranky bugger! Anyways, for some reason - I started ex in Jakarta. Perhaps it was the mood in my room. I mean, the lights were all off...I decided to light a couple of candles...the air conditioning was humming away as this jazz CD I was playing kinda provided this mood...

And for the first time in nearly ten months ...we spoke. See...we haven't spoken since our last fight - and I told him I never wanted to speak again. Which wasn't too hard really...between Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.

Anyways, reaction? Surprised...shocked even. But said was proud of me for wanting to make peace between us - and that my actions bagi dia rasa even worse tuk apa dia lakukan kat aku selama ni.

I think we spoke about ten minutes, and by the end of it - I had gotten the closure I needed. The end to that particular chapter of my life. My relationship. We haven't talked about more conventional platonic friendship - but that's understood.

I don't know what I'm going to do for today...still mulling over how surreal that conversation seemed. Was going for Elektra tonight, but have an event on...and dinner at Datuk Sharifah Aini's place later tonight. Ted may join for the dinner. Have to meet Hatta as well as my sis tonight...

So many things to do - and yet not feeling like wanting to do anything at the moment.

For those wondering if my interview with Echo is on! 2.30pm on Sunday! Yeah!


Thursday, January 27, 2005


Like the title...yes, finally - I've decided to update my blog further. A lot of things to add really...but I'll speed you guys up to date how the past few days have been.

Thursday, dropped by IKEA with Ted for a little creative house-sprucing idea hunt. Now, the first thing I have to note is this. Is this really necessary?I keep wondering everytime I wander into the show-bathrooms. If you can't read the sign - it sarcastically (understandably so) says RESTROOMS! You will find it at out Restaurant & Cafe. Wonder if anyone's actually taken a pee or dump into one of these non-working loos.

What the...??!!

Anyway, while scouring IKEA for good buys (I ended up with a chrysanthemum plant while Ted bought two mini tables and Lord knows what) I noticed this in the kids department. A unicorn shagging a reindeer!

Innocent you say?

Take a closer look! Some idiot (not me) did this. Some kids' going to need some help after this...

Anyway...after Ted got his tables and stuff, he suddenly realised he needed a shopping bag, which he found...totally useless. He ended up eyeing some people's trolleys which he wanted to nick, considering the fact that you needed to backtrack all the way to the entrance to get carts.
I pointed this one out...not only was it stocked also had a passenger!

Very funny...NOT!

So Friday and Saturday - went for movie binge with both Ted and Vernon. First caught National Treasures - which was a total no-brainer. It was amusing, and definitely strictly a popcorn movie, but I couldn't help thinking it was a rehashed, glossier and poppy Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.

Next day went for Vanity Fair - now THAT was a movie. High camp, bitchy one liners, amazing it, you've got em. Excellent and earning thumbs up between the three of us.

More interesting perhaps was this little display I found of an upcoming Chinese language movie. Can you believe it? The director's named OXIDE Pang. Bleurgh! Bet he had a traumatic childhood with that name...really!

OXIDE PANG! (Go know you want to...)

Anyways, Saturday night while waiting for the 11.30pm screening of Vanity Fair at KLCC, the three of us were waiting for the movie by the main pool...and we decided to ease our boredom into our photographic talents. This were my was a full moon night...

Prize winning effort...?

Speaking of photography...was driving to KL on Friday night and I decided to take this shot while driving. It turned out pretty good! This is a picture of the archway on the Federal Highway which separates the state of Selangor from the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

Another prize winning effort...?

So...which brings us to a not so eventful Monday. We went for another movie - Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason which was slow...but I found I could relate to it cause I found myself looking at my life more positively! (Being in a slump at the moment - if Bridget can do it...anyone can!)

Tuesday, Ted took the day off and followed me for my assignment which was the launching of the Akademi Fantasia 2005 nationwide tour. For those of you wondering or have heard anything untoward - no, I am not upset with Zahid...and I think this picture should pretty much prove things are pretty fine between us.

Still my baby brother...

