Monday, December 20, 2004


I can't upload the pics that I've got in my Nokia for today as I forgot to bring my card-reader and I'm too lazy to borrow someone's laptop to transfer the images, so you guys gotta wait until tomorrow to see pics from the weekend.

Anyway didn't do that much over the weekend. Only thing worth mentioning is Friday night at Tower Records KLCC when Zahid, Edlin, Rosma and Burn of Akademi Fantasia were there to promote the 'EVO' and 'Evolusi' albums. Anding showed up towards the end and found out from him that Bob is down with chicken pox since the day before. Poor thing. Called Bob up and found him really down, being stuck alone in his new place in Damansara with the darn pox.

Anyways, Zahid seems to have developed a fashion sense worth mention with a last minute acquisition from Topman's...a nice jacket which he wore during the promo.

The night zoomed by, and only episode worth sharing on Saturday night was that called Zahid to wish him a happy birthday (his birthday was on December 19th, Sunday). He's got two iguanas so far (no thanks to his previous statement that he wanted an iguana for a birthday prezzie) and I wonder if he's gonna get more this week, after he gets back to KL from Sabah where he had a show.

Bonus is in! I feel rich! Settled my traffic summonses which cost a bomb! (Got a hefty discount thanks to abang Kamal though...I just love that guy) And spending another huge amount on renewing my road tax and insurance (which expires tomorrow).

Am on leave from today until January 10 (though I will still drift to the office for personal abuse of Internet facilities and also to finish up some work). And that's just clearing the leave from 2003!

Meeting Ted in awhile cause his pay is in, and we're going Christmas shopping! I gotta buy something for Mom, Dad, my sister and well as other miscellaneous gifts for other significant people in my life.

Sooooo...I will post the images from the past few days tomorrow (hopefully-as I've got an appointment with Hatta for my EPF thingie).

Until then I'll leave you guys with this thingie I got from my email. A riot!

Between Siti Nurhaliza and Sharifah Aini? What's all the fuss? Every personality/celebrity person is the same if you take away the human side of things and they remain a public figure in your eyes.