Did give him an earful though about his ugly new hairdo which he tried to keep hidden under his was a horrendous failed Afro with red streaks. REALLY! He wasn't keen on me taking a pic of it after I put it down....but this pic offers a glimpse of the mop sticking out!

Mop top!

The other Akademi Fantasia kids were there as well...but I was too lazy to get pics of them. Let's see...from the first season, there was Nana, Rosma, Khai, Sahri, Burn and Adi. From season two...there was Mas, Fitri, Kaer, Bob, Edlin, Farah, Zahid and uhmmmdid I forget someone?'s a dopey pic of Mas...took this cause it's the first time I realised that she had a cleavage of any sort.

I'd give that look to if that sweater revealed anything more...Bleurgh!

Anyways, after we got away from the press conference, Ted and I got to Sungei Wang nearby to window shop. The searing heat however (and the inadequate air conditioning of the mall) took its toll on us and we happened over to Central Market for a drink. Knew Ted was down and out with the blues over...well...someone special....but I couldn't say anything to cheer him up...

The blues...

Anyways, I was a little down too...apart from the weather that made me so lethargic - abang Jai spent some time in Perak with his wife where she's posted, and the last time I saw him was on Saturday night. Miss my sayang too ...but what can I say. Dia tak pasti whether we can meet that means I may only jumpa dia tomorrow...

Do I look depressed?

Mmm...ending the post for today....just a quick recap. I didn't do much today (a stupid assignment where I met this self-absorbed jerk - Mazlan that's you!) but did get confirmation for my interview with Echo!

Only six days to go to Bangkok! Yeah! Something to look forward to. So it's 5.33am now...and I'm wrapping this up cause I have EIGHT articles to finish...and I'm hoping I'll get to clear at least half my stockpile cause the weather is still getting to me and I just want to crawl between the sheets as my air-conditioning goes at full blast in my comfortable little room.

But a parting pic - these are my two pets. The left's Mickey and the right one is Princess. Just thought I'd add their pic since I was on a photo posting binge today...Cheerios kids...

By the way...check out the new links I added on the lower left hand of my blog for clubbers or would be folks who want to strut their stuff after the lights go out around Kuala Lumpur. And uhm...don't forget to vote for my blog the top right hand portion of my blog...Ta!

My pups love sunbathing!

Sunday, January 23, 2005


Ok...I have a lot (well not really that much) to post over what happened from Friday on to today...but...too lazy to post much. Besides, just dropped by the office on the way back (seventh of 2005 - first oral sex with tongue piercing by the way) after a night out.

Won't divulge much details - and the only thing I want to share to day is - I finally caught the Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas on Friday (my mom's an addict!). For the uninformed, it's a Filipino telenovela centering on this love triangle between Christian-Ara-Leo.

Anyways - what hooked me was not the storyline - which like a million other love triangle plots - it was the lead actor, Jericho Rosales - who plays Christian. Now that's what you call a leading actor!

Anyways, am NOT going to get addicted to it - besides [POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT!] most people already know that when it aired back in its homeland middle of last year - Christian won Ara (du-uh! With looks like his...I'm surprised there was even a Leo character!), after it was decided by SMS poll.

And yet despite having shot two endings to the tale - and Christian won the heart of Ara, for some strange reason the next day, they aired the other ending where Leo got Ara. Bleurgh! Talk about blatant money-making schemes!

Anyway, since its showing on Astro's Prima channel, expected are the SMS polls. I'm sure Christian will again win this one - just hope they don't end up ripping people off by showing us the other ending. Unless of course Christian loses...!!!

Signing off...with some info on Christian - with a self-debate of whether I should post some of his pics here to taunt me some more...

For those who have a thing for Echo like I do...this is your day...

Name : Jericho Vibar Rosales
Nickname : Echo
Height : 5' 11" (1.80 m)
Date of Birth : September 22 1979
Eyes : Brown
Hair : Dark brown
Father's name : Santiago Rosales, Jr.
Mother's name : Rosario Vibar

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Tarot cards and my future

Things have been fine the past few days...but I suppose I couldn't expect my luck to hold anyway...

Jumpa dia semalam...can see usaha tuh ada la... dia pun really trying to make things work. Spent about an hour or so over dinner just talking. It was great.

Today tak dapat jumpa, but I held firm to this tarot card reading my friend had for me. It kinda said something like, I should take stock of my life, not stray from my objectives...

Hari nih tak dapat jumpadia nak meet up with friends and all which is fine...just that I'm gonna be so lonely tanpa dia, sebab dia balik kampung for Hari Raya Aidiladha.

Met Adik and borak a lot. A little confused. Dia sound like perlukan seseorang...but insists not looking for a relationship and doesn't plan for one in the near future.

Well...some things happened of late which I wouldn't divulge too many details...but here's hoping things it will be fine...No mood to blog...

Monday, January 17, 2005

2005 - A promise of good things to come?

So sorry I haven't posted anything as of approaching late last weekend. If you can believe it, I was so bloody bogged down with SO many things happening!

Anyways, here's a blow by blow account (don't you just love that term) of what happened.

Anyways, on Friday - abang Zaini set me up! He got me to call him back, then forced abang Jai on the phone.

Then got down to things with my sayang, we managed to make up...though both sides were apprehensive. We talked for about an hour - and decided to try and make things work again.

Both sides admitted things were not exactly right...but somehow even dia pun nak try make it work slowly.

Apart from that, on Friday night, went with Ted to Dragon Bar At Sri Hartamas to cover this MTV related function. It was a Toyota party...and since there was nothing better to do...we headed there.

Now, I have already confirmed I am going with Sony-BMG for the MTV Asia Aid (they renamed it in respect of the tsunami tragedy which struck the region). But I was so pissed at the PR company handling the event locally because they were so fucking cocky in saying they were not sending our paper!

Anyways, at the event, which was the first of a two day thingie, Toyota offered EIGHT three days two nights all expenses trip for two to the MTV Asia Aid at Bangkok! And yes, the fairytale came true...yours truly walked away with one of the four grand prizes that night.

Now am waiting to see if Ted can get his passport done in time cause I invited him to come along. It won't be as hot as I thought because apparently Christina Aguilera has confirmed...that she has cancelled her attendance (boo!) and apparently Alicia Keys just might show up in her place (bigger boo!)

Comic relief moment though... the way I won it was perhaps the sillest thing ever.
I had gone up on stage, and the first five guys had a go at dancing martial arts theme style. I realised by then I was left with four women. After that round and prize giving, I was told the second round (which had me in it - was a Charlie's Angels impersonator dance thingie - meaning dance kung-fu moves and all and look sexy doing it).

This girl was really good - she'd had to be for simply ripping off her top and revealing a corset - but when it came to my turn, apa lagi? Catwalk!

Strutted...split...kicked...ermm...flung my hair lots...and won!!!

Elated at the day's events, it was topped off by a quick visit to my sayang before I got nasty with someone I met (my sixth for 2005 - and first full blown sex I've had this year)

On Saturday...hung about aimlessly, then decided to club a little. Ted's friend Georg from Vienna was there...and Ted seemed inclined to play some form of hide and seek with Georg. Ted insists tak jual mahal - but while I'm intrigued by it all - I kept stealing opportunities to eye my sayang who was there. Sigh.. so cute...

While clubbing, noticed this hottie who I have fancied and spotted in the club, three times now.

Never got to talking but this time braved it and got his number. Noticed a friend tarik dia tepi. Don't know if tu laki dia, but somehow got the feeling that guy was (perasan a bit lah ok) in a huff cause the cutie was interested in me. After all... dia yang melayan kan?

Anyway, headed home after that and spent nearly two hours on the phone when gayut lak!

Dozed off...and woke up late and still in pain - as I've been the last two nights no thanks to the so-called dance moves that won me a trip to Bangkok!

Decided to finally get it done!


Looks painful huh? Didn't hurt a bit!

Yes, finally got the last piercing...piercing number eight done! Did it at 6pm at my regular piercers in Kotaraya for RM70!

It didn't hurt a bit - and unlike what people said it didn't cause me to slobber or slur my speech. speech was slightly affected with my L's and my R's and S's not achieving full body due to the restricted movement of my tongue - but I could still speak normally. Picked Ted up and we shot to Stadium Putra for the 19th Anugerah Juara Lagu.

Lovely empty stage shot isn't it - Malas to take pics others will post on their sites - after all my blog is about my life, right!

It was a bore, predictable except for Relaku Pujuk winning Juara Lagu which sucked big time!
It sucked almost as bad - as finding out that eating satay - curry chicken and friend rice approximately five hours after piercing your tongue is not a good idea!

So, anyways, I wore my battery operated ying and yang neon t-shirt I was telling you guys about and Ted wore the spectrum equaliser tee which he bought after I did. Just to keep my promsie, here the pics of the t-shirt which are battery operated and have different flickering pattern in bright neon colour. Note in the pics - only the ying and yang one is lighted.

They light up my life (tacky caption)

So that's about the whole of last weekend compressed. Oh one more thing. One of my colleagues came in on Friday and showed off his latest acquisition. His friend had sent him a Unicron Transformers action figure. As Amir and I turn green wqith envy at his relation of how it only cost his friend USD$14 with shipping virtually free (not really lah, but it was cheap). Any, have told him to look out for M.A.S.K. toys as I used to collect them. Since they're all gone, courtesy of my Mom's good nature to donate my collectibles to my cousins, I'm hoping to collect them back again. Ta for now y'all!


Thursday, January 13, 2005

They're still!

Another bad day. Still another stupid argument...this time bigger than the last. Think it's over... can't talk lak to abang Jai. Stress...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

They're all...

"Remember men come in three sizes
Boring, bastards, and belligerent
Sometimes however in their eyes is
Beauty, and they can be quite intelligent
Provided they remember to forget
Five thousand years of dominating it
And stop responding to the codes
Society, and their mum, imposed
And yet their energy attracts
Until your energy their fooling saps
Of your secret life, your hex
They know nothing. As for sex
Can you really trust them?
So is there hope now for these blighters?
Glassy eyed or sharp one nighters
Screwing the world up, if not you
They really don't know what to do
Yet see they beauty in a mirror
Reach out and cut their hand on glass
In love's winter they still wither
You wait sighing as they pass"

You may not have guessed but I'm in a pondering sort of mood.

I know I promised to post the pics from the last few day...but yesterday was a horror!

Started bad...fight with someone I like. This time full blown discussion/argument. Both sides calmed down, but the damage was done...and several things said. Cooling off period begins...

An ex, who's supposed to be married by now - called when I was still asleep. Messaged and pretended didn't have dia nya number and asked who it was. Idiot admitted and replied, 'an ex, without a name. Pastu senyap tengah aku gaduh ngan yang disayang tuh.

Day was totally shot down for me...and though I was supposed to get work done...didn't happen as I was too emotionally distraught by the two episodes. Started to call some folks who were supposed to make me feel better. Started with an ex...who has always been there for me. Dia free only by Friday...fuck!

Stuck in front of the boob tube to remind me other people have pathetic lives, worse than mine.

Remind myself at least theirs get on TV while I wallow in mine while watching them.

Finally leave past 10pm at night for a meeting. First good news of the day! Get the recording contract I wanted for my talent! With good terms! Unbelieveable!

Did that trend last?

I wish...

Two of my comfort dates stood me up, one being my 'slave'. Both now erased....not from my phone book...just my life (I need to know its them when they call, right)

Just when I thought the night was going reallllllllllllll bad...hanging out about 3am at Transit, an accident happens just when I'm hanging out talking with a friend. A bunch of people rush to the scene (typical Malaysians-like flies to shit)

Anyway notice this cutie....who's with a friend (they always come in matching cute and ugly) friend. They bugger off after awhile. But at 5am, as I still aimlessly hang out, they pass AGAIN...and this time the friend starts talking to me. One thing led to another...and intro and some sweet talk later...WE DID IT!

Yes...though I neglected to tell, the night before I had another one night stand at Transit (do NOT ask me where this place is if you don't know), which brings the grand total of five times so far in 2005 I've had sex. Whoopie!

So today started better...though I have no idea why I've only complete one of two stories I wanted to finish...fuck! the office and heading home NOW to get some shut eye. Hopefully si dia tuh will call me this evening...if not at least hope that good fuck from this morning will...

See you guys soon...

Monday, January 10, 2005


Too bored...malas nak blog back tomorrow with the pics.Kind of feel depressed today. Rasa nak retail therapy.But I've been spending so much, I'm overbudget already. Makes me even more depressed....

Fuck blogdrive!

Ok...this was supposed to be titled neon t-shirts and retail therapy...but after half an hour of typing, fucking blogdrive times out and my entry can't be saved. Pukimak betul!

I am too lazy to repeat my shared here it is in express point form.

Friday :
*Picking up from my last entry, went for a quick dinner with abang Jai and hung out at the club where he works part time(not telling where). Had a boring time...apart from the fun of being with him constantly - clingy! Talked to his colleague abang Zaini about the hot and cold situation with him and later SMSed abang Jai and told him of my insecurities.

Saturday :
*Went to Embun. Arrived only at noon and the bargains were mostly snapped up. Got mom a pair of heels which she loved. Never mind they were picked up on a charity sale. Carrie Bradshaw has her Manolo Blahnik' my mom's got her Embun's.

*Headed to Hard Rock Cafe then for Butterfingers' showcase. Haven't met Emmet for some time now. He's got better hair now, in a shoulder length beach bum wannabe appearance. Better hair in fact than Terrina, his girlfriend/fiance...and a colleague (we call her the domestic help at the office).

*Was bored and wanted to kill time so went for a round of window shopping...retail therapy always helps. Anyway, came across this t-shirts which light up in neon colours thank to a portable battery pack. Bought one with an equaliser graphic, which was totally righteous, and showed it off at the club later. Talk about attention grabbing!

*Abang Jai treated me nice the whole night, and later found out that abang Zaini had had a talk with him. Abang Zaini said he had asked abang Jai to appreciate me more...and looks like it hit home. Though abang Jai denies he's treating me different when I asked why he was doing so in playing ignorant.

*Ted brought his friend Georg from Vienna, and I confirmed the stereotype many associate with folks from Vienna. And no, he has NOT seen Sound Of Music...which is almost bizzare for a gay guy...seeing that it's like saying...a fag wouldn't know the words to Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive.

Sunday :
*Met Ted and went for another round of budget breaking shopping - for the neon lights t shirts. He picked up two - one with the equaliser graphic and another with a striking pink and white woman's silhouette. I got two too - one a star and another a ying and yang logo.

*Went for Ning Baizura's Sunday Nite Live show at Planet Hollywood...which was as expected...awesome.

*Came online cause my 'slave' (yes, Amir it's true - and I'm not making it up for search hits) messaged me and asked to to go online cause dia nak chat with me. Must have been late cause takde pun I'm just heading back after dropping Ted off. By the way...recalling Thursday night...had a second session of 2005! Yes!!!

Will post some pics of the t-shirts and stuff tomorrow...Ta!!

Friday, January 07, 2005

And I thought my life was weird... life is no longer weird now...It's depressingly weird! Or so I thought... Well...first abang Jai can't, or most probably can't meet up with me tonight since his wife's coming back tonight for the weekend. Have to wait for his call.

That's the depressing part cause no one to talk to. Now here comes the weird...

Was chatting with some friends online and somehow got engaged in a conversation with this person.(At the point I'm writing this...abang Jai calls me up on my mobile and asks me out to dinner. His wife's back and he's working tonight at his part-time bouncer job, so we can meet for dinner). So I have to rush this story a little.

Anyways, we got on well...and dia started asking if lah if I was into domination. I was not too disturbed bab dia kata suka jadik slave. Kinky! So we met up. That was when the surprise came. Cute!

So after our conversation and dia kata nak ler feeling submissive ngan aku, sampai treat like a dog and all. Mesej aku nih beriya. Siap ask what my disciplinary routine would be. Uh oh.. weirdo!

Now, I have all the theory in the world for this...but none of the practise, tapi sebab dia hot aku ok jer sanggup cuba. So I surfed the Internet and looked for some domination literature. As I read the stuff, I found it quite interesting. At any rate, I already have leather straps and collars and such. So I suppose I'm going to give it a try.

It's not often aku nak dapat peluang camni. Heh!

Anyway...I got to go now. Just printed some of the stuff I found for later reading to brush up my training regiment for my slave.

...and you think my blog is not interesting enough....!

Thursday, January 06, 2005


So much for my holiday. It's like I was working today. I got into the office today just to hand in my overtime forms to be signed and sent in, but no thanks to Kak Zainab (who disappears almost immediately - never staying a second after 6pm when she knocks off) it didn't get done.

What I did end up doing, was my gossip column which I totally forgot about completely. Then I had to do a news piece for Kak Natrah of Embun to publicise her sale on Saturday in aid of the tsunami victims. (Read my previous entry on that)

Anyway, it's almost 11pm and I'm still in the stinking office. Oh, nevermind. Dapat ler claim overtime. Dah off ni, kaya gak dapat ovetime...dahler gaji jalan!

So for those of you interested in the Embun sale (Embun is a top local label for contemporary ethnic chic apparel), yes, it is TRUE! All of the items in the old collection will be going for RM50!
A steal considering that Embun is quite pricey. And yet, all for charity...but remember that the sale is only in the Petaling Jaya outlet (near the Sri Aman school), Check my previous entry for the address.

Apart from that, abang Jai called earlier. He's still at work, and belum pun pick up his daughter. So he's got to call off dinner together for today. Sedih gak...but I'll live...

Going off for supper. Tension with DiGi because I can't SMS for some bloody reason..and berapa kali call bloody Customer Service asyik kena cut off.

This despite it being my third attempt to rectify the problem. Sejak tengah malam semalam they've been telling me their reload system is going bonkers and tak dapat update reload aku.

So even though I have the credit to call, it seems according to the system, I still can't SMS, cause the system for some dumbass reason doesn't recognise I have the credit or something.(!!!) up...leaving the office...nak gi supper before I head back. Nak call abang Jai dulu...

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Be fashionable for a cause!

Forgot to tell you guys.

I'm sure you must have heard of local designer label EMBUN before right. Very snazzy ethnic creations with a contemporary feel! Anyways, got a text message and later a call from EMBUN proprietor, Natrah.

Anyway, on Saturday Dec 8 from 10am to midnight there will be a giant sale for EMBUN's outlet in Petaling Jaya.

Am not sure about this....but its either everything from various collections will go for RM50 a pop and straight into the fund to aid the plight of the quake/tsunami victims OR RM50 from the much reduced sales will go to the fund. I think its the former though.

Whatever it is, EMBUN's amazing collection is always worth a buy at whatever price and with at least GUARANTEED price reduction, they're practically a steal! Items from the newest collection will also take a hefty price cut, from which 10% of profits will also go to the fund.

EMBUN is located at Embun, Timeless Tradition, No. 14, Jalan 14/52, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. I'm not too familiar with the area, despite having been there quite a few times, but all I can recall is, that its quite close to the Sri Aman school. If you get lost...fret not. Call 03-78772824 for info, enquiries or simply directions.

Apart from that...mmm...nothing much happened today. usual on my holidays away from work. Met Hatta late and finally submitted my forms to withdraw some funds from my EPF savings for my mother's hearing aid. I've been sitting on it for weeks and I feel like such a jerk for putting off my mother's needs, no thanks to my endless personal dramas.

At any rate, called abang Jai twice today....things are so much better between us.Both of us are back to the jovial selves and can now once again just joke on the phone. No more awkward moments of silent pauses punctuating every mumbled queries like when we had our minor tiff. Hope things work out.

I really don't know where this is going, but it's definitely a good first for 2005.

And on that note, before I close my entry fopr today...I forgot to note in my blog that I had sex two days ago (woo-hoo!) for the first time in 2005!

Yes, my dear blog readers. You will actually be witness to my little experiment to count how many 'victims' I am going to bed throughout the year. How crass kan?

OK...gotta run...

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tsunami still in the news...

Things are fine between me and abang Jai. We met today. Pangs of guilt however struck me as he brought his two year-old daughter along. I felt really bad for raging...

But he was so loving and caring towards his's also sad with how things are.

Ok...enough of being so full of it and wallowing in self pity.

Am going to do something more socially responsible for the day. For those of you....either in or out of Malaysia, and you wish to contribute something to the victims of the quake/tsunami tragedy, please do.

While there are many ways to do this, with many volunteer and governmental relief organisations collection aid and enlisting manpower, one way is to done to the Malaysian Tsunami Disaster Fund.

"The New Straits Times and Berita Harian newspapers, joined by TV3 and 8TV have launched a Malaysian Tsunami Disaster Fund to assist Government efforts in rehabilitating and helping the thousands of victims affected by this tragedy. All contributions will be handed over to the Federal Government Disaster Fund Contributions can be sent to the New Straits Times or Berita Harian at Balai Berita, 31, Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur and cheques should be made out to New Straits Times Press Berhad. On the reverse side of the cheque, please write "NST-BH Malaysian Tsunami Disaster Fund."

I'm proud to say I've please spare a thought if you haven't.


Nothing much personal on today. I think all the rest and relaxation of my leave is getting to me. I'm starting to get agitated by my routine of not doing anything the whole day.

Today had my first real argument with Abang Jai over the silliest thing. So not going to even bother going there.

Anyway, was browsing tsunami-related news and such. Misery loves anyway...I came across this email I received with some images. They kinda gave me some idea of the far-reaching impact of the tsunamis triggered by the quake. The first directly below is supposedly a satellite pic wwhich is breath-taking...not in a positive way.

The second is an animated gif of how the tsunamis spread out.

This is the latest bit from CNN's website. Extremely depressing...

"The death toll from Malaysia to East Africa has climbed to nearly 155,000, after Indonesia's toll was raised by 14,000 to more than 94,000 early Monday by the country's health ministry. Tens of thousands are still missing --including many tourists -- in the aftermath of the December 26 tsunamis that struck a dozen countries. The 9.0 magnitude quake, the strongest since 1964, has been followed by dozens of aftershocks -- many of them with magnitudes of 5.0 or higher.

Suddenly the minor swellings of my piercings don't even seem to matter at all.

OK...calling it a night. Want to turn in and hope tomorrow comes faster. Besides, I'm in a cyber cafe...and both the idiots both left and right of me seem to derive pleasure from sneaking a look at my window and what I'm doing for some reason as they fiddle about their stupid Diablo and Quake and whatever not shit-ass pathetic loser indulgences.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

It's 2005!

So it's 2005's you new year been so far? My resolution this year is to...have no resolutions! I'm satisfied with the way I am and I suppose it's better to remain as so. Why fix it if it ain't broke, right?

If I could force myself into doing something against my expected norm however, I'd consider NOT looking back. Which means, for any ex's reading're history!

That's more reconciliations and failed attempts at mending past bridges. Forget it!

New Year this year was pretty uneventful...except Ted and I pretty much decided we're going to do a 'sex counter' thing...which is have a body count of who we've shagged. Back in 1997 when I did it, I averaged something like six screws a month. Which if I had maintained since I lost my virginity when I was 15...would bring the number to staggering figures of how much of a whore I am. Who cares?

But something which may put a dent into any record to be made this year may be my J. I mean...somehow ngan dia...I don't seem to keen on doing it...Lord know how long that will last...OK...going to download some crap mp3s. See y'all on to leeching!